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Fidelity Promotion For $100

Get $100 if you deposit at least $50 into your new account.

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What is the Fidelity $100 Cash Bonus Offer?

Fidelity Investments currently has a $100 cash bonus offer that sounds too good to be true on the surface. We dug into the details to determine if the offer is as good as it sounds. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the cash bonus offer.

Fidelity is giving customers a $100 cash bonus for opening a new eligible account and depositing a minimum of just $50 into the account. This offer is open to both new and existing customers. Everyone is eligible as long as you have not previously claimed a $100 cash bonus.

Fidelity promotion 2022

How Does the Fidelity Promotion for $100?

The first step is to visit the special link provided on this page to access the official Fidelity offer page. Once there, you will click the “get started” button to start the account opening process. During the account opening process, you have to be sure to use the code FIDELITY100 when prompted.

The second step is choosing one of the eligible account types which include a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Cash Management Account, or The Fidelity Account. A Cash Management Account is essentially Fidelity’s version of a bank account, and The Fidelity Account is a regular non-retirement brokerage account. You cannot participate in this promotion by using an existing account; you have to open a new account.

The third step is to fund your new account with $50 or more from a source outside of Fidelity. You cannot transfer funds from another Fidelity account for this offer. Fidelity gives you a window of 15 calendar days from when you register for the offer and open your new account in order to make your qualifying $50 deposit. You only have this 15-day window to make your qualifying deposit and any funds you bring in after the 15 days expire will not count towards the promotion.

The fourth step is waiting and collecting your $100 reward. Fidelity will automatically deposit the $100 cash bonus directly into your new account within 10 calendar days of your 15-day qualification window expiring. Once your 15-day qualification window expires, you do not need to maintain your initial $50 deposit in the account. However, you are required to maintain the $100 cash bonus in your new account for at least 90 calendar days from when you receive it. If you were to withdraw the $100 cash bonus within the 90-day waiting period, you would be subject to forfeiture of your bonus and Fidelity would debit your account the $100.

Other Important Details About the Bonus Offer

The $100 cash bonus is limited to one per individual. So, if you opened a joint account, you would only receive one $100 cash bonus for whoever the primary owner of the account is. The good news is the other owner could still open a new individual account or IRA for themselves and receive an additional $100.

Fidelity tracks the total deposits and total withdrawals during the 15-day qualification window. This means the total net deposit amount has to be at least $50. The bonus offer is not eligible for trust accounts, business accounts, or Fidelity managed accounts. Individuals who are Fidelity employees or non-US residents are not eligible for the offer.

Claim Your Fidelity Promotion Offer Now

In summary, Fidelity’s $100 cash bonus offer is absolutely as good as it sounds. You will not find many, if any, cash bonus offers from other brokers like this one where the cash bonus is such a relatively high amount for such a relatively low deposit requirement. You can follow the special link provided on this page to claim your offer now.

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Fidelity Promotions 2022

Get $100 if you deposit at least $50 into your new account.

Updated on 5/30/2022.


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