Can I invest or trade any stock or ETF on Ally Invest (NASDAQ, NYSE, Ping Sheets, OTC BB, grey stock market, Vanguard/Fidelity ETFs)?

Stocks and ETFs Available on Ally Invest

Ally Invest may not be one of the most popular brokers out there, but we were impressed with the variety of investment types they support on their platform, including stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, and fixed income. This article will take a look specifically at Ally’s selection of ETFs and stocks.


Ally has a robust selection of 2,000+ ETFs you can trade from a variety of fund families, including Vanguard and Fidelity. They cover both equities and fixed income, as well as diversified, multi-asset class strategies. Not to mention, Ally also offers 550+ commission-free ETFs from popular brands such as Wisdom Tree and iShares. Regardless of which type of ETF you’re looking to add to your portfolio, Ally makes it easy to find with its robust ETF screener that lets you filter by asset class, fund family, Morningstar group, expense ratio, AUM, performance, as well as risk metrics such as beta and Sharpe Ratio.

Ally Invest ETFs

You are bound to be able to find an ETF that suits your needs, whether it’s a core strategy, such as a global equities ETF or generic emerging markets ETF, or if you are looking for a more targeted exposure, such as California municipal debt or agriculture commodities. Ally’s screener can show you the available ETFs within your desired strategy, and then you can use the ETF’s other attributes (i.e. expenses, AUM, historical performance, risk, etc.) to compare and contrast the available choices.


While ETFs and mutual funds often form the core of most portfolios because of their strong diversification benefits, many investors also choose to add individual companies’ stocks to their portfolios. Some investors might add names that they’ve heard about from friends or companies of which they are faithful customers, and many investors will conduct their own fundamental research on individual stocks to invest in. Adding individual stocks to your portfolio can help you generate alpha that wouldn’t be possible with purely passive ETF investing.

How to Buy Stock on Ally Invest

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NYSE and NASDAQ Stocks

Ally offers a wide selection of U.S. stocks to choose from, including those listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, the so-called “big boards”, as well as penny stocks that are typically listed on the OTC and Pink Sheets. There are almost 3,000 public companies with stock listed on the NYSE, which are high quality firms that range from large, established, dividend-paying companies to smaller, yet very promising high growth companies. The NASDAQ boasts stock from more than 3,000 public companies. While also reputable firms that follow SEC reporting requirements, companies listed on the NASDAQ tend to be smaller and more growth-oriented, such as those in the biotech and general technology industries.

OTC and Pink Sheets Stocks

A nice thing about Ally is they also give you access to penny stocks on the OTC and Pink Sheets. These companies are generally early stage, smaller companies, often without consistent revenues, and therefore notably riskier than investments than companies trading on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Penny stocks also don’t need to comply with the same strict reporting requirements as NYSE and NASDAQ stocks, so these investments should warrant added caution and due diligence.


Lastly, Ally also lets you trade a large selection of American Depository Receipts (ADRs), which are U.S.-listings of publicly traded companies that have their primary stock listing in a foreign exchange. The ADR provides an easy way for American investors to invest in a foreign company without needing to open a broker account in that country and potentially deal with FX conversions. Many large foreign companies choose to list ADRs in the U.S. to give them greater access to a larger pool of investors.

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