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Review of WeBull investing app: brokerage fees and commissions, pros and cons, minimum requirements and promotion offer for opening a new online account or IRA with the discount stock broker.

Overview of Webull

Webull is one of the big $0 commission brokers in the United States. Before you open an account at any other low-cost firm, be sure to read this article.

Range of Investments

Webull Investments Rating

Webull clients get to trade equities, options, crypto-currencies, and exchange-traded funds. That’s it—at least for now. The brokerage house does not offer any OTC securities; but penny stocks priced above 1¢ are available. Webull now offers investing in fractional shares.

Retirement Accounts

Webull IRA Rating

The brokerage firm currently offers Traditional, ROTH, and Rollover IRA’s. All of these have $0 commissions, and $0 account fees.

Webull Margin Accounts

Webull Account Rating

Webull does offer margin accounts. Currently, margin rates are good: between 3.99% and 6.99%, depending on the amount borrowed. A really nice feature on its desktop platform (discussed up ahead) is margin rates posted for an entered ticker symbol. For most big stocks, initial is set at 50%, and maintenance is 25%. For short positions, maintenance is a higher 30%. In all cases, every stock will shows its requirements on the platform.

Webull Account Fees

Webull Fees Rating

As already mentioned, Webull charges nothing for stock, options, and ETF trades. There’s no point in mentioning commissions on mutual funds, because they’re not available.

There are no account fees at Webull. There’s no need to worry about annual, maintenance, inactivity, or low-balance charges. They simply don’t exist. An account can be opened with zero deposit. Occasionally, Webull offers one free share of stock for opening an account.

One unpleasant fee Webull has is a $75 ACAT transfer out fee. The broker also charges for incoming wires ($8 domestic and $12.50 international). Outgoing is even more expensive.


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Customer Support

Webull Customer Rating

The brokerage firm now posts a phone number on its website. The company also offers an e-mail address: customerservice@webull-us.com.

There are no branch locations, no online chat, and no self-help features on the website. There are answers to frequently-asked questions.

Trading Software

Webull Trading Rating

Webull provides a free desktop platform. The software delivers some great tools, and they keep adding tools all the time.

First up is charting. There are 8 graph styles (including OHLC bars, candles, and Heikin Ashi). Multiple comparisons can be made to stocks, ETF’s, and indexes. There are 14 technical indicators plus volume. We counted 10 drawing tools, and this number includes 3 Fibonacci tools (retracements, extensions, and time zones).

Webull Charting

In the default layout, a graph can be expanded almost the width of the monitor. There’s a column on the right-hand side that cannot be removed. But it’s possible to detach the graph into a separate window, and here it extends the width of the monitor.

In the right-hand column, there’s a lot of important information. An entered ticker symbol shows margin requirements for long and short positions with yellow and blue icons. Another icon verifies that real-time quotes are on.

The best way to place a trade is by right-clicking on a chart. This produces a drop-down menu with several selections, one of which is a trade ticket. Buy and sell buttons are displayed at the top, with order type underneath. The software delivers only market, limit, stop, and stop limit choices. Day and GTC are the only 2 duration options. What we did like was the incorporation of take-profit and stop-loss options.

Webull Simulator

The drop-down menu on a chart also presents the ability to add a stock to a watchlist or set up an alert. The watchlist delivers real-time data on any stock, ETF, closed-end fund, or index that is there.

A trade tab on the left-hand side creates a multi-order ticket system where multiple graphs sit near multiple order forms.

Webull Simulator

One of the best features on Webull’s desktop system is a simulator. At the bottom of the left-hand column, there is an icon with $ sign. Clicking on this generates a practice trading environment with many of the same tools as the live system. However, stop-loss and take-profit orders are missing, and a graph cannot be expanded full screen.

Important feature missing on Webull’s platform is direct-access routing.

Mobile Platform

Webull App Rating

Webull also does not disappoint in the mobile category. The first highlight is simulated trading once again, a rare feature at any brokerage firm. This is a great opportunity to practice.

Charting on the app delivers some exciting features not frequently found on mobile platforms. There are 8 graph styles available (same as the desktop system). We also found 25 technical indicators, such as exponential moving average and relative strength index. We were able to access twenty years of price data for some stocks. The smallest interval on a chart is one minute. A feature we really liked was the ability to display price action during extended hours. Comparisons are also possible.

Webull App Review

A watchlist can be created on the app; and in fact, a default one is included. Securities can easily be added or deleted. It’s possible to create more than one watchlist. Another useful tool is alerts. There are multiple types that can be established. We found volume, % change, and price.

Placing trades on the app is fairly straightforward. The order ticket has the same order types as its desktop cousin. Buying power, including a conversion to number of shares, is displayed on the ticket. One really nice feature is the ability to specify extended-hours trading. As with the desktop system, there is no direct access to specific market makers. Level II quotes are available for $1.99 per month.

Webull Mobile Review

Webull offers trading in option contracts, and its mobile app displays chains for calls and puts.

Promotions are oftentimes displayed on the app in the form of pop-up windows. We found offerings of free shares of stocks.

Webull Mobile Review

Extended Hours Trading

Webull Investments Rating

Webull customers can start trading stocks and funds before the market opens. The broker’s early-bird session starts at 4 o’clock in the morning, EST, and runs until the opening bell. When the market closes, Webull delivers another extended-hours period. This one closes at 8 pm. There are no surcharges for trading during these times.


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Day Trading

Webull Investments Rating

Webull’s commission schedule makes it a tempting alternative for day and swing traders. The desktop platform’s trade ticket can be used alongside a chart for quick order entry.

Financial Education and Security Research

Webull Investments Rating

Webull’s website has a help area with many answers to questions that new customers will have.

The mobile app and desktop program, though, offer much more. On the desktop, the right-hand column mentioned earlier offers analyst ratings (Citigroup has 28), analyst price targets ($67.61 for Citi), short interest, institutional holdings, ETF weighting, press releases, information from financial statements (in both numerical and graphical format), news articles, trading data, and the order ticket.

A stock screener (but not fund screener) makes an appearance on the platform as well. It is able to look for equities based on a host of criteria, including volume, % price change, market cap, dividend yield, technical events, and more.

A markets tab on the desktop system shows market data from the U.S., Hong Kong, and global markets. Actual trading of these securities is not possible.

Surprisingly, the mobile platform has a lot of research and learning tools. There is a community forum where customers can discuss trading at the firm. A tab for the U.K. shows indexes on the London market, a heat map of major movements in different industries, and the day’s biggest ETF and stock price changes.

An economic calendar shows which companies are scheduled to release earning in the coming week. Upcoming dividends, IPO’s, and economic data releases are shown as well.

A stock profile delivers a lot of helpful data, such as the day’s price range, news articles, whether a stock is marginable or shortable, support and resistance lines, EPS estimates, and more.

Webull Stock Prediction


Ally Invest also charges $0 for stock and ETF trades. Moreover, Ally Invest has a large selection of mutual funds, and these carry $9.95 trade fees.

While Ally Invest may seem like a much better pick, the broker has no desktop platform. This is its major weakness compared to Webull. But Ally Invest does have a website trading with a very good trade bar.

Public app has a simple browser platform with full-screen charting. It has about the same number of technical indicators as Webull’s platform. However, Public’s charts have no drawing tools and fewer graph styles. The broker also does not offer a trading platform.

Last, but not least, is M1 Finance. Stocks and ETF’s can be traded commission-free; although the broker only sends market orders at certain times of the day. This we consider a major drawback compared to Webull. M1 offers a debit card, which Webull doesn’t have.


For understandable reasons, we are not able to suggest Webull for fixed-income, or mutual fund investing.

Beginners will be well served here.

For stock and ETF trading, either on a desktop platform or mobile app, we do recommend Webull, especially for traders on a shoestring budget.

We once again propose Webull for traders who frequently use a mobile device. The brokerage firm has a very good one that has ample research materials.

WeBull Review Judgment

For zero commissions, traders at Webull get a lot. We judge the broker a hard to beat value for stock, options, and ETF traders.

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