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Swell Investing customer reviews, rating, ranking, advantages and disadvantages, complaints, feedback from clients. Is Swell Investing good and safe firm for brokerage account or a scam?

Swell Investing is now out of business. As an alternative, take a look at M1 Finance Review »


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Swell Investing Customer Reviews

by Douglas, 10/31/2018

Pros: Super simple and with only a few choices, it's not overwhelming.

Cons: 0.75% is not cheap, but it's reasonable for an actively-managed fund.

I personally prefer the "Green Technology" Portfolio from Swell, but no matter which you choose, you will still get your first $50 matched at 100%! Thanks for using my link:

by Alethia Hines, 9/30/2018

Pros: Low minimum. Easy to understand.


Novice at investing so I really like the low minimum to invest. I like being able to invest in companies that will make a positive impact on the environment. Mindful investing. I see growth in a very short time and really like that I can make a difference in the world by supporting companies that are working to make it better. The site is easy to read and understand and they send you alerts whenever there's a change in any company policies.

by, 5/14/2018

Pros: Easy way to invest in great courses

Cons: 0.75% fee

Every portfolio at Swell Investing costs 0.75% with a $500 minimum. Market declines that bring an account’s value below $500 aren’t considered a violation of this policy. The SEC’s transaction fee for sales is also passed onto the trader. This fee is a very small $0.0000218 per dollar of sales.

There are no commissions at Swell Investing, either for the purchase or sale of an SMA, or for any equity trades that are made within an SMA. There is no annual fee, nor is there any charge to close an account.

Each portfolio focuses on a particular theme. Currently available investments include Renewable Energy, Green Tech, Disease Eradication, Clean Water, Zero Waste, and Healthy Living. Both U.S. companies and America Depositary Receipts appear in these portfolios.

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"Swell Investing offers a unique financial service. Despite its focus on impact investing, each one of its portfolios has returned a profit so far. Investors with a small amount of money will do especially well here, with the company’s low account minimum and asset-based fee."

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Swell Investing is a subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company (“Pacific Life”), an insurance company with nearly 150 years of expertise in providing a wide variety of insurance, financial services and other investment-related businesses.

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