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UBS Financial Services reviews and complaints. UBS wealth management advisor pros, cons, and investing fees. Is UBS a good company to invest with and a fiduciary?

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UBS Wealth Management Reviews

by Jack,  4/14/2023

Pros:  Well they seem to make out alright for themselves anyway.

Cons:  Professional racketeers

Review:  Great advice to have someone put 3/4 of their liquid assets in the Wall Street Casino when they are a year away from retirement.Also the fees are outrageous.8k to manage 1 million? Stay away.

by WBO,  3/14/2023

Pros:  Great Group all 5's


Review:  I have been using our Dallas based UBS Financial Wealth Management since 2018. Always been very responsive and helpful. I have an IRA, Investment account and TRUST for our disabled child and have never had any issues.

by Andrew,  12/16/2022

Pros:  No Pros, expensive, not user friendly, do no look after client's interest

Cons:  See Pros

Review:  My wealth advisor had me paying margin interest because I wrote a check when a month later I had enough funds liquid to cover the margin. In other words, I was paying them interest when I had enough cash to cover the margin -- that's kinda like stealing, or at best bad advising. Advisor was at UBS in Cleveland. Ann Lutz.

by Gail,  12/5/2022



Review:  One excuse after another as to why my money has not been transferred to my bank. Two weeks and still nothing. Four phone calls and no resolution. Making promises and not delivered. Received excellent service when my financial advisor was local and now it is less than desirable.

by geza krausz,  3/16/2022



Review:  If you enjoy aggravation,and lots of it, and to lose your money,get ubs.

by Robbi,  3/11/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Shameful, Unprofessional, Rude Behavior

Review:  I transferred to the Washington Wealth Management office of UBS at the beginning of the year. My primary advisor was David Andreadis. We had agreed at the beginning of the year that we would have four quarterly meetings, along with another advisor on his team. We had several meetings to set up the account and to get acquainted. We had our first quarterly meeting in early March. Based on the evolving Ukrainian situation, I requested an additional meeting this month to discuss both upside and downside risks to my portfolio. Imagine my surprise when, at the beginning of the meeting, Andreadis told me that he was no longer going to be my advisor due to the extra meeting. He also told me that he had agreed to only two meetings a year! So, not only did I not have a conversation about my portfolio in the current situation for which I had prepared, Andreadis lied to me and simply cut me off (he ended the phone call while his other advisor stayed on the line). I find his behavior as an advisor toward a client rude, unprofessional, and dismissive. I wonder if this is his behavior toward all of his women clients. He obviously cares more about his financial bottom line than true client service. I was completely disgusted, not to mention blindsided by his immature behavior. I highly recommend not doing any business with UBS. There are plenty of extremely qualified advisors and firms who genuinely care about their clients and providing expert and professional client service, unlike Andreadis.

by Cindy,  3/4/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Fees, fees and more fees

Review:  Ubs puts their own interests first. They will suck you dry and don't perform. Exorbitantly high fees. Ubs churns your account buying and selling same thing multiple times a day. Any growth goes to paying high fees. You don't make money just lose it. Ubs lines their own pockets at your expense. Money in Fidelity outperformed ubs and at much less fees...I moved my ubs funds to Fidelity. Wish I never put my money in ubs. Run run run from ubs.

by A user,  3/2/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Online site constantly down, timeout after successful login, extremely confusing user interface

Review:  This is the worst online broker I ever used..

by Kurt,  2/28/2022

Pros:  Wish there was a no stars option

Cons:  Horrible to deal with

Review:  Used UBS for a long time. Transferred money out because of the broker in charge, his supervisor didn't even call to see what was going on. Still used the credit card but to pay it, it takes at least 7 business days even after they take it out of your other account via wire. Why is it that you can pay other bills electronically but not UBS in a timely manner?

by Cynthia,  1/20/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Very high fees, hidden fees, lining their own pockets...all crooks

Review:  Extremely high fees. Lack of transparency on costs. Lost alot of money due to fees. Ubs lines their pockets and majority of funds were ubs generated funds so they double dip and take more fees for themselves. Not doing what is in the best interest of their clients. I moved all my funds out this week. They robbed me for 10 years. No more.

by Clyde,  10/15/2021

Pros:  O

Cons:  Do not want to release funds

Review:  I am a small investor who in 2019 requested my mandatory withdrawal in September. After weeks of filling out form after form, the form they promised me was the last one I would need to complete was somehow never received by UBS. I finally received my check dated December 31st. I have just requested withdrawal for 2021 and it seems the same thing is happening. Was told they will be sending me a form to fill out. That was over a week ago!!!

by R…,  8/7/2021


Cons:  No contact, Very slow…

Review:  My grandparents and parents both used UBS. I decided to use them and transfer a Mid 7 digit portfolio for them to help manage. Two months later not one phone call from them - after filling out many documents (all by snail mail). I guess they have no interest in me as a client (or my children as future clients). good to know before I actually become a client! Tools and processes they showed me are outdated and not that impressive. Customer service is either poor or they are arrogant and can’t be bothered. I’m sure not all offices are the same - do your homework before you commit. The office I dealt with was in San Mateo, CA.

by Trish,  4/30/2021


Cons:  I wish "0" stars was an option

Review:  After my father passed away I tried to help my mother have the account transferred to her name as her POA so that she could claim the funds in the account. The estate team never called back like I was told they would every time I called. Before we were able to get anything resolved my mother passed away. Now I am ready to lose my $#!**. I have been calling for weeks and still nothing. This company should not be in business.

by carol,  2/26/2021

Pros:  none

Cons:  poor communication

Review:  I inherited an IRA that was in UBS. I waited a year to get the waiver from trenton. As soon as I got waiver I emailed it to UBS. Talked to a financial advisor beginning of Feb. and he said they got the waiver. He told me he would call me back and never did. I called over two weeks later and talked to another financial advisor. I asked why they had not taken off the restriction from my account and what the inheritance rules were. He also said he would definately call me back that day or the next day and never called back. They have little knowledge in the matter so they just say they will call you back and don't. Any time you call you get a different financial advisor and have to explain things from scratch. Your just a number to them. No feeling of trust. I will probably just take my money out and go to a different brokerage company who I can have confidence in.

by Bill,  2/6/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  Too many to list

Review:  UBS was the last brokerage my wife and I had left funds in. All other accounts we have consolidated to another brokerage. I agree with all the comments that other people have made. Hidden Fees, excessive fees, lack of communication, poor communication, bad advice, the list is endless.

by Marianne,  10/16/2020



Review:  I have called five times to get a beneficiary listing updated. They said they had it corrected then mailed me the wrong paperwork. I would not recommend them to handle your finances. I will be transferring my account.

by Anon,  4/23/2020

Pros:  Fucking Garbage

Cons:  Pieces of shit - lying thieves

Review:  Investors have zero knowledge, costs more money to be with them annually than they make. Lost me $15k in a year, $5k in fees. Hundreds to leave. Fucking scam artists

by JM GILBERT,  1/19/2020

Pros:  Honest, reasonable fees

Cons:  Very much individual broker dependent. No standard level of individual quality

Review:  My first broker, Doug Tyler, in the Dallas office. He was terrific, always available, and very helpful with suggestions. He was always available and extremely well informed. Unfortunately (for me, not him),he retired, a well-deserved event.

My account was turned over to another broker in his office who lacks all, or most, of the professional expertise and willingness to help that I obtained with Doug. My current broker has the good fortune to have a tremendous assistant who provides me with immeasurable help. Otherwise I would search elsewhere for a more sophisticated brokerage firm.

A further disappointment with the UBS branch currently acting as the custodian of my account is the defensive attitude of the branch manager when I discussed the dissatisfaction experienced by me.

I want to close by saying that for over 20 years my experience with my account broker could not have been better; contrariwise, the experience with my current UBS broker could not be worse.

by Siham,  1/3/2020


Cons:  $100 closeout fee !!!

Review:  Very rude whatsoever !
I had a really bad experience with them , they will charge you closeout fee without letting you know about it ! After I spoke to 3 different people, they refused to give me my money back ! Very disappointed.

by Dana,  9/18/2019


Cons:  No one answers the phone.

Review:  I have accounts with several brokerage firms. This is the only one I would NOT recommend. They do not answer their phone, return messages, or seem to care about their customer service.

by Henry,  9/2/2019

Pros:  They know how to sweet talk

Cons:  They put their own interests first. Fees, fees and more hidden fees

Review:  This review is about UBS Financial Services in Denver. The other locations maybe different.

I was with them for over 10 years, I had my own business and didn't have time to manage myself,

Chances are they will talk you into buying some sort of "UITs" (unit investment trust), typically the kind with high fees, when asked they will make up stories. If you have some knowledge of investment you are much better off open an account with Fidelity(they offer perks if you transfer certain amount, it may not be listed on their website, just call them and ask for promotions) or Vanguard and manage yourself, it is really not hard and I wish I did that long ago. If you really not sure what to do, just buy some low cost index ETFs or mutual funds and ride the market, you will still be doing better if you let USB manage for you(due to the high hidden fees). I opened an account with Vanguard in parallel and put in exactly same amount of funds, and measured each of the ups and downs of market for one year, the UBS account drops more and recovers less every single time.

To be fair, they didn't charge me any exit fees to close my account like others mentioned, maybe due the long history with them and/or the high investment balance or maybe because I showed how poorly they performed, and again, I was always polite and so were they. They just target "financial-dumb" people.

by RB,  5/21/2019


Cons:  DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY WITH UBS, very shody business practice, hinging on Scammers

Review:  My siblings are all beneficiary on my dad's account who is deceased. Have been trying for 6 months to receive the disbursement from this account. They required that all of us call to initiate the process so that each and everyone of us would file the forms to setup and an account before anyone of us could receive a disbursement. They have deliberately stonewalled by failing to send the requested documents in a timely manner, failed to give proper instruction on how to fill out the forms, failed to notify us that the paperwork was incomplete. Only after contacting them to find out what the hold up is, we find that something else is missing in the paperwork, we fix the problem and wait, rinse and repeat. I have threatened to report them to the US securities exchange commission for their questionable business practices. What they are doing may not be illegal but certainly unethical If everyone reported them to the SEC we might just find they are running a scam.

by S,  5/11/2019


Cons:  High fees, deceitful

Review:  I held on to stocks that my grandmother had left me. (IBM bought when the company was young.) They had sentimental value in addition to cash value. They made a move with my account because I could not call them back in time. I will be leaving them this week. Very disappointed with how this company has evolved.

by Brett,  5/10/2019

Pros:  Can't think of any

Cons:  Excessive fees, poor service

Review:  I've been living overseas for awhile now and admit that I haven't been on top of my UBS retirement account. But now I can see that they've been charging excessive fees for years. So much so that my 3% annual dividends are pretty much wiped out by the fees.
I'll be moving this account over to another brokerage asap and hoping they don't bend me over on the way out.

by Eddy,  5/9/2019

Pros:  they have a toll free number

Cons:  rude, non-responsive, and a poor affinity for telling the truth

Review:  My interactions with UBS have prompted me to not only document every interaction, but also hire a lawyer to speak with them. Add those costs to their brokerage fees and I would like to move my mponey elsewhere asap but they keep creating delusional excuses to stall doing so. Better off keeping one's money in the mattress than trusting UBS

by E. Bain,  3/9/2019

Pros:  Held my company stock for 4 years

Cons:  After 2 years and multiple phone calls they couldn't seem to have my correct address

Review:  I didn't choose UBS. My employer did to hold stocks from a Stock Purchase Plan. I left the employer and at some point my employer left UBS. I moved 2-3 times and tried to inform UBS each time. They could never seem to actually change my address. This year I've divested all the funds they held for me and didn't receive a statement for the taxes. I did have a downloadable statement I could get and just noticed they had the same address I tried to get them to change 2 years ago, multiple times, evidently with no luck. Sigh, guess my SS is now floating around in the wild again.

by GSD,  3/7/2019

Pros:  Friendly, helpful, seemed knowledgeable

Cons:  After we closed our account it was admitted to me that they know nothing about the investment markets or forecasting

Review:  I have a lot of experience investing; I used to have my Series 6 and Series 7 licenses. I was looking for someone to oversee $500K+ of investments so that I would no longer have to do this. What I was told vs what actually occurred were 2 different things. They did not oversee market movements and my investment was just dumped into a pool of many investors' monies. When the market was at the height of a bull run they managed to cost me over $12k in less than 6 months. Their investment funds did worse than I, an individual, ever did in my 40 years of investing. Learn to invest yourself. Do your own research as no one else will. Do NOT depend on others to invest your money as all most advisors care about is making their commission; especially UBS. Advisors will make money 2 ways: Like UBS they may charge an annual fee even if they do nothing or, they will charge you a sales fee on every purchase/sale that occurs. With this type of service expect to see a lot of churning (they will advise you to sell what you have and invest in something else, over and over again). If you pay someone to oversee your money for an annual fee make sure they are keeping up with market movements and how that affects your specific type of investment strategy.

by Ralph,  2/24/2019



Review:  I should clarify performance , what I was in did not do well for me I don't blame them for this but the market itself.

by Ralph,  2/23/2019

Pros:  Nice folks

Cons:  Excessive fees, exit fees high, fudiciary questionable

Review:  Avoid them, they suck you dry and really do not perform

by candid commenter,  2/20/2019

Pros:  friendly staff

Cons:  deceitful, lack of accountability

Review:  Miserable experiences with this company including repeated mysteriously failed attempts to transfer money out and close accounts. I even received an email from UBS asserting that all the accounts were closed, but no, they were not. I have sent the paperwork again to have the accounts closed, but surprise! They never transferred the money out. And of course, they keep charging high fees. No idea why the SEC lets this company continue to treat customers this way.

by Jane,  1/27/2019


Cons:  Financial advisor has me in high cost Mutual funds. I Goggled the symbols, and wow!

Review:  He has me in expensive mutual funds, and I said I only want Lo or no fee passive funds. He tried to sweet talk me into staying the course! I'm in the process of transferring everything out!

by GSD,  11/2/2018

Pros:  Good Salesman

Cons:  After we closed our account it was admitted to me that they know nothing about the investment markets or forecasting

Review:  I had my Series 7 and Series 6 licenses and I am pretty good at investing. We looked for someone that could conservatively invest our money for us so I would not have to watch it daily. In the middle of a great Bull Market they lost money. During a market correction they continued to lose money at a higher rate than my riskier investments. UBS manages to cost us $12,000 in less than 6 months. When I closed my account I asked for a refund of the fee they charged us 3 days earlier. I expected to get back about 97% of that fee. Surprised me when I only got back 76% of the fee with no explanation of the charges not refunded. Still waiting on a reply as to why I was not refunded the correct amount. These guys are great at losing your money but they collect their fees.. Look at all the previous reviews that say the same thing I am saying here. Stay clear of UBS!! Go to Vegas as you have better odds of making money there.

by Very Disappointed Customer,  8/15/2018


Cons:  Unbelievable

Review:  Rude. Lied. Broker made trades without my consent. Trade fees and stock losses in the amount of over 200k.
No communications. Not in business for the customer. SAD!

by Gerry Fruge,  8/3/2018


Cons:  in it for themselves at the expense of the client/customer.............cannot emphasize this enough........

Review:  I pulled my $1.2 million retirement account out of UBS due to sky rocking fees and an advisor who didn't not have my back. My quarterly fees rose 58% from Jan 2017 to July 2018......from $1837 to $2904 per Q (almost $1000 per month - rape)....these fees rose every quarter for the last 6 quarters...……My advisor in our exit discussion told me he Could've reduced my fees had we done a certain thing - my comment was - why am I now just hearing this and why didn't you? Also while my account is in the process of transferring to Schwab, I am getting hit with annual fees that I've never had to pay before...… more "screw job" before I leave...….

Stay away from UBS, especially the Houston office...…...Schwab's "self directed roll over IRA" - no annual fees and they are giving me 2 years of no commissions and will pay for any exit fees that UBS is slamming me with.....

by Elizabeth Bain,  7/11/2018

Pros:  your money will be safe because you can't get it back out

Cons:  lies, lack of service, repeated failures

Review:  Through no choice of mine, my previous company used UBS to oversee their ESOP plan. So money I earned was taken out and stock bought and placed into this account. I've moved three times since then and each time it's been a nightmare to get my address updated.

This time I'm close to trying to pull my money out. So I called them. They said ok, gave me an address and said to send mail stating what I wanted and a case number for reference. So I did, waited a couple of weeks and checked my account. Still no change. So I called. The rep I spoke with asked for my address disappeared off the phone for 20 minutes came back and said he'd found the request bogged down in the back office, but he would change it immediately! So now they are calling me because my company has terminated them as their service rep. And I am now a direct customer of theirs. Last time they called me out of the blue was an excuse to try to sell me some financial services, which I declined when the rep couldn't even call me at the time we set up.

So I went to close my account today, but guess what? I can't because NOW a MONTH LATER they STILL have not updated my address. Calling customer relations tomorrow. Then my lawyer.

by Aurore Bui,  6/3/2018

Pros:  ?

Cons:  Positionnement éthique, efficacité en tant que banque

Review:  J'arrive à un tel point de saturation avec les "services" délivés par UBS que je vais fermer l'entièreté de mes comptes dans les meilleurs délais. Je n'ai eu que des soucis avec l'UBS: jeunes "conseillers clients" qui vous prennent de haut et ne répondent pas à votre besoin (dernière en date, 3 semaines pour obtenir une carte de crédit qui n'est pas celle demandé), charges abusives à tous les coins de rue (et ce quelque soit l'opération que vous cherchez à réaliser), énormes délais de réalisation... J'irai gérer mon argent autre part

by Anonymous,  5/31/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Making no money

Review:  I've had this account for about 2 years.
I have been charged ridiculous annual fees, and not to mention,I'm making almost no money on what I do have in there. I will be closing my account.

by TES,  5/23/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Pathetic in every category

Review:  My wife has a Roth IRA consisting of Berkshire-B shares that automatically went to UBS when they acquired Paine-Weber. In 2012, they decided they hadn't charged appropriate management fees on her account since 2000 and they extracted the fees by cashing shares of BRK-B without permission. They cashed shares each year after that for management fees. Part of the problem is on her for not watching the fox in the henhouse, but the net effect is a decrease of 18 shares of BRK-B now worth almost $3600. And they did nothing to "manage" the fund. Warren Buffet does all that, in effect. UBS is pretty horrible; not sure how they stay in business.

by JA,  5/13/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  UBS is the worst bank I have ever experienced. I'm an international client and I wish I knew how bad they were before I committed to them. They sent me bank statements in the poorest areas of the world where I was working and had no personal mailbox. I told them many times that I just wanted online statements and told them why, I also committed to that when I opened my account. I had to send pictures as proof, I had to call them, send them many messages, it took them 6 months to stop... All my neighbors knew how much I had on my account since my mails were opened where I was, I was so lucky not to be robbed. They also harassed me during my vacations because they needed one document within 2 days that they forgot to ask me for 6 months... You cannot imagine how mean they were during the communications, threatening me to close my account and so on while I was on boat in the middle of nowhere and unable to access this document from where I was, how relaxing... Now, they charge me such a high monthly fee (600 CHF/year) and I don't even know why. I have asked why and they asked me to fill more paperwork again to know why... I never had the same representative, they keep rotating. I really wish I had any other bank from the start, nothing could have been worst than UBS... I can't wait to find the best way to leave, I am always stressed when I have to be in touch with them. Don't do the same mistake, STAY AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

by KW,  5/2/2018

Pros:  If you are into losing money this is the Wealth Mismanagement for you.

Cons:  High Fees Lose Money

Review:  I invested $90k in UBS and another $90k with a small firm. Both for 4 years. At the end of 4 years the small firm had $125k and UBS $85k. I paid 2.5% or $9000 to lose $5000 at UBS. I paid $4000 at smaller firm and gained $35000. UBS will churn your account buying and selling each day. Sometimes they will buy and sell at a loss the same day. The small investor is to be used. I had my money in an aggressive growth strategy. The strategy ended up that you will lose bigly when the market goes south but gain little when the market recovers. At the end of 2017 I gained 20% at the small firm, 21% with my self directed 401k, and 10% at UBS. 2017 was a big year and my other 2 accounts out performed UBS by 100%. Take control of your investments by staying away from UBS.

by anonymous,  4/22/2018


Cons:  lied to me my acount was safe amd secret

Review:  why anyone would deal with these thieves and liars after they turned in their clients and account holders is beyond any comprehension after they promised safety and secrecy. They took over the small banks and then turned over the names of the account holders. Many people put after tax monies into the Swiss banks. You think the American banks are any better. There are over $600 billion stored over here some from dictators from economically devastated countries. If you deal with these backstabbing entities you get what you deserve.

by Mary johansen,  3/31/2018


Cons:  Very difficult to get a person on the phone

Review:  Very slow to send you your money, they sold my ira’s but getting a check from them is very slow, trying to get a person on the phone is very hard and they are very arrogant and rude, AXA is very helpful and friendly and I can get customer service on phone they also get forms in the mail promptly. Avoid UBS they charge you more than they make.

by Sarah,  3/5/2018


Cons:  monitor agent carefully

Review:  No USB is not GOOD AND SAFE. NOT all agents are bad but monitor your agent CAREFULLY.. Question everything they say to you. i put a lot of trust in to the agent NEVER AGAIN.

by Sarah,  3/5/2018


Cons:  release of 529 funds

Review:  I want others to know that may have 529's for children or grandchildren.I wanted a release of some 529 funds to my grandson's college and the unfortunate events to release these funds . There several missed opportunities to deliver the funds. I received an email form the agent with a tone that I was not expecting. Now that I have read the other complaints I wonder about excessive fees that I was charged. i have since terminate my relationship with this company and would advise others to monitor your account CAREFULLY. This event occurred last summer. I needed to evaluate other companies in the hope that I never have this problem.

by Rich and Dana,  2/23/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Exorbitantly High fees-time to Close account

Review:  USB charges an exorbitantly High annual fee, closing account fee and transfer fee. We own the same mutual fund ,directly with the mutual fund. No fees. We have put in multiple requests for transfer. It’s been more than 2 months and still no transfer. Next step is the SEC.

by Melissa,  2/21/2018


Cons:  lost most of our retirement funds

Review:  Since the recession, when stock market going up, our acct lost millions. We would have been better off in a savings acct with low or no interest.

by anonymous,  2/13/2018

Pros:  Top Notch Wealth Management Employee

Cons:  none

Review:  Lisa Martin, private client services of Cincinnati, Ohio, Wealth Management is very knowledgeable and efficient within h er position as private client advisor of wealth management. Not only is she timely to reply to her clients, she also explains , advises, as well as completes transactions in a timely fashion!!

by Brian Christopher,  1/22/2018


Cons:  Disgraceful fees and fees and more fees

Review:  I closed my account in December and transferred funds to another establishment. I was charged a $150 annual fee, a $95 maintenance fee, another fee of $150 to close the account and, finally, another $95 to transfer the funds. My goodness, some of those UBS employees must be so physically fit as a result of all of that hard work from generating so many fees. What a disgraceful way to treat people!

by Brian,  1/19/2018

Pros:  I think not

Cons:  Shameful

Review:  It is amazing to me how the maintenance fees and annual fees and close-the-account fees and transfer fees are legal. But they are. Was that a laugh I heard when I expressed my disappointment to the reps? Yes, it was. I am glad I made their day. Shameful.

by Brenda S Turner,  1/16/2018


Cons:  Badgers the customer and overwhelms with paperwork. However fees are high but there is very poor service.

Review:  I received stock grants from my employer. The account was transferred to a different UBS account for management when I left the company. When I tried to liquidate the account I was blocked. Then efforts to take partial amounts out was met with hostage tactics and large fees unless I agreed to let them manage the money. I’m still waiting on my requested funds but every other day I get paper work either requesting my signature or confirmation of enrollment.

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ubs wealth management reviews

UBS Financial Services Brokerage Trading Fees

Costs for an equity buy or sell order are expensive by industry standards. An odd lot of 30 shares of ETF FXS (CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust) totaling $5,200 will cost the customer in the neighborhood of $75. Two round 100 lot shares of the Silver ETF SLV (iShares Silver Trust) will cost $110.

By contrast a mutual fund purchase will cost the client $5.25. These are not the only fees the client will pay however, as the only mutual funds that UBS allows are mutual funds that are loaded; i.e. the shareholder pays a sales charge to UBS for buying the shares. There is no cost for redeeming shares of a mutual fund.

Account holders with a balance of $250,000 and above will receive personalized service with a dedicated financial advisor and client service associate.

ubs financial services reviews

is ubs a good company to invest with

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