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Trading Block Review

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Trading Block Commissions

Stocks and ETFs $7.50
Options $7.50 + $0.75 per contract
Mutual funds $20
Bonds $30

Barron's Trading Block Rating

TradingBlock ranks poorly in the annual Barron's Best Online Brokers Survey finishing on the second to the last position among the sixteen firms that participated in the ranking.

Cinsidering firms' narrow investment offering, low ratings and trading cost above the industry average, we recommend to research more for a better options. There are solid investment companies with lower pricing, broader selection of investment products, great trading platforms and customer service.

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Trading Block Customer Reviews

by naz dack, 10/3/2017

Pros: low margin interest rates


should rename company "fees direct".

by Val, 7/15/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Had 3 small accounts for my children. Informed of a new non activity annual fee. I tried to see if I could consolidate, withdraw, or do anything to get the stock out without incurring the fee in each account. The answer was no. The company ended up taking the savings of each account. Did not care these accounts belonged to minor children. Just wanted their fees. Horrible policies and company.

Avoid this money grabbing company.

by Arthur from DC Metro, 4/18/2017

Pros: Excellent service, always reachable, and great computer interface and data transmission for Quicken and Turbo Tax

Cons: Prices in line with many major firms. No Cons, I've had accounts with the majors and this place beats them all in terms of margin costs, if you are a margin borrower. And if you have the margin account scale ($100,000 - $125,000 or more) you can even do "portfolio margin."

I'm an experienced self-directed investor who, in art school, years ago, could not understand why there was a newspaper about a specific street. Now, I'm more knowledgeable, with well over 5 decades of experience , and with a six figure asset management margin account at this firm.

In a few words, Trading Direct gives me excellent service at great rates. Especially the Margin Borrowing Rates. The only place that has lower margin rates is a firm that caters to individuals with lots of capital, lots of experience and who are borderline professional investors, as in that is how they make their living.

And yes, I've been in the industry twice. in the early 1970's while in grad school, as one of the founders of two discount brokerage firms, when discounted commissions from exchange members were not permitted before 1975. And then again in 2003-2008, when I created a technology rich transaction processing firm for institutional clients, that was an exchange member.

First of all it is important it understand that Pershing & Company, the world's largest "Broker's Broker" which is owned by the Bank of New York - Mellon Bank, is carrying your account. It is on the too big to be on the "to big to fail" list. That Banking combination is the 6th largest in America and is very conservative.

And the service Pershing offers is excellent, and it is easy to connect both my Quicken and Turbo tax to that firm for updates.

The prices for the Trading Direct executions and services are roughly that as any other firm other the exception of gimmicky "free trade commission firms" that make the money back with higher margin borrowing rates.

Where I often see people complain about their broker, as I see here, is because many people think that with $2,500 to $3,000 they are going to trade their way to riches........which is generally an impossible undertaking, even for professional traders directly connected to the markets.

Or they don't "get it" that there are fees charged and sometimes the high fees for what appear to be "simple things" are set to discourage customer activity that would cause regulatory scrutiny of the firm.

Or that the Clearing firm, in this case Pershing, does not generally waive fees, unless you have significant assets in the account, as that firm makes money on the holding of the assets, just like banks do.

So the "real story" is that Trading Direct is a predictable firm, like any other, but with the smaller firm "personal touch."

And you will have excellent service, if you understand the rules of the industry, and service will be coupled with low cost access to the markets.

The fact of the matter is that ALL brokers have to behave in exactly the same way, or any firm that deviates, is subject to regulatory sanction and fines.

So the onus is on the customer to learn the rules of the industry and behave accordingly.

by Cris, 5/25/2015

Pros: None I can think of

Cons: Worst company I ever dealt with

Anyone who trades stocks should stay away from this company. Worst online broker I have ever dealt with. Fees for everything imaginable without written notice, liquidation of dividend stocks written off as worthless, horrible customer service that can barely wait to hang up on you, sell orders take forever to fill, rate hikes and new fees yearly, etc,etc,etc.

by Ktshabatie, 2/12/2015



This is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with! Hit me with three fees in a row on THE SAME DAY for paper mail of statements because they changed their policy, without phoning or emailing or sending me a letter to let me know, then refuse to take the charge off. The kicker though is that I went to make a trade and noticed a bogus $60 charge for inactivity, again with no warning or prior notification that it was coming up or about to be charged to my account. They refuse to reserve it and threatened to liquidate my stocks to pay for it if not paid in less than two weeks, in an email with grammatical spelling errors. This company is a joke, penny pinchers, and they don't care one bit about customers or customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!

by Danny, 6/5/2010



No setup fees or maintenance fees for IRAs. Dividend reinvestment is available for an extra charge. Accepts foreign accounts

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