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SureTrader reviews, pros and cons, fees and trading commissions, client complaints and problems. Is SureTrader safe to invest? Is it a legitimate company or scam and fraud?

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Suretrader Customer Reviews

by Jimmy, 10/1/2019

Pros: Daytrading

Cons: All else

Joined S.T. to day trade options. Lo and behold, they have liquidity issues and options trading (entering positions) was down on average 30% of the time. Many times for 2 to 6 hrs at a clip. When trying to place options orders it would even tell you the reason why it wasnt working - SureTraders account was too deep and didnt have the top level B.P. and thus anyone trading options was screwed. I stuck with them for a couple months until I started losing money by watching my positions tank simply because I couldnt adjust my strategy. All you can do is exit positions and wait a few hours until they got enough margin back

by ben, 8/8/2019

Pros: none

Cons: everything

0 or negative stars if possible. keep looking. this is not for you or anybody. fees will rape you, withdraws are a nightmare, actual trading platform is shit, you have to contact the horrible customer service every day to have the buying power updated (by then the stocks you wanted to buy have already moved). worst platform out there. every other review is accurate. complete trash. DO NOT USE SURETRADER! THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN BUSINESS STILL!

by Anonymous, 4/23/2019

Pros: No PDT, 6:1 margin

Cons: High fees, bad support, bad margin rules, bad currency exchange, you don't have direct access to the market

It sucks. Go elsewhere.
- The support takes years to answer because they don't know shit other than the usual copy/paste answers they use to answer beginners. If you go to the chat with a more specific question, don't expect a fast answer because they will need to ask people who will ask others and go on letting you watching your soul leave your body waiting for a 5 words reply.
- 6:1 margin is for stocks above 3 dollars and the margin rules (and margin calls) are so bad that it crushes beginners before they learn something.
- if you deposit in euro or other currencies don't expect that they will take only a small amount above the currency exchange rate at the time you do the deposit. For example with a 1000$ deposit from euros, you should expect them to take at least 100 euros more than the amount they should have taken (their bank exchange rate a lot lower than what it should be).

- You don't have direct access in the market. If you come across some trading problems like executions and wrong entries, they are NOT gonna refund you because you arent trading directly in the market. (written in a small character at the bottom of the site)

I don't suggest people to use this especially if you are a beginner.

by steven, 4/11/2019

Pros: sure trade


I lost $21,000 to SURE TRADE they did not even care of what they did all they are asking me is fees and keep on investing until it get me to a point that i give up for my money both for investment and my gain i made all is gone and i was so heart broken by then,
but as God may have it i came across a Recovery team/Finnancial Management Team who help me recover back every cent i put in i did not know how they did it but i want to say thanks to primerecoveryteam , com they made me have hope to live again, i was very happy when i get back every thing i have put in and i will recommend it to any one that have lost in trading for the past years .

by Anonymous, 4/8/2019



Sure trader is really bad for business.

Restrict margin on penny stocks
Charge 49 for platform
Customer service is bad
They try to scam you every chance they get
Withdraws are extremely slow
Beware only use this if you are desperate and really good at trading
Not recommend at all if you are a new trader you will lose your account

by Tommy, 4/3/2019

Pros: No Pdt rule

Cons: Everything system is glitchy and they scam you every chance.

It’s to bad our country has such a dumb ass rule (pdt), that we are subjected to these over seas scams, and forced to trade with such a piece of crap broker.

by AProtrader, 3/14/2019

Pros: You can daytrade below 25k

Cons: I guarantee you wont be able to daytrade with any strategy using this platform because of the “smart” routing of limit orders. Basically its like flying Spirit Airways or the cheapest airline. Your orders will be the last in line to fill. Orders below your bid and over your ask will fill for several minutes before it transacts. Only way to fill orders is to do market orders (risky) or hit level 1.

So, by definition you will be a horrible daytrader because buy stop limit orders will never fill once resistence is broken, your buy and sell limits will basically have to be overly generous to other traders by hitting the level 1 and you will never get your price, therefore u will be forced to chase the stock both ways as you see the price running away or past you if u try a practical price limit to execute. You will have no plan bc your price executions will suck. Your trading fears increase alot bc this routing method is crazy unreliable as you will not have control over fills. Great strategy to lose money.

by Casha, 1/10/2019



How the hell is someone in their right mind will deposit money into suretrader after these reviews! Horrible just plain horrible . Was actually planing on depositing 10k to take advantage of the 6:1 and no PDT rule! How can I do that after reading this mess. Definitely will not!!!!!

by Tony D, 10/28/2018

Pros: No PDT - Leverage


For a offshore broker that lets you start a account with $500 and gives 6x leverage, it’s a 5 start brokerage. Sure, the commissions and fees are high but all the tools are there to make and execute trades and be successful. If your complaining about fees then you in the wrong place and probly do not have the basic skills as a day Trader. Beginner traders with no disciplineand no plan will blow up accounts and will complain . I am a newer trader who is developing my skills and I am very happy with Suretrader. 5 star brokerage IMO

by pissedoff, 10/26/2018

Pros: none

Cons: thieves

These guys are scam artists. Liquidated all my positions without so much as an email and charged me 75 for the pleasure giving me no opportunity to deposit funds. Glad of that now as I don't want to put any more money into this BS brokerage. They will find every opportunity to rob you, stay well away

by Chia Lor, 10/21/2018

Pros: No PDT

Cons: No Direct Routing, High Fees

If you have an account less than $2.5k, you better not be doing more than 5 round trip trades. You can figure that it will cost you anywhere from $7.5 for one trade, full round is probably $15 depending on your share size. Unless you are figuring that you're making $100 per trade, you won't survive and come out green without exhausting most of it to commissions and fees.

Super Con: No direct routing, I haven't used SureTrader in a couple years. I come back to try them and notice that my limit orders would be sitting there, not getting filled as I watch level 2 and the tape fill other orders at the price that I am in between. Technically, I should be getting filled correct? (in a true direct market, yes!) About 95% of the time, you will NOT see your limit orders on level 2. Sketchy? Yes. Supposedly it searches for internal shares to liquidate you, if it can not be found, it goes out to the next available ECN. That's... NOT true. That puts you as a day trader at huge disadvantage. Especially if spreads start to get wide. If the spread is tight, it's manageable. But if you're a day trader, you're going totrade the most volatile stocks to have enough liquidity for your trade size. At this point, you might as well trade CFDs because it's literally the same! Your orders will literally NOT effect the market. As a day trader, every order, tick, changes the momentum of the price. And them going to "no direct routing" has put them on the last page. Use CMEG or change to trade CFDs if you enjoy shorting.

by Spencer, 9/27/2018

Pros: PDT rule does not apply

Cons: Customer service is weak, they will and have taken the other side of trades liquidating when it helps them, Very high commissions, resolution to tech issues is non existent.

If you are even thinking of trading options... DON'T. Routes are none existent and you will not be able to get a fill costing me personally thousands. I have been talking with customer service for over a month now and there is no sign of a resolution with this problem. Worst broker I have ever dealt with, and that is including many sketchy crypto brokers. Do not use this broker even if this is your last resort.

by Chris, 9/20/2018

Pros: NONE!



by Tyler, 8/3/2018

Pros: nothing

Cons: everything

suretrader is bad dont use it. When you place a trade, they actually place it for you in sense they are trading for you

by Char, 6/16/2018

Pros: Non

Cons: They stole my money

After sending my wiretransfer to their bank registered on their website, they claim they did not receive my money. I even made my bank trace the transaction and confirm that they already received my money. After a month of discussion and nothing happens. They are a scammer.

by Charlie, 5/30/2018

Pros: No PDT

Cons: Horrible customer service, extremely high fees and the multitude of platform issues

Please do not use suretrader. They stole my money. I never received my withdrawal, and they gave me every excuse and every reason why, which just amounted to a huge run around The customer service is horrible, if you call they try to rush you off the phone without actually helping. Sometimes they can be quite rude. Find another broker, if you haven't experienced a problem with them yet, just wait you will.

by Pete, 5/22/2018

Pros: None

Cons: All

I always suspected Suretrader was a fraud. Their CEO fake name (Guy Gentile), their delusional 6:1 buying power while "avoiding" the PDT rule, their lucrative and abusive fees, their archaic but yet REALLY expensive way to manage your own money (deposits and withdrawals), their impressive and unbeatable (not in a good way) way to fill your orders (if you use their market order, you are buying on the ask, and you are selling on the bid, meaning you are buying high and selling low, WTF!). Not to mention their SCARY "technical" issues (you can vomit any time they happen) and you will never be confident they won't happen again, meaning no matter your risk tolerance this is risky as hell. So, why trading with them when the markets are hard enough to dominate? No sense to add a scam on top of that. No sense to set yourself up for failure. If you have traded with them and you lost, don't be hard on yourself, its them, not you! Head high, be confident, and good luck with the markets! Stay away!

by Frank Majeski, 5/22/2018

Pros: Easy to make deposits and can use a credit card.

Cons: Very high fees, frequent platform malfunctions, annoying and incessant pop-ups during trading hours.

Suretrader is a rip off, and won't work for a beginning trader. Making a single trade is very expensive, and even if you exit the trade at break even, or with a small profit/loss, you'll be in the hole. You would have to be making exceptional and highly profitable trades to get ahead, which might be more feasible if you have a lot of experience day trading. Otherwise, you'll be scrambling to make trades just to offset the fees, which can easily equal the profit/loss for the day. For example: you make $225 in trades you'll think you are doing well, until you discover that you've been charged $225 in trading fees, which equals ZERO profit. The Suretrader scheme obviously stacks the odds against you. Ending the day without a loss becomes a significant achievment. Customer service NEVER responds to email inquiries. If you a a beginning trader and don't have the minumum $25,000 to open a day trading account, consider opening a convential account with a legitimate broker and keep your day trades to the required weekly minimum to avoid having your account frozen because of US pattern day trading rules. If you have citizenship outside of the US and don't have $25,000, consider going with TradeZero.

by Dave, 3/14/2018

Pros: Can day trade in the us with under 25k

Cons: Crazy high commisions, slow execution, constant outages and tech issues, terrible customer service

Unless you absolutely have to, do not use suretrader. If you do, get out as fast as you can

by Todd, 3/8/2018

Pros: Provides opertunity to tradefreely intraday.

Cons: Fee structure insures you will not have a profitable P&L. P&L accounting is a day later so you never know what your balance is.

Because they are in the Bahamas they will do whatever they want to you. Will liquidate you like no other broker in my experience. If you are close to margin minimum you will have your position liquidated plus $50 fee . Your buying power will be so low that you wont be able to have a position size large enough to profit from normal movements in the market. If you are considering an account with less than $1500 this will happen to you. If you have more then take your money elswhere and swing trade it.

by Clarence, 3/6/2018


Cons: They stole my money

Do not transfer any money to their bank account name MintBroker International LTD, they will not credit to your account. My money just gone without even trying to trade.

by Alicia T, 3/6/2018

Pros: None compared to US brokers

Cons: Hidden fees. No 6:1 leverage. Most is 3:1

Can’t hold overnight without paying fees. They liquidate your shares when your in favor to win. If your from US, stick to a US broker. Suretrader reminds me a lot of a scam

by Tersa, 3/5/2018

Pros: No Pdt rule

Cons: Hidden fees. Can’t hold overnight like E*TRADE without more hidden fees

If your from the U.S, avoid suretrader or you’ll just be donating your money

by John, 3/5/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible liquidation rules

-5 stars do not use

by sufeous, 3/5/2018

Pros: No PDT, 6:1 margin

Cons: 8:00 - 3:30 for margin, Buying power not automatic update. High High fees.

Seems like it's doable but unless you are allready a pro you will not overcome the obstacles they place in front of you. You will need to do two or three trades and wait untill the next day to see the fees that are charged then you will know how much profit you need before exiting a position. Some days they won't update your buying power and you will not be able to trade the morning open. Fills were poor compared to other brokers in my experience. Last straw was when I hedged a position on a pullback. The closed out the profitable position then the first position racking up losses and multiple margin call fees. I was in contact with customer service daily.( lost trading time) The site also shut down for 16 hours one time.

by Sol, 2/23/2018

Pros: Not at all

Cons: Extremely so many hidden fees!!

Credit card deposit fee, Daily margin call fee $25.00, Liquidated fee $50.00, Credit card withdrawal fee, suretrader MC fee, Suretrader MC withdrawal fee, inactivity fee =$50.00. If you are willing to deal with these and many other hidden fees, you most welcome to the this crap company.
Terrible customer service

by Natalie, 2/21/2018

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Hidden fees and terrible customer service

They place will rob you blind if you don’t pay attention to your iboss or your account in general. Use ameritrade or interactive broker.

by John, 2/21/2018

Pros: Zero

Cons: Fees and rules

This place will scam you legally for every dollar

by Vitaly, 1/31/2018

Pros: 6:1 leverage

Cons: not really

Good broker, had no issues so far.

by james masse, 10/4/2017




by james masse, 10/4/2017

Pros: 500 min, 6;1 leverage



by Henry F., 8/27/2017

Pros: Day Trading is allowed

Cons: High commission rates, poor customer service, web trader platform

poor customer service, and basically a "I don't care attitude regarding false advertising when it comes to their web platform not being in actual real time. They are not held responsible due a disclaimer at the bottom of their site if your order does not fill with the actual price that's mentioned on 4 totally different stock charts. Instead I've been approached by 3 employees all attempting to upsell me to their desktop platform because this version is actually "real time".

by J & R, 8/16/2017



If there is "0" rating button for suretrader I surely do click on it as fast as I can. When you place the trade it takes time, and when you click something it just automatic out of nowhere and you have to log in again and AGAIN! before, I thought suretrader is a cheap (in terms of their fees) one but yeah I'm right they're really cheap "cheap" service and the platform or just put this way "the whole broker" They have a lot of hidden fees after you sold your stocks, so instead of gaining more, you will be gaining less because there is fee 1, fee 2, fee 3 and plus commissions. All their fees with all those commission are so high. Almost they take all your profit at the end of the day.

by Alexander M, 8/14/2017

Pros: Fast order executions

Cons: Horrible customer service, They penny/nickel/dime you for just about everything, no free paper trading on DAS pro so a lot of you money may be lost just trying to figure out the program.

This has got to be by far the worst trading platform broker in the market. If you're having issues with the platform don't even bother using the online "live help", usually any issue takes about 45 min - 1 hr to get resolved, by then the opportunity you found has come and gone multiple times over. SureTrader also doesn't provide paper trading, so unless you know how to set up and use hot keys the correct way, you might want to keep your shares small, as a good chunk of change will go to waste due to trial and error. All in all if this is your LAST resource then I'll say maybe go with them, otherside go elsewhere there are several other off shore brokers popping up that could be a good alternative.

by Mr. Richardson, 8/8/2017

Pros: Non

Cons: To expensive if you trade stocks under $3

This is so frustrating i've been trying to get my funds back from sure trader for almost 2 months now still not possible. They are killing me with bank fees.

Wish i never even tried them in the first place.


by Jason, 8/1/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Commissions are steep & customer serivce is awful

In my experience with Suretrader their customer service is awful. The phone lines are often busy, long wait, or nobody answers. What happened when you get stuck in a trade if you lose internet connection? You just have to wait until somebody answers while you lose money. Is that something you want? Not me.

by rick m, 7/5/2017

Pros: none

Cons: all trades are on simulated DAS, no real trades. they don't give money back even requesting withdrawals.

I have been waiting over 3 weeks for withdrawal. customer service reps give every excuse why my money is not in my bank. fake withdrawal forms. I believe Suretrader DAS is only a simulation of real DAS. No real profits, only real loss. Simulated trades. But they keep real money.

by Jay, 6/2/2017

Pros: No PDT Rule. 6:1 intraday leverage, fairly quick account approval process

Cons: High fees and commissions, buggy platform, poor customer service, and questionable ethics

I agree 100% with all the negative reviews, as my experience was definitely the same. Many traders such as myself are obviously drawn to this broker for day trading with less than a 25k account. Let me tell you first hand, it is not worth it for a number of reasons. The first reason is the high fees. If your strategy does not include very large gains, you will lose with this broker due to the fees which are .01/share with no cap and $4.95 minimum. There are fees for everything from the platform, to trade activity, to even withdrawing your own money! You also will need to make sure you not over 2:1 leverage by 3:30 everyday or you will be liquidated and charged a fee and commissions.

Secondly, customer service is practically non existent. If you want to get someone on the phone, be prepared to wait at least 30 mins. Online chat is quicker, but reps still take forever to reply to your concerns between questions. They are severely understaffed.

Next, platform bugs. This is a huge issue and one of my main reasons for quitting this broker. I would avoid this broker like the plague even with less than 25k. I would rather swing trade with proper broker than continue losing my money with them.

by Michael, 5/4/2017

Pros: Bypass Pattern Day Trade rule and trade as much as you want. (Yes, American brokers lose money because of this idiotic rule which forces those of us with less than $25000 in our account) and the Trading Platform Das Trader Pro is pretty nice.

Cons: Horrible customer service. Commission fees are outrageous.

Let's face it, the ONLY reason for anyone living in America to use Suretrader is to get around the Pattern Day Trade Rule (Yeah, most of us don't have$25000 to start a day trade account). This rule takes money away from American brokers and their employees and puts it into foreign companies. There are THOUSANDS of us that go with Suretrader to bypass this stupid rule. There really is no other reason to use this broker.

by Logan Boatwright, 5/4/2017


Cons: 1 cent a share

Made $1000 in the market but they charged me almost 2 thousand in commionsion and fees with only 13 trades because it's 1 cent a share and I ended up losing almost a thousand dollars. This broker is a scam artist

by Kevin Baxtram, 4/12/2017

Pros: Give you buying power over your equity

Cons: Company has terrible Customer support, Margin buy out offen, platform errors and bad ethics

This broker will buy you out whenever they want and it is very hard to get ahold of customer support. Also there are many errors in the trading platform. They have many fees that they charge.

by Mark Ham, 3/17/2017

Pros: No PDT rule, Fast Executions (DAS Pro), Reliable, friendly customer servie

Cons: No direct routing (DAS Pro), high commissions, limted customer service staff

If you want to be a Daytrader, the DAS Pro package is a must!..not the activeweb or the mobile app. Even without direct routing, executions are lightning fast and reliable. Let's get honest people... if you can't make money with ST then you are not ready to be trading live or your just not a good trader. Educate yourself, practice in a simulator, then open an account. Suretrader is a great broker for its intended get around the PDT Rule. After that, move on. Bottom line is if you can't make it work for you with ST, it was probably never going to work for you anywhere else. ***EJ's Comments are on point***

by EJ, 11/30/2016

Pros: Avoiding the PDT

Cons: Fees

There are so many reviews here that spell out exactly why SureTrader thrives--a fool and his money are soon parted. Or, you could just call it the 90/10 rule, though the percentage who lose money at ST is probably closer to 95%. Here are 10 rules:
1. Don't use the web app, DAS only or don't bother
2. Don't use over 2:1 leverage, if you can't figure this out, don't trade
3. Day trade only, no overnight holds
4. If you have under $1k, you're too broke to trade
5. If you don't have a strategy, you don't need to avoid the PDT rule
6. If you blow up your account, you don't have a viable strategy
7. Ask that your commissions be changed to 4.95 per 10k shares instead of 1k
8. Use hot keys, if you can't be fast, you're not going to be successful
9. If you can't read the FAQ and understand HOW suretrader executes a trade, against their internal basket in most cases, don't trade with them
10. Give the reps a break, they're constantly dealing with idiots who can't handle the previous nine items

by Harris, 10/28/2016



I joined because of PDT rule... I was excited at first but it turned around pretty quickly. DO NOT JOIN NO MATTER HOW MUCH U WANT TO AVOID THE PDT RULE! I tried to sell and they wouldn't sell my shares. Then randomly I saw a charge of $200.... I was wondering what it was for and after 3 hours of waiting I spoke to customer service and they told me it was an accident. WHAT???? That was just the beginning of this horror. I traded only 3 stocks.... I sold all of them at a profit but ended up losing $100 and more on each. Also, putting in your funds is free but when I transferred out my money, they charged me $300...... I didn't even fight it. At that point, I just wanted to be done with this bullsh** company. DO NOT listen to anything they say. IT IS ALL A LIE! Put in $3000 and left after a week with $800.... AND I am a good trader.. I am now with eTrade PRO and I am making more than $1000 a week. This proves how horrible and bullsh** this company is.

by ST sucks, 9/28/2016

Pros: Shorts

Cons: Nothing else

Terrible service. Not really a 5$ trade, no leverage on a lot of stocks even though they offer 6:1. Their market orders are trash, they are going to market your order at the lowest available price within the last 10 seconds even if it trading higher. IE, price of ABC is 6$ currently, traded for 5.90 a few seconds ago, you execute a market order, ST is going to rob you for .10c/share and pocket it, then leave you with 5.90/share. Not a huge deal unless you are buying a few thousand shares but they do this to everyone. Go with a US broker, they have LAWS for trading there for a reason.

by Joseph Coleman, 9/27/2016

Pros: Nice short list

Cons: Terrible everything else, including business practice

Hey guys, I'd like to warn you against using Suretrader. I used them to avoid PDT and to use their margin. When you place a limit order, you cannot see it on Level 2 brokers, let's say for instance Fidelity or TDAmeritrade, therefore they are playing with your money. Don't believe me? Wait til you place a limit order and the order doesn't execute until its a few cents behind or ahead. They are playing with your money and scalping without taking any risk.

Anyways, that's not even the reason I am closing my account. Today I had a position in a stock and was going to liquidate my position in its entirety. I placed my limit order at 3:36PM and 15 seconds later Suretrader canceled that order, marketed 230 shares. Waited 40 seconds, then credited me back 370 shares. All the while this stock had tanked in stock price and the limit order I placed that would have been executed was no longer available. I have pictures to prove what I am saying is true based on my account history. DONT use this company, you will end up paying at least 6-7 through their numerous "trade fees" (there's like three of those too). So to be concise, your orders won't execute correctly, there is hardly zero to any customer support, and when they screw you they will simply tell you that you signed up for their brokerage company so it not their liability. Disgusted with this crap service.

by Daniel, 8/11/2016


Cons: What all these negative comments are true

Holy moly. Trying to open up my account and takes so long when it should take couple of days and I'm patient dude. So I call customer service and there is this one lady that's nice and the rest are so rude, not to talk about the worst human being that I had conversation with which was the compliance officer!! I just cannot believe how rude and unprofessional the guy was with me and he was twisting my words and I could not have a conversation with him, literally my mind blows how these people even exist. All I wanted to do was check up on my account status and they requested me so many freaking documents too!! I gave everushing I needed in order to open up my account and this guy was asking me the weirdest questions and how I called him a liar?!?! Geeeeez, I almost got choked up in that convo and he was talking to me and treating me like crap! Sigh so disappointed and I was so excited too. Located in Bahamas, not under FINRA nor SIPC protected.

by Paulj, 7/22/2016

Pros: There Are None Stay away from these

Cons: Way too expensive

Every ticker that has any range is limited. They have a list a mile long of "restricted" tickers that you can't trade with margin so when they advertise 6 to 1 any time you try to use margin the ticker will be restricted. There is no way a small account will ever be able to grow with a broker like suretrader.

by zaid chalabi, 6/17/2016

Pros: no PDT, 6:1 margin, great hot keys setup

Cons: fees cost about 15$ (buy/sell) 1000 shares. Fees to withdraw money with wiretransfer.

Suretrader is Decent platform. Most of people who wrote reviews are idiots who dont even know how to trade and havent papertraded nor studied before. im an active day trader. started with 6k in suretrader. almost 32k now. I already left suretrader for another platform (speedtrader pro) but i had great relationship with suretrader.
MY ADIVCE IS dont start account with less than 3k. you wont make any profit if you buy less than 2k shares of stocks under 10$ gapping up. if you trade with 150-200 shares you will lose money because of the comission structure. i average about 1-2k profit with 70% accuracy so i endup with 75% while 25% for comission and fees. this is how the cards get stacked up against you. YOU HAVE TO BE LITTLE AGRESSIVE TO MAKE MONEY. Dont use the 6:1 margin!
use no more than 2:1 . maaybe if you have A+ setup use 3:1 and get out quick. dont hold positions overnight because fees get weird. its tricky and you have to be very careful BUT ITS NOT A SCAM
have keys for buy on ask , sell on bid. sell on ask if you sell in strength. HARD STOP LOSS 10C AND 20C
LAST ADVICE dont overtrade. i trade 1-3 trades a day and never exceed 150$ comission a day while profit exceed 1500$ most of days. get in a good chatroom and have good scanner. learn to read charts. and be serious if you want to make money

by jared, 6/8/2016

Pros: no pdt 6:1 levrage

Cons: non really

idk what everyone is complaining i haven't had a problem with fees i just trade nugt or jnug daily 500-1000 shares depending on each one and rinse and repeat iv never had a issue just dont trade shit penny stocks or shit small caps and there wont be a issue trade shit that actually has value

by Anonymous, 5/19/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible service, exorbitant fee structure

If your have a small amount less than not use ST. It didn't matter how great your are eventually the fees will suck all of your profits dry
I am a green trader but still cannot grow my account there as the trading fees etc continually easy aways your account.
Stay away.

by steve, 4/6/2016

Pros: none


I'm so glad I didnt put money in thankfully my bank blocked it causing a minor issue so got them unblocked but after that they made trying to make a transfer a huge issue so i changed way of payment to bank transfer witch is only way to withdraw money as ACH what dont even work they say there having problems at the moment but by the looks of this review board its been a while.

by derek, 3/27/2016

Pros: No PDT

Cons: Very expensive, even you have to pay monthly platform fees, No ECN rebates.

So expensive to operate Suretrader account that you wont even recognize how fast your account will shrink due to all the burden of operating fees and commissions.
You have to be pro trader to grow up your small account at Suretrader.
Definitely not a good start for beginners who can't load up their accounts again after losses.

by @ Anonymus, 1/22/2016



Filled orders are based on the order set, if you get partial fill and didn’t change your order, the order will be charged only once. This is standard in any broker dealer.

by Anonymus, 1/22/2016

Pros: They have big names pumping their name. Only pro they have going for them.

Cons: Everything I hate to say that but its true

I have system glitches on video and I have to take the losses. They will not cover any of their mistakes with my money. Also you need to look at your trip fees (i.e.- if you trade a block of 1,000, they will break it up into how you get filled, so instead of one fee for the block of 1,000, you might get multiple fees depending how you get filled) I have been charged up to 5 fees on one trade. I called them they said that isn't right, but will not refund my money? Its very sad! Try getting in touch with a manager! They are always out?????? Just sickening and please please please stay FAR FAR away!


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"SureTrader makes a tempting offer for day traders. It has a good platform with advanced charting, and a simple mobile platform can quickly place trades. The broker’s low fees and commissions provide a comfortable environment in which to trade, and the low minimum opening deposit makes the broker even more enticing. While American-based firms are competitive, traders with less than $25,000 to deposit would probably be better off with SureTrader."

Brokerage Review

"If you know you’ll have $25k within your account soon, and can avoid Pattern Day Trader laws, I would recommend you find a different broker to use...There are other brokers out there with better platforms, better charting, and better commissions. But what if they don’t have shares to short? SureTrader can be a decent platform to fall back on if you can’t find shares to short."


"Unlike US-based online brokerage options, SureTrader’s investors are not affected by the Pacific day trader (PDT) rule. The PDT Rule limits small-time investors (those with less than $25,000 in their accounts) to only three day trades for each rolling period... SureTrader’s website has a clean, minimalistic layout, but it looks outdated compared to other online brokerage websites... One important thing investors must consider is that SureTrader does not offer refunds for losses because of technical issues...

Primary Stock Trading

SureTrader Account

  • 0 - 250k - $0.01 with $4.95 per trade minimum
  • 250k - 500k - $0.008 with $3.95 per trade minimum
  • 500k - 750k - $0.006 with $3 per trade minimum
  • 750k - 1M - $0.004 with $1.99 per trade minimum
  • 1M & Up - Please contact
  • No ECN (Routing) fees with the new commission rates
  • Options: $4.95 + $0.50 per contract. (Reduced from $1 per contract)

Minimum deposit: $500

SureTrader offers 3 trading platforms - SureTrader Desktop ($49 USD/BSD Per Month), SureTrader Web-Based Trading (ActiveWeb) (FREE), SureTrader Mobile ($25 per month).

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About Suretrader Brokerage Firm

SureTrader is a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd., founded in 2008. SureTrader brokerage firm is a Bahamas-based broker/dealer regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. SureTrader is an Online Broker that allows you to Day Trade freely with 6:1 Leverage and No Pattern Day Trading Rules for your account.

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