Can I invest in any stock on Firstrade, Robinhood and WeBull? NASDAQ, NYSE, Ping Sheets, OTC BB, grey stock market.


You’ve probably heard that Robinhood, Firstrade, and Webull all offer commission-free trading, and now you’re wondering what stocks are offered through their platform. It’s true that generally speaking the low-cost brokers offer fewer securities on their platforms than some of the more established brokers that charge commissions, but most traders will still find the selection available on these apps to be sufficient for their portfolio. This article will go over what stocks you can trade (and can’t trade) on Robinhood, Firstrade, and Webull.

Can I Buy All Stocks on Robinhood?

Besides cryptocurrencies, Robinhood supports trading in stocks and ETFs listed on the major U.S. exchanges (i.e. NYSE and NASDAQ) and their corresponding options contracts as well as ADRs (American Depository Receipts) for around 250 large foreign-listed public companies. Shares in an ADR represent ownership in a foreign company listed on another country’s stock exchange but the ADR is technically an American security that trades on a U.S. exchange. Robinhood currently doesn’t let you trade stocks listed on the U.S. OTC (Over the Counter) exchange or preferred stocks.

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Can I Buy All Stocks on Firstrade?

Firstrade has a leg up on Robinhood in terms of stock selection. Just like Robinhood, they offer trading in all U.S. stocks, ETFs, and ADRs (and their corresponding options) listed on the major U.S. exchanges, but they also offer a lot more. Firstrade lets you trade microcap stocks listed on the OTC and Pink Sheets – these are generally stocks trading for less than a dollar a share that don’t need to follow the same strict regulatory requirements as those on the larger exchanges. We find this commendable for a broker that doesn’t charge any commissions to offer penny stocks. Firstrade also has a much larger selection of ETFs (2,000+) than Robinhood and offers other investments that Robinhood doesn’t, such as mutual funds and bonds.

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Can I Buy All Stocks on Webull?

Next up we’ll go over what stocks you can currently trade on Webull’s platform. Out of the three free brokers we covered in this article, Webull offers the smallest selection of stocks. They allow you to trade over 5,000 U.S. stocks and ETFs listed on the major exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ), but that’s it. Stocks trading on the OTC and Pink Sheets are off-limits, as well as options, mutual funds, preferred stock, and bonds. We find it hard to believe that Webull will be able to be a competitive player in the brokerage space in the future without offering a broader scope of investments, so perhaps they have plans to eventually add more securities.

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If we had to rank these three brokers based on how robust their investment offerings are, it would be Firstrade, Robinhood, and Webull from best to worst. Firstrade offers almost the full suite of securities you’d expect from the larger brokers that charge commissions, like Ameritrade. And although it seems Robinhood is more of a household name right now, at least among millennials, Firstrade definitely offers the best selection of securities to build a complete, diversified portfolio with $0 commissions.


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