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Ally Invest Forex Account

  • Minimum to open: $500

Ally Invest Forex advantages:

  • Over 50 currency pairs including gold and silver in real time
  • Sophisticated trading platforms, premium charting tools
  • Access extensive education, actionable research, detailed charts, and more
  • Superior customer support, 24 hours from 10:00am (ET) Sunday to 5:00pm (ET) Friday.


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TradeKingForex/Ally Invest Forex Customer Reviews

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"Under TradeKing Forex, Trade MB Trading Desktop Pro clients will be migrated to the TradeKing ForexTrader platform and MetaTrader 4 account balances will be moved to a new TradeKing Forex MetaTrader 4 server. TradeKing Forex offers tight spreads as low as 1-2 pips and even tighter with Forex Pro.Traders can choose from over 50 currency pairs including gold and silver in real time. TradeKing ForexTrader charts powered by a third-party composite rate feed and deliver a comprehensive, platform-integrated technical analysis package. These charts include multiple indicators for advanced technical analysis and can be customized for individual preferences, including chart type, colors, intervals and more."

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"While some brokers like ATC Brokers have initial investment requirements as high as $5,000, you can start trading forex on TradeKing's platform as little as $500. The low minimum and ability to trade micro lots play well with the novice investors. Add in pricing spreads as low as 1 pip and it's easy to see why TradeKing Forex is great for the budget-minded investors with a smaller bankroll. Advanced traders ca take advantage of the Expert Advisors (EA) strategy within the MT4 platform. Traders program EAs to analyze the market for opportunities to automate trading decisions and set risk management criteria."


"The main trading platform offered by this broker is the TradeKing ForexTrader. Our reviewers downloaded available demo accounts so we could compare this platform with those of other forex brokers. TradeKing’s platform did not compare favorably with some of the others. It lacks some of the usability features we look for in a forex trading platforms. The charting tools have few options for adjusting the charts, and you cannot compare different symbols with each other. The main dashboard isn’t customizable and you can’t adjust the settings of the default windows. The demo account doesn’t allow the creation of alerts, so our reviewers were unable to test that feature."

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