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ZacksTrade customer reviews, complaints, ratings, brokerage service pros and cons. Is ZacksTrade safe and good investment company to open an account?

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ZacksTrade Customer Reviews

by Miller, 8/9/2018



Zacks, like a lot of stock rating sites, provides good data on stocks. Like other sites, I don't just rely on one site. The best thing to do is learn to read the technical charts so you can get in when the price is low. I consider the MACD chart to be the most important. So by using Zacks recommendations and checking the chart, one should be able to make nice profits.

by JBLC, 6/15/2018



These guys feed a lot of news to cnbc, msnbc money, fox business, etc. you can get good info on market research from their site. some buy/sell recommendations for your portfolio too.

by Lance P., 3/1/2018



I have only had good experiences using Zacks web site. I find it easy to navigate, I enjoy the commentary, and I only get the alerts and newsletters I ask for. I had no trouble canceling a free trial of their premium service. I will continue to use Zacks and I may even pay for their premium service.


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We cannot recommend ZacksTrade for beginner investors. The broker-dealer simply doesn't have enough educational resources to help these people. The lack of 24/7 customer service is another lapse that just won't work. The broker's software is also difficult to learn.

ZacksTrade also would not be an ideal broker for small accounts because there is a $2,500 minimum deposit requirement. Other companies have lower thresholds.

Moving on to mutual funds, we once again don't recommend ZacksTrade. The broker has little emphasis on these products.

We do recommend the brokerage house for active traders who place a lot of trades under 495 shares - which is most of us. Also, anyone who wants to use margin will find this broker hard to beat.

ZacksTrade's low pricing and ability to trade many products make it one of the best companies for trading in IRA account.

We do recommend ZacksTrade for bond traders due to the broker's transparent pricing and good fixed-income search tools. And investors who need access to global markets will be really well served here.

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ZacksTrade reviewed by former and current clients. ZacksTrade customer reviews: 3. Rating: 4.