Is Vanguard offered in Canada? Can I buy Canadian stocks? Does Vanguard offer trading on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and NEO Exchange in Canada?

Vanguard in Canada

If you want to open a Vanguard account in Canada, you are out of luck. Vanguard does not open accounts for the residents of Canada.

Alternative to Vanguard in Canada

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Can I Trade Canadian Stocks on Vanguard?

Yes, you can trade Canadian stocks that are listed on U.S. exchanges through Vanguard. Here’s how you can find them.

Finding Canadian Stocks at Vanguard

Vanguard's stock screener can't directly search Canadian exchanges, but you can still find Canadian companies. For instance, you can use its industry search feature to look for sectors like precious metals, which includes many Canadian companies. However, you'll need to know which companies are Canadian because the screener doesn't specify the country.

One example is Alamos Gold, Inc., a Canadian gold mining company based in Toronto. This company trades on the NYSE as an American Depository Receipt (ADR) under the ticker symbol AGI, mirroring its price movements on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

can i buy canadian stocks on vanguard

Marijuana Companies on Vanguard

You can also find Canadian medical marijuana companies on Vanguard by selecting the "Pharmaceuticals: other" industry under the filter options. While many U.S. companies will appear, you can also spot Canadian firms like The Cronos Group, Tilray, Aurora Cannabis, Inc., and Canopy Growth Corporation. Vanguard doesn't charge extra for trading these foreign companies on American exchanges.

The Cronos Group, for example, has a detailed profile on Vanguard. It trades actively with an average volume of 10.8 million shares a day and has a market cap of $1.8 billion.

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However, Cronos has a very high P/E ratio of -510.50, which could be a red flag. Despite this, some analysts have positive views on the stock, with ratings ranging from strong buy to neutral. Vanguard provides a pdf report from MarketGrader, which currently holds a neutral recommendation on Cronos.

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Pointers for Trading Canadian Stocks at Vanguard

If you're looking to focus exclusively on Canadian stocks, start with a tool that can filter by geographic region, like the search engine on Nasdaq’s website. Once you identify Canadian companies, use their ticker symbols to research and trade on Vanguard’s site by clicking “Trade this stock.”

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Updated on 4/25/2024.

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