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SogoTrade Customer Reviews

by L. Christine, 5/30/2019

Pros: Low trade fees, easy asset management, great service

Cons: some features are not yet available but I was told they are coming soon

SogoTrade has been my broker for a few years. They are continually adding features and products without tacking on a bunch of fees. I have found that their platforms are easy to use, and online trading has been easy and fast. I am big on good customer service, and theirs is exceptional, and not pushy. They are not constantly asking me to invest more money in retirement like my other investment brokerage. I like their online asset management as I am not always able to get out and see my financial advisor in person for my retirement planning. I prefer to do my financial transactions online.

One thing I am super happy about is that crypto trading is now available. This makes me very happy! I've been waiting for this, and the other big brokers are not yet offering bitcoin trading, so now I don't need to have multiple accounts with other firms. I'm all about keeping it simple!

My fiancé and I both have IRAs with Sogo. We are small business owners, and Sogo's staff made it easy for us to open and fund our IRAs just in time for tax season.

I saw these other reviews and had to offer mine because my experience has been completely different. But then I noticed they are old reviews, so maybe they aren't aware of what is new and available at Sogo. People are so quick to only offer negative opinions, but when you are happy with a product or service, I think you should make it known to help others.

If you haven't tried SogoTrade, I highly recommend them for online trading, crypto, and all your asset management needs.

by Martin, 10/15/2018

Pros: Cheap commissions (for under 10K), simple

Cons: The real time it's delayed, basic

The platform is very basic, I've been working with them since 2017, everything goes fine with the platform, but this 2018 was a pain in the ass. I do day trading and Swing trading, and most of the time, specially at the first minutes in the morning (specially Monday), the last 30 minutes they have problems, the price (option and stock) is delayed, you're completely blind about the prices, the only answer they said "we have technical issues", so you can't do anything if you're day trading or swing... I lost a lot of money just because those minutes... If you have the chance to get another broker, then get it, I just picked it up because the others don't accept my country

by Juan santiago, 6/17/2018



I have my account with this people i had 80 dollars that disappear they close my account SUCKS

by Cheryl Ranier, 7/11/2017

Pros: When I first started using SOGO they were fine. After they associated with Wang Investments, not so much.


I had a small amount in my account with some stock in a mining company. It all disappeared and my account was closed. No communication from Sogo/Wang about that. The last communication I had from them was 2011 where I had close to $7,000.00 in my account. The person I spoke with today informed me that was taken up by fees. Does not seem on the up and up to me. They should have sent me something in the mail if they were going to take my funds and close my account. I do admit I was just letting it sit and if I was aware that they were taking money from it, I would have closed it.

by Jim, 10/18/2015


Cons: Sneaky. Dishonest

I hadn't touched my Sogotrade account in years. Before I knew it, Sogotrade decided to charge me a $50 "annual fee" for the account. That really sucks, especially since the account had less than $10 in old, residual cash that I hadn't moved out when I switched brokers (because Sogotrade's EFT processes are so difficult to use).

Thanks a lot, Sogotrade. Avoid.

by Sarah, 7/28/2015

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Charges 0.5 cent for each stock sold before or after hours, also after hours trading starts at 8 am

Do not buy the prepaid packages. They will not show as a cost basis at tax time and this causes tax nightmares because it shows you as making more money than you actually did. Also, go with AON. I have had them sell 1 stock out of an order of 100 and 2 out of an order of 1200 and got stuck for the full commission. I also had them make a stock transaction error recently but customer service was good and cleared up the problem.

by Daniel, 5/27/2015

Pros: cheap, at first, lower margin rate

Cons: terrible site design, slow, increases rates, unable to get proper tax docs and account info, no mobile app

I wish I left them earlier. I switched to TD ameritrade which is much better to work with. Sogotrade costs you big money in the long run.

by Christina, 2/15/2015



A good online broker to trade with. Sogotrade improved itself a lot in recent two years. Their customer service is getting better and better! They also provide more products and services to customers. The trading platform and research tool help customers how to trade in market, even though you are beginner, you will know how to trade by the guideline of SogoTrade. And the low commission fee is always what we love! It is a great online broker to choose!

by Mark, 4/10/2014



At the age of 23 I started with SOGOtrade. The low commission was great and I got my start trading options. Now I've see the platform and their service just decay. Execution for options is terrible, although their "options bootcamp" podcast is ok the don't really tell you about some of the hidden costs in dealing with SOGOtrade. On top of that, I figured I could use SOGO as a good place to hold dividend ETFs and socks, but it appears that they will keep adding monthly fees and other costs. So that $3 trade is not really $3. At Scottrade I never get hit with these fees, I just pay everything upfront, $7. Now that I am 28 years old I am pretty sure I need to step up to a better broker. Aside from SOGO's platform and their strange/hidden fees, I can see a general decay in every aspect of the brokerage. I will be transferring my account very soon.


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