Best WeBull mutual funds with top performance in 2023: Index funds, Target Retirement, US\International Small\Mid\Large cap funds.

Mutual Funds on WeBull

Webull is succeeding in capturing some of the growing market in the low-cost brokerage space. They offer commission-free trading, and Webull accounts are free of maintenance fees and any required minimums.

If you are looking to trade mutual funds, however, you will be disappointed to learn that Webull doesn’t offer mutual funds.

This article will cover an attractive alternative that gives you access to 10,000+ mutual funds free of charge.

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Firstrade as an Alternative to Webull

Firstrade offers a screener and profile pages for mutual funds. The broker takes information from the best mutual funds rating agency - Morningstar - and places it on each fund's profile page. Fund profiles have the same look as you would find at Morningstar.

Using Firstrade's mutual fund screener, we found 10,340 products that were open to new investors. There are mutual funds their from all major mutual funds families, including Vanguard, Fidelity, and Schwab. All most popular mutual funds are provided.

All mutual funds at Firstrade are FREE to buy and sell.

Webull Mutual Funds

ETFs on Firstrade

The broker-dealer hit a home run in the ETF section. It now offers ALL exchange-traded funds commission-free. It does not get any better.

Some of the ETF's are index funds. There are quite a few following each major index.

Firstrade Review - ETFs

Firstrade's ETF screener has the same layout as the mutual fund screener.

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Investment Education and Research

If you need to brush up on investment strategies or general financial education, the Firstrade website has some short articles and videos that can help you make more informed trading decisions. There are materials on stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, and mutual funds. Some of these are rather short, which subtracts one star.


We were especially impressed with the information available on options. We were able to download a pdf book from The Options Industry Council that covered all the basics of derivative trading. There is also a very helpful search tool called Options Wizard on the Firstrade site. This provides bearish and bullish options trading ideas. It also suggests specific trades for an entered ticker symbol.


If you need to learn more about trading on margin, there's an extensive section that discusses several important aspects of using loans. A detailed glossary has many definitions of investment terms.

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Updated on 11/17/2022.


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