2023: Can I buy Canadian stocks on Vanguard? Does Vanguard offer trading on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and NEO Exchange in Canada?

Can I Trade Canadian Stocks at Vanguard?

Did you know that you can trade foreign stocks through Vanguard? Using the broker’s equity screener, we were able to find many Canadian companies that trade on U.S. exchanges. Here are the details.

Finding Canadian Stocks at Vanguard

Vanguard’s stock screener unfortunately doesn’t offer the ability to scan the Canadian exchanges. It does, however, have an industry search function. Using this feature it’s possible to scan for precious metals companies, many of which are Canadian firms. You’ll need to know beforehand which enterprises are Canadian operations and which are not, because Vanguard’s screener won’t tell you. But the companies are there.

For example, we found Alamos Gold, Inc., a Canadian gold miner. According to Vanguard’s profile of the company, it engages in the exploration, development, mining and extraction of precious metals. It is headquartered in Toronto.

Technically, this is an American Depository Receipt trading on the NYSE. The ADR (ticker symbol AGI) closely follows the stock price on the Toronto Stock Exchange (also trading under AGI).

can i buy canadian stocks on vanguard

Marijuana Companies on Vanguard

We were also able to find medical marijuana companies operating out of Canada. Using the brokerage firm’s screener, we went to “General information” under “Add filters” and selected “Industry.” Under the industry menu, we selected “Pharmaceuticals: other.” When we did this, we got a lot of results, many of which were American firms. Sorting through this list, we were able to find some Canadian firms. These include The Cronos Group, Tilray, Aurora Cannabis, Inc., and Canopy Growth Corporation. Vanguard does not charge anything extra to buy or sell foreign companies on American exchanges.

The Cronos Group has an in-depth profile on Vanguard’s site. The average volume of the ADR is 10.8 million shares per day, which shows a lot of interest. Cronos’ market cap is $1.8 billion, and the most recent trade price is $10.21.

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While all of this sounds fine, its P/E ratio does not. It is a staggering -510.50, a very troubling sign. Despite its problem with earnings, the company has received positive reviews from analysts. CRON has one strong buy, one moderate buy, and two neutrals. Vanguard hosts a pdf report from MarketGrader on this security, which is one of the sell recommendations. MarketGrader had a hold rating on Cronos during 2023. In the category of growth, MarketGrader scores the company a B. For cash flow, Cronos gets a D, and for profitability, the company gets an F.

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Best Brokers For Canadian Stocks

Pointers for Trading Canadian Stocks at Vanguard

If you’re going to use Vanguard’s platform to buy and sell Canadian equities, we suggest starting with a search tool that has the ability to look exclusively for Canadian companies. We found one such search engine on Nasdaq’s website. It is able to filter by geographic region, which as we already saw, Vanguard’s screener is not able to do.

After doing your research with the Nasdaq screener, you can then take the ticker symbols from your research, plug them into Vanguard’s site, and continue your research there. When you’re ready to place a trade, click on “Trade this stock” in the right column.

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