Review of Kapitall brokerage firm. Fees & commissions, pros & cons, minimum requirements & promotion offers for opening a new online account or IRA with the discount stock broker.

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Kapitall Review - Pricing

Product Price
Stocks and ETFs $7.95
Stocks and ETFs broker assisted $30

Kapitall Account Pros

  • Only $500 to open brokerage account
  • Great integration with social media
  • Competition and gaming features that some customers will find appealing
  • Free virtual practice account is available
  • No inactivity or maintenance fees for non-IRA accounts

Kapitall Account Cons

  • New company with very risky idea
  • Bonds, mutual funds, and options are not offered
  • Non-intuitive website navigation
  • Not available on mobile devices
  • Margin accounts are not available

Opening Kapitall Account

Kapitall brokerage account can be opened for one person (individual account) or two persons (joint account). Each applicant must be a legal adult in the state in which they reside, and be a U.S. citizen or resident alien who resides in the U.S. Account owners must have a valid social security number and have a U.S. bank account that will be used for all money transfers to and from their brokerage account. There is no minimum deposit required to sign up for Kapitall's mock investment platform. If one wants to open a real brokerage account afterwards the minimum deposit is $500.

Kapitall Investing Review

Kapitall Trading Tools Review

Kapitall’s website aims to make investing a visual, fun, drag-and-drop experience through its unusual navigation called the Playground.

Kapitall Investing Review

Kapitall Investing Reviews

The Company Snapshot screen offers an instant overview of the stock's chart, analysts recommendations, performance and recent news.

Kapitall Review 2020

The screen for trading stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) was made to be as easy to understand as possible:

Kapitall Reviews

The Compar-o-matic screen allows to compare companies side-by-side using a wide range of criteria:

Kapitall Website

The Turbo Chart screen provides the chart of company's performance according to return, valuation, risk and more:

Kapitall Review Summary

Kapitall is a young, creative brokerage firm that offers its customers a unique approach to investing. Its "Playground" screen gives clients an opportunity to build portfolio using very visual, drag-and-drop interface. Kapitall is also one of the first, if not the first, investment websites to integrate social media so much that it is one of the main features of their design.

But there are some areas where Kapitall's interface is hurting them. For example, when clients navigate to the company's website main page - - they see very information. It's hard to even find the must-have "Fees/Pricing" page. Customers who want to learn what they will be charged at the company or what accounts they could open will need to use Google or contact firm's customer service.

Kapitall’s commission on stocks and ETFs is $7.95 per trade (not valid for IRAs, business, or trust accounts). Mutual funds and bonds investing as well as futures and options trading are not offered.

Kapitall offers practice account where customers could learn about investing before putting real money at risk. The new practice account is funded with $100,000 of virtual cash which could be "invested" the same way as the real cash.

Kapitall has been ranked the WORST broker in Barron's magazine annual broker survey in 2013 and 2014 (they chose not to get rated after that). They got very poor results in most categories (except Usability), with truly horrible scores in Trading Experience and Technology, Mobile, Ranges of Offerings, Portfolio Analysis and Reports, and Costs categories.

Overall, Kapitall seems too immature and "raw" to recommend it. If you want to play with their unorthodox interface than opening a practice account and playing with virtual cash is fine. For everyone else we suggest researching other brokerage firms.


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