Interactive Brokers Fractional Shares

Interactive Brokers: Trading Fractional Shares (2022)

Does Interactive Brokers offer buying partial (fractional) shares of high value stocks such as Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOG), or Facebook (FB)?

Fractional Shares at Interactive Brokers

Gone forever are the days of buying 100 shares of a stock or even 3 shares. Today, it’s possible to trade a fraction of one share by investing a whole-dollar amount. Interactive Brokers is one investment firm that offers this really convenient service. Here are the details:

Available Securities

Interactive Brokers customers can trade partial shares in any stock, ETF, or closed-end fund that’s listed on the major American exchanges. Additionally, over-the-counter stocks listed on the pink sheets that have average daily volume of at least $10 million and market capitalizations higher than $400 million are eligible.

This is a very generous offering as some brokerage firms that advertise partial shares only have a short list of available securities.


There are no special fees or surcharges on fractional-share trades. So IBKR Lite customers will pay nothing, while IBKR Pro clients will pay small commissions on a fixed or tiered schedule.

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How to Enable Fractional Shares on IBKR

You may need to enable fractional shares in your IBKR account. To do this, log into the client portal and go into Settings. Then select Account Settings, and then click on Trading Experience & Permissions. Next, check the box for United States (Trade in Fractions).

How to Buy Partial Shares on the Client Portal

To trade in whole dollars on the client portal, just click on the Trade button located in the top-right of a security’s profile. You’ll get an order form with two options: Shares and USD. For whole-dollar investing, click on USD. In the quantity field, you’ll enter the quantity of dollars. The minimum order size is $1. The approximate share amount will be displayed on the order ticket. IB permits trading in fractions out to 4 decimal places (ten thousandths of a share).

IBKR Partial Shares

How to Buy Stock Slice on Trader Workstation

To trade partial shares on IB’s desktop platform, you need to follow a similar procedure. On the order ticket, you will select buy or sell, and then enter the quantity. A pop-up window will give you the same two options: Shares and USD.

Be aware that IB’s desktop software doesn’t offer this capability in demo mode.


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How to Buy Fractional Shares on the Mobile App

Finally, it’s possible to buy and sell fractional shares using Interactive Brokers’ very good mobile app. Unlike Trader Workstation, the mobile app permits whole-dollar investing in simulated mode. The procedure for order entry is the same as described above.

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