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TD Ameritrade - Best Full-Service Brokerage Firm

4.5-star brokerage firm rating

TD Ameritrade has more than 450 branches located in 50 states across the United States for those who want more personal investment assistance. Offering investment education, guidance and support, TD Ameritrade's experts commit themselves to helping customers confidently take control of their financial life.

TD Ameritrade provides Amerivest Portfolios as an affordable hands-off approach for customers to have their investments managed. Portfolios are professionally managed with the specific set of financial goals and objectives in mind. Amerivest Portfolios are powered by MorningstarĀ® Associates. Their investment experts provide objective asset allocation and fund selection, and Amerivest provides ongoing rebalancing.

The service has asset-based pricing with no brokerage commissions and a low minimum investment requirement of $25,000.

Amerivest Portfolios offers a fee rebate offer. If client's portfolio experiences two consecutive quarters of negative performance (before advisory fees), Amerivest will automatically refund an advisory fee for both quarters. All customers who invest $25,000 or more into Amerivest Portfolios are qualified for the offer.

Opening an account is an easy process that will take you about 15 minutes. To fill out the online application and take advantage of TD Ameritrade's current promotional offer, follow their promotion link Open TD Ameritrade account and get $0 fee stock trades.

TD Ameritrade is a solid full-service brokerage company with a long history on the market. It is one of the five largest brokers in the country. TD Ameritrade as a discount broker offers the following prices: stocks cost $0 per transaction, options are $0.65 per contract and mutual funds are $49.99. The firm offers one of the industry's largest selections of mutual funds. In addition, it provides all ETFs commission-free. Investors can get foot in the door with no initial deposit.

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Etrade - Top Full-Service Broker

Etrade brokerage firm rating

Etrade offers personalized guidance and advice services based on a total account assets level. As an Etrade customer, you can always contact company's professional by phone or at local branches to help you create an investment plan and receive recommendations on investments according to your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Those clients who prefer their accounts being managed by investment professionals may choose between Etrade's two personalized financial services - Managed Investments Portfolios and Unified Managed Accounts. Both services have professionally selected diversified portfolios monitored and rebalanced by experts. Minimum balance is $25,000 and $150,000 for Managed Investments Portfolios and Unified Managed Accounts, respectively. Unlike Managed Portfolios, Managed Accounts offer a broader investment selection and provide access to professional money managers and tax efficiency. The Unified Managed Accounts have a low advisory fee based on amount of assets managed.

Etrade is a well-known investment company with services of a traditional and discount broker. Like TD Ameritrade, the company is among the five largest brokerages in the country. With a discount broker service, stocks cost $0 per transaction, options are $0.65 per contract and mutual funds are $19.99. Etrade requires a minimum investment of $500 and $0 to open a brokerage account and an IRA, respectively.

You can open an account by phone, visiting a branch, or filing out the application online. You can request a free copy of Etrade's Advice and Guidance brochure at Etrade's official website.

  • Investments: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Futures, Forex, Fixed Income.
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