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Zions Direct Customer Reviews

by John, 1/31/2019

Pros: none

Cons: system out of date and they won't help to set up self directed accounts and whole lot more

bad place to go if you want to transfer stocks from another online broker

by dd, 12/15/2016


Cons: will not answer phone

I have tried to reach them by phone for the past week. I only get the recording saying "please stay on the line". No one answers.

by Mike, 10/24/2016

Pros: Excellent Bond Platform. 5 Stars.

Cons: Equity platform is antiquated. 3 Stars.

If you are an individual corporate or municipal bond buyer, the bond platform rocks with no markup prices,quick execution, huge selection and ability to actually offer a price on a bond all for $10.00 a trade. Buying equity's though is a chore. The trading platform and it's irritating 15 minute delay, makes it difficult to buy stocks at $9.95. Best to trade stocks at a different online broker like Scottrade or TD.

by Jal, 10/23/2014



Expensive fees, No after hr trading, primitive software that won't allow day trading! Horrible!!!

by John, 10/23/2014

Pros: None that I can think of!!!

Cons: To many to list in this spot!

Expensive costs, No after he trading, you will get banned for 90 days if you buy and sell same stock on same date! Seems to be the customers fault that they haven't upgraded their software to Handle a little day trading ! Most of their associates need ALOT more training, most questions they don't have a clue, always deferring to the one employee with a high school degree! Look elsewhere for a broker!

by Kevin, 7/22/2011

Pros: Very low cost way to purchase bonds...works for me.

Cons: have to call to transfer money

Best place to buy bonds...but they have a low credit rating...what does that mean for their future?--not sure.


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"Almost every online brokerage offers bond trading, but few specialize in them. However, Zions Direct, affiliated with western banking chain Zions First National Bank, does just that, with a selection of over 30,000 fixed-income securities. The firm also provides most asset classes and investment vehicles, though it caters primarily to long-term investors... What really sets Zions apart, aside from its bond selection, is its unique, auction-style platform for both bonds and CDs... Not surprisingly, Zions’ commissions for bonds not purchased at auction – at $9.95 – are much cheaper, especially in small volumes, than many competitors. For bond traders, or current Zions Bank customers, Zions Direct is a great place to start or continue trading. Others could probably find a more sophisticated platform and more relevant educational resources at another brokerage."

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Zions Direct Account

  • Stocks: $10.95 per transaction for stocks $1.00 and above. $29.95 + $0.01 per share for Stocks under $1.00
  • Options: $10.95 + $1.50 per contract
  • Mutual Funds: call Zions Direct at 1-800-524-8875

About Zions Direct Broker

Zions Direct is the broker-dealer subsidiary of Zions Bank, and they specialize in offering securities for self-directed and fixed-income product focused investors. Zions Direct clients invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, FDIC-insured certificates of deposit, and exchange-traded funds online, through a financial representative, or by bidding on our innovative auction platform.

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