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Stash Invest customer reviews, rating, ranking, advantages and disadvantages, micro investing robo advisor complaints. Is Stash Invest good and safe firm for brokerage account or a scam?


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Stash Invest Customer Reviews

by April, 4/3/2019



Awesome way to invest without financial advisors. You invest in what you can afford. Wish I had this years ago.

by Ariel, 3/28/2019



Perhaps I forgot, but I certainly don't remember being told there was a $1 monthly charge just for having an account. If I had known that, it is highly unlikely that I would have signed up. I've now paid more just for having an account than even the $10 in free stocks I got when I signed up through a referral link. Small stocks are a cool idea, but not when I'm paying more to have the account than I'm making in investment returns. I plan to close my account as soon as I can.

by A Google User, 3/10/2019



so I have used this app for about a month. customer service has been good. I read reviews and I can see why many people are frustrated. However I have seen ups and downs but for the most part this app has been really useful. I am not happy with the monthly fee and they dont tell you about the stock fees cause everyone is different. I wish it was more uniform and one fee paid all. like anything now days. diversity is key and time and investment is easy money. people need to analyze long term

by CJ, 3/5/2019



Great for A Beginner or Even the experienced. You can own a piece of companies you know or test out ones you dont. I feel stash is a way to test out what's sectors work for you so if you go to a larger broker company you'll already know where you want to park your money. I originally closed my account as I was only trying it out and my situation didnt a low me to invest as I would like. however, I like stash and will be reopening my account if possible.

by Tomas, 3/5/2019



does not work with android. crashes before logging in. cannot even perform certain investment functions without the app unless you go through email which then has a cumbersome identity process. investments are time sensitive.

by Nathan, 2/28/2019



Stash Invest is best thing since sliced cheese! Started around Christmas 2018 when markets when down and boy have I made some money. I have auto stash set up to coincide with my payroll periods and love the fact that you can buy fractional shares. I have cashed out my old school TD Ameritrade account and am going 100% with Stash invest. Very educational for the beginning investor. A cutting edge startup company i that would love to personally thank and shake the hand of the CEO. Great Job!

by Nicholas, 2/24/2019



Love it great app. especially after adding the round-ups option. Acorns is very elementry and for dummies willing to invest their money with no control. Plus Stashs' stock back program and even cash back options on normal everyday spending. Stash makes saving and investing fun and easy. Less than 3 months already set aside $1k with a 6%+ return . Highly recommendable. Also rule of thumb to new investers diversification, is the key to investing. Stash offers a variety of diversified portfolios.

by Paul, 1/25/2019



I love the debit card and the concept of stock back. I use Stash as a long term tool to save money for large expenses without having to do put in a lot of day to day effort.

by April, 1/6/2019



Awesome way to invest without financial advisors. You invest in what you can afford. Wish I had this years ago.

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What is Stash? What is a Stash IRA?

Stash is a great app that gives a beginner investor a great start to investing their money for the future.

This is the perfect tool for any beginner that is interested in simplified investing. With Stash , investing money has never been this easy. This is also the best app to get started in investing for your retirement. Basically Stash is created for we the people. It is setup with the way we live our lives, also the way we plan to live our lives.

The Stash Retire program

Back in the day, saving your money for retirement used to require a down payment of cash up front and a minimum of up to $2,000. But now there is a better way to save for your retirement. Stash offers many different varieties of ways to invest , one of which is the Stash Retire program. Stash offers Roth and traditional retirement programs, each with various tax benefits.

With the Stash Retire program, you can open up a retirement account for only $5.00. All you need to do is accept a subscription fee of $2.00 a month for the accounts that are up to $5,000. The rate is 0.25% for accounts that have a balance higher than $5,000. This is actually a very good deal compared to other retirement plans form other companies . Start putting away your money and save it for your future by investing in the Stash Retire program.

Investment Options

Unlike some of the other brokerage accounts like RobinHood for example, which has thousands of different investment options and stocks, Stash has a really limited selection of certain types of investments that you can easily get into.

The investment options on this application are limited, but they have great potential for profit. For instance, if you invest in companies such as Facebook , Netflix, and Disney, you have a great potential for profit within this app. Those companies have been doing relatively good recently. Some of the other companies like American Innovators, Money Machines, Colossal China, ComEd all have great potential as well. There are only a few companies that have not fared so well, but only a few. (Hey not everyone can be lucky).

Let’s check out the investments and ETF’s

In 2017, an average American deposited $1,000 for an investment with Stash. Over the course of the year, the funds have grown to $1,146.00. The investor did not take any money out for the entire year. The profit that was gained for that investment was $146.00 This is an estimate of 14% growth in the account. The beauty of this app is that even people who invest under $100.00 a month can make a profit as shown in the picture. This person setup an auto stash investement which takes $5.00 from his bank account weekly and invests it into Stash IRA. After a year’s time, the portfolio’s value went from that initial $5.00 to $347.49. With a return of -$4.12 at -1.17%. So even the poor, small –time investor can can make some profit

The fees

The term all good things come at a price applies in this instance. Stash has a $1.00 per month fee which can be deducted from your stash balance every month. Still, $1.00 a month is actually pretty good considering that there are other companies on the market that charge $60.00 a year or a fee that is based on your income. New investors that invest under $5,000.00 will have to deposit a minimum of $5.00 with the first month being free. After the first month ends, the investor will have to pay $1.00 a month.

The issue with Smaller Portfolios vs. Bigger Portfolios

So, there is a drawback with the Stash App. For the smaller portfolios, even $1.00 seems a little too much for a small investment portfolio. But for people who have larger portfolios filled with lots and lots of money, well, $1.00 a month is nothing at all.

Forbes Best investments app of 2019

Stash was ranked the best app for learning about investing. If you are new to investing and you want to get your foot-in-the-door to investing, this is the perfect app to use.

Is Stash Legit?

This is a legitimate investing app that is designed for everyday people. It is recognized by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and It is also recognized on Wall Street. Like stated before, investors that invest under $5,000.00 will have to deposit a minimum of $5.00 with the first month being free. After the first month ends, the investor will have to pay $1.00 a month.

Auto-Stash Feature and Auto Stash Double Up

Stash has a great new feature called Auto-Stash. Basically this makes retaining funds into your investments easy and automatic. All you have to do is setup the Auto-Stash for how much you choose, $5.00, $!0.00, $15.00 and then tap and set it. This will deduct funds from your bank account automatically. If you make small deposits on a consistent basis, you wont have any worries because you will be using your funds for investments for your future. If you invest your funds on a set schedule , you’ll get some purchases from a low price and some at a high price. It is a gamble depending on how the stock market fluctuates.

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The bad news about Auto-Stash

Make sure that you have enough funds in your bank account so that you can cover for the consistent stash investments. When you turn Auto-Stash on, funds will be taken out of your account immediately, so if you don’t have enough funds to cover the Auto-Stash, your bank may issue you a $35.00 charge for an overdraft fee.

Stash is the perfect beginner’s investment app

Stash is a great platform for beginners that are just getting started and it’s for those who don’t know which stock to invest in. This is a really good app to help get the investor rolling. After learning the ropes, you can then move on to other investment apps such as eTrade, and Robin Hood,

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Stash Invest reviewed by former and current clients. Stash Invest customer reviews: 9. Rating: 4.