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TD Ameritrade Promotion

$0 stock/ETF trades + transfer fee refund.

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TD Ameritrade Incentive Overview

If you’re disappointed with your current broker over lack of offerings, fees, or customer service, you could transfer the entire account to TD Ameritrade and be done with it. And don’t worry about that ACATS fee for the transfer. TD Ameritrade will reimburse it. Read on for the details.

TD Ameritrade Promo: The Rebate

TD Ameritrade wants your business. No doubt about it. It wants it so bad that it will reimburse the cost of moving the account, up to $150. The old brokerage firm will probably charge you a transfer fee to try to dissuade you from moving the account to TD Ameritrade. But TD Ameritrade counters by reimbursing the fee.

Even better than the rebate is the fact that there is no minimum account value on this promotion. Just transfer an account of any size, and TD Ameritrade will refund the other broker’s ACATS fee.

Requesting a Refund

The process of actually getting the ACATS fee refunded is pretty simple. After your old account arrives at TD Ameritrade, you simply need to contact TD Ameritrade and ask for a refund. There is no promo code for this on-going special. The brokerage firm can be contacted in one of several ways:

Phone: 800-669-3900. Phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a Spanish line open fewer hours. The number is 888-376-4684. And then there’s Chinese service at 877-888-1238.

Fax: 866-468-6268. Obviously, this option runs around the clock.

Internal messaging: The TD Ameritrade website has a widget to send e-mails to customer service. This, too, is available all hours of the day and night. Hover over Client Services at the top of the site and click on Message Center.

Branch location: TD Ameritrade has many branch locations throughout the United States. The hours tend to be weekday hours only at most locations. An appointment is not generally needed, although the Covid pandemic has changed this policy at some locations. Because TD Ameritrade was recently purchased by Schwab, it is possible to obtain service on a TD Ameritrade account at some Schwab branch locations.

Online chat: TD Ameritrade’s website has an Artificial Intelligence named Ted. It can be accessed on the Contact Us page, which can be found by hovering over the Client Services tab in the top of the site. Although Ted himself won’t be able to accept a request for a transfer fee refund, it’s possible to contact a human rep through this live chat widget. Just type “human” in the chat field and an actual human associate will join the chat. Hours for this service may vary, and in all cases, it’s not available on the mobile app. The internal messaging widget is, though.

Proving the Amount

TD Ameritrade may request proof of the exact amount of the other brokerage firm’s ACATS fee. This typically is in the form of a recent account statement from the old brokerage house that shows the charge. Save a pdf of the account statement and be prepared to send it in to TD Ameritrade.

This can be done in several ways. Although phone and chat support won’t work here, the other contact channels mentioned above are possibilities. The internal messaging app on the website has a document attach feature that’s really easy to use. It accepts attachments in multiple formats, including pdf.

After submitting evidence of the charge, the amount of the refund will be credited to your new TD Ameritrade account in a few business days.

Moving an Account to TD Ameritrade

To move your old investment account to TD Ameritrade, there are just a few things you need to do.

First, you of course need to have a TD Ameritrade account. If you don’t have one yet, opening one is a snap. Just look for the green link to open a new account on the website. A new account can also be opened on the mobile app.

Second, you need to close out open orders in your old account and let all trades settle. You shouldn’t do any new trading in the old account while the transfer is occurring.

Third, any assets that TD Ameritrade doesn’t accept need to be eliminated somehow from the old account. You can either liquidate these positions or move them to a second account at the old brokerage firm and not move that second account. Alternatively, you could do a partial transfer of the old account and leave the holdings behind.

Assets that TD Ameritrade won’t accept include cryptocurrencies, foreign securities, and some over-the-counter instruments. TD Ameritrade doesn’t offer trading in the first two asset classes. It does offer trading in OTC securities, although some can’t be moved into a TD Ameritrade account. If you have any concerns about what you want to transfer, give TD Ameritrade a call.

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Fourth, your TD Ameritrade account needs to be fully prepared for the upcoming transfer. If you’re moving option contracts, make sure your TD account is approved for options trading. Don’t attempt to transfer any contracts that expire in less than 2 weeks. You can either close these positions out yourself or wait until they expire before proceeding with a transfer request.

If you plan to transfer a margin debit, make sure your Ameritrade account is a margin account.

Performing a Transfer

The actual transfer is quite easy. Just log into your TD Ameritrade to request the transfer. The broker’s website and mobile app both have the ACATS transfer request form.

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On the website, hover over the My Account tab in the top menu and select Account Transfer. Follow the prompts and supply all requested information about your old account. Submit the form and TD Ameritrade will contact the old broker. There’s nothing left for you to do.

On TD Ameritrade’s mobile app, the transfer request form will be found by going into the More menu at the bottom and selecting Transfer funds. Tap on the green New Transfer button. On the next page, select Account Transfer and follow the prompts.

Reasons to Choose TD Ameritrade over Your Current Broker

Besides getting a transfer fee rebate, there are other reasons to opt for TD Ameritrade over your current broker. These include 24/7 customer support, futures and forex trading, advanced software, and a pretty good selection of cash management features. An educational library is icing on the cake.

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TD Ameritrade Promotion for Singapore

TD Ameritrade accounts in Singapore are also eligible for transfer fee rebates. The numbers are slightly different, though.

TD Ameritrade Singapore requires a minimum deposit of USD$3,500 to qualify for a wire fee rebate. The maximum refund is USD$100.

TD Ameritrade Singapore does not offer trading in forex or mutual funds.

TD Ameritrade Bonus for New Account

$0 stock/ETF trades + transfer fee refund.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Updated on 4/7/2022.

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