The online investing industry offers a lot of options for both new and experienced investors. There is a company now for every trading style and investing strategy. Each broker provides a selection of investment products, a suite of tools and services, and sometimes even a few pricing plans. Below you will find the list of the 20+ best investment companies, their cost and reviews.

Brokerage Firm Rating Stock & ETF Option Mutual Fund Min To Open Review
Charles Schwab Charles Schwab rating $0 $0.65 $49.95 $0 Review
Fidelity Fidelity Investments rating $0 $0.65 $49.95 $0 Review
Firstrade rating $0 $0 n/a $0 Review
Firstrade Firstrade rating $0 $0 $0 $0 Review
WeBull Webull Rating $0 $0 n/a $0 Review
Etrade Etrade brokerage firm rating $0 $0.65 $0 $0 Review
M1 Finance $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
Tastytrade tastytrade rating $0 $0.50 n/a $0 Review
3.5-star brokerage firm rating $0 $0.65 $19.99 $0 Review
IB Interactive Brokers rating $0 $0.70 $14.95 $0 Review
Vanguard brokerage company rating $0 $1 $20 $1,000 Review
3-star brokerage firm rating $0 $0.65 $0 $0 Review
TradeStation TradeStation rating $0 $0.50 $14.95 $5,000 Review
Sofi Sofi Invest Rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
WellsTrade brokerage firm rating $0 $0.75 $35 $0 Review
moomoo rating $0 $0 n/a $0 Review
Stash Rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
Public brokerage rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
$0 $0 $0 $0 Review
Cash App Cash App Investing Rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
Tradezero $0 $0.79 n/a $2,500 Review
StockPile $0.99 n/a n/a $0 Review

Best brokerage firms
in various categories compared over 20 online investment companies. Here are our picks in the following categories:

Best Investment Companies

There are many online brokerage firms on the market trying to lure investors with their pricing, promotions, product choices, and trading tools. Below, we will briefly describe some of the best investment companies in 2024.

Firstrade Review Firstrade caters to the Chinese-speaking world. As such, it offers customer service in Chinese both over the phone and on its website. The brokerage house accepts account applications from all major Chinese-speaking countries plus several others.

For actual trading, Firstrade offers the standard fare of securities with zero commissions. This policy applies to over 16,000 mutual funds. There are also no fees on option trades of any kind, with the sole exception of exchange and regulatory fees. The company recently rolled out cryptocurrency trading (with a 1% markup/markdown on trades).

Promotion: Get up to $250 ACAT rebate and $0 commission trades.

Review: Firstrade review.

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Charles Schwab Review Charles Schwab has been a leader in the online discount brokerage industry for many years and continues to be so today. No wonder, with a large selection of account types, investment-advisory services, cash management tools, and so much more.

Besides the traditional lineup of US-listed securities, Schwab also offers access to foreign stocks trading on multiple international exchanges. On top of this great program, Schwab has a lot of hard-to-find services, including branch locations, small business 401(k) plans, and wealth management.

Promotion: Satisfaction guarantee and $0-fee trades at Charles Schwab.

Review: Charles Schwab review.

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Fidelity Investments Review Fidelity Investments. A large cornucopia of financial services will be found at Fidelity Investments. The brokerage firm offers annuities, health savings accounts, self-directed and advisory accounts (the latter in both robo and human formats), life insurance, direct indexing, 529 college savings plans, and more.

Fidelity is one of the most famous fund managers in the world, with over 300 mutual funds to choose from and more than 50 exchange-traded funds. Other investment products available with a Fidelity account include options, stocks, bonds, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Promotion: Open a Fidelity account and get $0 stock trades.

Review: Fidelity review.

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M1 Finance. If you want to be your own fund manager, M1 Finance is the place to be. The brokerage firm offers trading in Pies, which are customer-built baskets of securities that have no management fees. It’s also possible to invest in Pies created by M1 Finance itself.

M1 has gradually launched more programs than just Pie investing. It now has debit and credit cards, a unique margin service, retirement accounts, and cryptocurrency trading. A Plus membership with the company delivers the best service, although it does cost $3 per month.

Promotion: Make a $10,000 deposit and get a $250 cash bonus at M1 Finance.

Review: M1 review.

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Interactive Brokers Review Interactive Brokers. The broker of choice for professional-level traders is Interactive Brokers. Not only does the company have some really good software in Trader Workstation, it also offers one of the largest ranges of tradable assets in its extensive list of international exchanges.

In addition to the large selection of global exchanges, Interactive Brokers also offers a wide selection of tradable instruments not always found elsewhere (such as forex and precious metals). Institutional traders and other professionals can open accounts, another rare service.

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Review: Interactive Brokers review.

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Tastytrade Tastytrade. Futures and options trading is what Tastytrade is all about, although it does offer stocks, cryptos, and ETFs, too. It does this with $0 commissions on equities. Options have no fees on the closing side, while digital currencies have a 1% commission (with a $10 cap).

Tastytrade’s software platforms deliver free access to tastytrade, the company’s educational library. Live streaming of market commentary is available during the weekday. In addition to this resource, Tastytrade is one of the few brokerage firms today to offer portfolio margin and international accounts (some countries are ineligible).

Promotion: Get $250 for each person you refer with this referral link.

Review: Tastytrade review.

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Etrade Review E*Trade. Despite the name, E*Trade offers more than just trading services. It also operates an FDIC-insured bank with both checking and savings accounts. The latter have a really good APY right now, while the former come with checkwriting and a debit card.

The investment side of the business comes with both managed and self-directed accounts, and these can be opened in multiple formats, including custodial, IRA, and fully taxable. Many asset classes can be traded, and the broker delivers some really good software, including Power and Pro platforms.

Promotion: No commissions on stocks and ETFs.

Review: E*Trade review.

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Webull. Securities traders will find much to like about Webull, particularly what it offers outside of securities trading: cryptocurrencies. Both products can be traded on the broker’s mobile app, browser platform, or desktop program, all of which are on a very high level. Fractional-share and fractional-coin trading are both standard now.

Options traders will really like zero per-contract fees and no exercise or assignment fees, either. Equity traders will enjoy the broker’s extensive security research tools, some of which are in graphical format. A recent addition of OTC stocks rounds out an already satisfactory picture.

Promotion: Grab your last chance to get up to 75 free stocks when you deposit at Webull!

Review: Webull review.

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The top brokerage firms provide a wide array of investment options for investors and traders. Equity, options, futures, forex, and fixed income investing have become cheaper, more efficient, and in real-time.

Learning and understanding what are the most important criteria for you as an investor, can help you select the very best investment company for your personal needs.