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Wells Fargo Advisors Review

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Wells Fargo Advisors Account

Minimum to open: Minimum initial investment starts from $100,000.

Managed Portfolio Solutions are available for minimum asset of $25,000 per account, which includes asset allocation decisions, security selection, and ongoing portfolio monitoring. Managed Portfolio Service is available through phone calls.

Wells Fargo Advisors fees vary based on relationship, services, and account types.

Clients have an access to a broad range of services such as account services that complement the investment planning process, advisory services, business services, variety of account types and investment products, education funding, retirement planning and more.

About Wells Fargo Advisors Wealth Management Service

Wells Fargo Advisors is one of the nation’s largest retail brokerage firms. Wells Fargo Advisors is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company, one of America’s largest and strongest financial institutions, which has been in business since 1852.

Wells Fargo Advisors is one of the nation's premier financial services firms, serving and advising clients nationwide through more than 15,000 Financial Advisors.


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Wells Fargo Advisors Customer Reviews

by Cara Hammond, 2/9/2018

Pros: NA

Cons: NA

My husband and I have been loyal customers to Wells Fargo for years. We run millions of dollars through their bank each year. We tolerate their problems with technology and turnover of staff with a patient attitude as we understand not everything in life can be perfect and instantaneous. We had a VP of Wells Fargo as a client in our business. I don't believe that she even realized that we were a customer of Wells Fargo. She threw a crazy fit at our front desk, barged her way through 2 locked doors by lying to my staff, came in to an executive meeting and proceeded to rip me a new one regarding a subject that she had no idea what she was talking was talking about. She made threats toward organization and personal threats towards me as the owner. I went through 4 different routes with Wells Fargo regarding the threats she made. They didn't care. I even had one of their employees tell me that she was sleeping with her boss and nothing would come of my situation. That lady has the wrath of the devil in her. She has a history of belligerent behavior in our community (published in the newspaper) and Wells Fargo continues to employee her. I would be careful if you are working with Wells Fargo branches in Central Florida as the Regional Director seems to be questionable in stature.

by Tom, 1/17/2018

Pros: There are none

Cons: Insensitive, unresponsive to request, inability to listen and provide what the customer needs.

Absolute scam. Only out for making commissions and charging as much as the can. No listening skills to provide what the customer needs. High expenses for little or no customer service. No access to cash when needed.

by Dee Dee, 1/13/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Poor customer service

Make it very difficult to transfer money out. Phone wait time is terrible and if you get multiple people they all tell you different things. Run fast!

by Soon to be former WF customer, 1/11/2018

Pros: none

Cons: poor back office response, unecessary delays ("up to 3 business days" is not to be counted upon), inconsistent claims and unkept commitments, poorly trained/unknowledgable advisors, and more.

Ugh! I cannot think of a more poorly operated brokerage firm - None of the issues ever occurred when Prudential held the reigns - set up a list of other firms, pout on a blindfold, and throw a dart n- wherever it lands, you will be better off.

by David, 10/1/2017

Pros: Nothing

Cons: poor integrity; self serving; unethical.

make it very difficult to transfer funds out of the account. Invest money in many different funds for their own profit. Take advantage of investors especially elderly.

by Sjsimpson, 8/15/2017

Pros: None


I have never had a worse experience dealing with any bank. I reached the age of termination for my CA UTMA account and have gotten nothing but lies and bad information from the advisors. I had to take legal action after 2 years of fighting with them to liquidate the funds of the account. I wouldn't recomend Wells Fargo Advisors to my worst enemy.

by Angela Kivett, 6/17/2017

Pros: Brad is knowledgeable and courteous. Has been a tremendous help and is an asset to Wells Fargo

Cons: None

We spoke with several different firms and were very comfortable and confident with using Wells Fargo.

by Bill Braxton, 5/15/2017



Nobody seems to have ant proper knowledge or training!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by corneliafaw, 5/1/2017



by Dale Ellington, 4/25/2017


Cons: Arguementative,undependable,untrustworthy

Over the coarse of the years I have had my retirement account with Wells Fargo I have had trouble getting my broker to do what I tell him to do. In the latest case I requested a sale of some of my stock and to put the cash in my regular bank account. It has been three weeks now since I asked him and several phone calls and I still can't get him to do what I asked him!

by G Jones, 2/17/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Stupid or crooked, hard to tell which

Put my retirement nest egg in their Fundsource program. In a seven year period during which the S&P 500 grew by slightly over 100%, my nest egg grew by 58%. The missing 42% was 11% to them in fees and 31% squandered by their ineptitude. Run don't walk your money away from these idiots.

by Anonymous, 11/27/2016

Pros: Investment Contact Person Was Pleasant and Courteous

Cons: Everything Else You/I Could Think Of

Do not put 1 cent of your money into their hands. Within 3 years they "managed" a million plus dollar corpus into about 25-30% of that. Every bit of negative notoriety WF has recently received in the national press is deserved IMO, and probably much more/worse. I hope to be completely separated from them in the near future.
I wish there was a Zero Star option here.

by Hemp Luis, 11/18/2016

Pros: Freebies

Cons: Questionable integrity

I'm invited and given freebies, all for a free market analysis of my current assets, only they don't follow up, I never heard back till I called them, then they send me transfer forms, sign the blank forms and they'll complete the rest! Really??? Am I a moron? Then they send me more forms, all filled out, and no contract! I'm really getting concerned, they said the contract comes later on, after they start management, but I refuse to transfer anything... They do want to push 50% fixed income but right now it's all going down, stocks are up and so are interest rates! I share many of other posting concerns, it's bad before the start, how owful can it get! Yes, so I'm stopping the process!

by richard, 10/10/2016

Pros: Slick

Cons: only look out for their own commissions

Lost a small fortune with these people due to self serving bad advice

by Keith Daniels, 10/7/2016



Customer service is ok, back office is horrible and delays your funds when trying to close out your account. You send it all paperwork and they still find ways to delay everythingetting. Current waiting time is 8 days for a process that should've took 3 days. It's terrible will be reaching out to the better business Bureau as well.

by John, 9/16/2016

Pros: Good computer system

Cons: Back Office service very bad

Very challenging to transfer funds out of Wells Fargo Advisors to another company. Back office ignores repeated requests. Need to know full name of person, phone number, superior phone number and name, etc. Be prepared for 20 questions when attempting to confirm your identity by phone.

by Kazi, 9/12/2016



Rubbish.Terrible customer service.This is worst service i ever seen. Lack of knowledge.

by Andy, 9/7/2016

Pros: Speaks english

Cons: Doesn't return emails, pushes bonds

I've been trying to redo my investments (i.e. Remove under performers). After 3 emails and two teleconferences ( plus an email today) I do not feel they are responsive.

by Jerry, 8/3/2016

Pros: free lollipops



by Jed, 7/22/2016

Pros: I'm thinking...... I got one.....Good at slick advertising

Cons: Really difficult to close out account

Been trying for over 2 months to close out an inherited account. Despite promptly submitting every document that was requested, we continue to wait for "the back room" to process the paperwork. The stonewalling is incredible. Don't know how they stay in business.

by P Arinsbe, 7/1/2016


Cons: Very poor customer service and marginal returns on investments, excessive fees

When I try to reach an account representative no one is available and I am told they will call back! No one ever calls back, very very poor customer service, avoid these people.

by Jason, 5/18/2016

Pros: Very fast to take money

Cons: Everything

I absolutely cannot believe the customer service I have experienced. I have had my IRA for ten years putting a little away for a first time home purchase. A month ago I requested a full distribution and now I have to call twice a week and find out what is going on from some clueless moron on the other end. I would never recommend investing here.

by Karen, 2/3/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Invested my money and never heard again from the broker who talked me into inveseting

I have moved my money out of Wells Fargo Advisors account. Had a $95 exit fee. Lost about $10K. Was not impressed with the investment advisor who set up my account. Called him several times to find out if there was something else he would recommend since I was losing so much money and he never called me back.

by r schwartz, 12/9/2015

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible customer service: Extensive Fees. Lack of education

Think twice before giving this brokerage your social security number. Wells Fargo is the joke of the industry. Terrible customer service. Days to get a call back. Given wrong information in IRA distribution. Tried to withhold federal taxes. Took ten phone calls to straighten it out. To add insult to injury they insist on chargeing to send check. Want $95.00 per account to terminate relationship. Over $800,000 in accounts for over ten years. Won't give out phone number for superiors. Definitey not for high net worth clients. run don't walk away from these idiots.

by Ron, 8/27/2015

Pros: None

Cons: Giving bad advise, lack of honesty, terrible customer service, deceptive practices

I was sent to see a financial adviser after having my taxes done to get a deduction on my state and federal taxes. I was told to put $6500 into a mutual fund which according to the person I talked to would pay a handsome return. All I wanted was to put the money aside for a year in a safe investment. In one week, this safe fund went down $700. They don't return phone calls for days and in one instance the adviser I was doing business with just gave may account to someone else who I had never talked to. When I tried to contact him, he was unavailable. I called his assistant who never got back to me. I will never do business with these people again. They live up to the Wall Street mindset of greed is good.

by Sharon, 7/18/2013



I just have bad experience with so call Financial Advisor from Well Fargo.

Wells Fargo’s so called “professional advisor” did not only excel with bad communications but showed a fundamental lack of investment knowledge and financial markets in particular. There was no broad knowledge or vision in regards to fiscal policy or economic conditions.

One glowing example was the Fed’s intention of tapering off QE3 and the rising interest rates causing many investors to flee the bond market. WF Advisor still recommended long term bond funds with restrictions and early selling penalties – not even talking about possible large losses in principal. To make matters worth, no strategy for damage control other than hold and loose even more! Based on my experience I can only caution potential investors to watch out – WF Advisors is certainly not going to do it…

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