ACATS fees for brokerage account transfer of stocks at Fidelity, Etrade, Webull, Robinhood, Charles Schwab, Tastytrade, Vanguard, and Wells Fargo.


How much do you have to pay for outgoing ACAT transfers in 2024? Do you pay more ACAT fees at your current broker than at another? If your broker is Merrill Edge, Vanguard, Fidelity, Ally Invest, Webull, Robinhood, or any other popular broker, your fees might be higher than you expect.

Learn how much ACAT fees are in 2024, and how to get ACAT reimbursement.

What Are ACAT Transfers?

The Automated Customer Account Transfers Service (ACAT/ACATS) transfer moves brokerage accounts, either completely or partially, from one broker to another. This type of transfer is set up to give you an easy option when it comes time to move to a new broker.

Instead of having to liquidate all the securities in your investment account just to reestablish your positions at a different broker, the ACAT transfer makes the entire process automatic, saving you time and money. The convenience comes at a cost, however, as you can see from the outgoing ACAT fees found at most brokers.

How Long Does ACAT Take?

The primary benefit to using the ACAT transfer is the simplicity that it offers. The ability to move an investment account in one transaction means that you will be up and running in the new account much sooner than you would otherwise. Many ACAT transfers take from 5-10 days to complete, which can be faster than selling, waiting for settlement, transferring funds out to a bank, and then transferring those same funds to the new brokerage account.

Can You Get an ACAT Fee Reimbursement?

While outgoing ACAT transfer fees are unavoidable in most cases, you should not let the ACAT fees stop you from enjoying the freedom that these types of transfers can provide. In fact, in many cases, the (new) broker that accepts your portfolio from another will often reimburse the fees that you had to pay. So, when all is said in done, ACAT transfers can be completely free.

One of the most notable brokers for ACAT fee reimbursement is Robinhood. When you move your account to Robinhood (must be at least $7,500), you can receive an ACAT fee reimbursement up to $150.

Robinhood ACAT Reimbursement Link

Open Robinhood Account

List of Brokerage ACAT Fees

Brokerage Firm Full Account Transfer Out Partial Account Transfer Out Account Closing Fee Account Transfer Offers/ New Account Offers Review
Ally Invest
4.5-star brokerage firm rating
$50 $50 $502 Open an Ally Invest account and get $0 stock trades. Review
Charles Schwab
4-star brokerage firm rating
$50 $0 $0 Satisfaction guarantee and $0-fee trades at from Charles Schwab. Review
3-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $35 $50 None Review
Etrade brokerage firm rating
$75 $25 $0 No commissions on stocks and ETFs. Review
Fidelity Investments
3-star brokerage firm rating
$0 $0 $0 None Review
4.5-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $55 $0 Get up to $250 ACAT rebate and $0 commission trades. Review
Interactive Brokers
4-star brokerage firm rating
$0 $0 $0 Get up to $1,000 in IBKR stock with this referral link! Review
JP Morgan Chase
3-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $75 $752 $0 equity commissions with J.P. Morgan account. Review
Lightspeed Trading
3-star brokerage firm rating
$95 $95 $952 None Review
M1 Finance
4.5-star brokerage firm rating
$100 $100 $1002 Make a $10,000 deposit and get a $250 cash bonus at M1 Finance. Review
Merrill Edge
3.5-star brokerage firm rating
$49.95 $0 $49.952 None Review
4-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $75 $0 Bonus of $20 of an asset of your choice with $1,000 deposit at Public. Review
4-star brokerage firm rating
$100 $0 $0 Up to $200 free stock + 1% IRA match + transfer fee refund at Robinhood. Review
Sofi Invest
3-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $75 $202 Open a Sofi account and get $0 stock trades. Review
Stash Invest
3-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $75 $0 $20 free stock when you open an account with this referral code. Review
3-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $50 $502 None Review
4-star brokerage firm rating
$75 $0 $602 Get $250 for each person you refer with this referral link. Review
3-star brokerage firm rating
$50 $0 $1302 None Review
3-star brokerage firm rating
$125 $125 $50 Get up to $3,500 for making a deposit at TradeStation. Review
3-star brokerage firm rating
$125 $125 $0 Trade stocks, ETFs and options commission-free. Review
Vanguard brokerage company rating
$100 $100 $100 None Review
Webull brokerage firm rating
$75 $0 $0 Grab your last chance to get up to 75 free stocks when you deposit at Webull! Review
WellsTrade brokerage firm rating
$49.95 $49.95 $49.952 None Review
4-star brokerage firm rating
$0 $0 $0 Get the lowest margin rates with Zackstrade account. Review

2 - IRA closing/termination fee.

3 - A $2,500 minimum equity balance must remain in the account; otherwise the $75 full transfer fee will apply.

4 - Transfer a security through the Direct Registration Service (DRS).

ACAT Overview

With the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (also known as ACAT or ACATS), it is possible to move cash and securities electronically from one investment firm to another. The great advantage of this system is that the securities don’t have to be liquidated, an event that could trigger consequences with the Internal Revenue Service in the case of a taxable account.

Because covering short positions or selling long positions can lead to unwanted tax consequences, the ACAT network provides a very useful service to investors who want to take their holdings to another brokerage firm without exiting positions. Thus, it’s possible to stay in the game and still switch brokers.

An ACAT transfer can also be used to transfer cash from one IRA to another, which circumvents the need to withdraw cash from one IRA and redeposit it into another (an event that could lead to more red tape from the IRS).

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Eligible Assets to be Moved

Generally speaking, both cash and securities can be transferred through the ACAT network. Securities are assets like stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds.

There can be certain securities that an investment firm won’t accept. For example, Interactive Brokers won’t accept transfers of some micro-cap stocks, although these securities are tradable at the firm. Webull doesn’t accept transfers of foreign stocks because it doesn’t offer trading in foreign stocks. These securities, micro-cap stocks and foreign securities, can be moved through the ACAT network if the incoming firm will accept them, however. Always be sure to check with the incoming investment firm to determine if it offers trading in a specific asset class and if it will accept certain positions. Eligibility of over-the-counter stocks varies by brokerage firm.

Fractional shares of mutual funds can be moved through the ACAT system, but fractional shares of stocks and ETFs cannot. These will need to be converted to cash.

In all cases, anything other than cash and securities cannot be sent through the ACAT network. Cryptocurrencies, forex, and futures contracts, for example, are off limits.

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Brokerage Participation

Most investment firms nowadays participate in the ACAT system, and this wide participation makes the electronic network that much more convenient. There are a few exceptions, however. Acorns, for instance, does not accept or receive ACAT transfers. Always be sure to verify a broker’s ACAT status before requesting a transfer into or out of the firm.

Requesting an ACAT Transfer

Thanks to modern technology, it’s quite easy to request an ACAT transfer from one securities firm to another. Most broker-dealers nowadays have user-friendly transfer tools on their websites, and some do on their mobile apps, too. Look for a transfer page, and there look for a link to transfer an account from an external firm.

An ACAT transfer request is always submitted to the receiving brokerage firm. Once it receives the request, it will notify the outgoing firm, and the two firms will work together to complete the transfer.

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Cost of an ACAT Transfer

In theory, there could be a fee assessed by the outgoing firm and another one by the incoming firm. But most investment firms nowadays don’t charge anything for an incoming transfer. Some do have a fee of some amount for an outgoing transfer. This fee can vary quite a bit from firm to firm, so be sure you know what it is before going through with a transfer.

In order to earn your business, some broker-dealers will actually reimburse other firms’ outgoing ACAT fees. There may be a minimum transfer amount in order to qualify, so again, do your homework before deciding on a transfer.

Duration of an ACAT Transfer

A normal ACAT transfer takes about 5 to 9 business days to complete from the time the request is submitted. The outgoing account will probably be shut down in 2 or 3 business days. Cash from the conversion of fractional shares may arrive a few days after whole shares of securities arrive. If any mistakes are made in the paperwork (which is usually digital nowadays), the time to completion could be more than 2 weeks.