Does Webull offer trading/investing in partial (fractional) shares of high value stocks such as Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOG), or Facebook (FB)?

Webull Partial Shares Investing

Do you want to invest in partial shares at Webull in 2024? Are you looking to build a diverse portfolio with the most valuable stocks and ETFs listed on the U.S. stock exchange for as little as $5 per share? Invest in names like Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, NVR Inc., and Alphabet Inc., with any account size today. Keep reading to learn more about Webull fractional shares investing.

What Is Partial Shares Investing

Partial shares investing is a relatively new way to view portfolio building, and stock/ETF investments in general. Instead of following the traditional path of buying whole shares of the securities that you are interested in, you can now select any stock that you want. It doesn’t matter if each share is hundreds of thousands of dollars (i.e., Berkshire Hathaway), thousands, or even hundreds of dollars. If you believe in the company behind the ticker, you can now buy the stocks at any dollar amount you choose.

Essentially, you are buying pieces, or slices as they are sometimes called, of stocks listed on the U.S. stock exchanges. Webull sells you fractions of your favorite stocks to help you build the portfolio that meets your goals and expectations.

Webull’s Fractional Shares Investing

While a few brokers now offer some form of fractional shares, Webull’s take on fractional share investing is a bit different.

One of the main differences is that investors can only buy fractions of stocks and ETFs when setting up partial share orders. Any order that you set up for partial shares that has a dollar amount larger than the ‘current’ market price will not be sent.

Webull Partial Share Order Entry Fail

For example, if ticker XYZ is currently selling for $175 per share, it is possible to set up a partial share order for any dollar amount between $5-$174.99. As soon as your order amount exceeds the $175 mark, it is counted as a normal market order and will actuate in whole shares only.

Webull Partial Share Order Entry

Following the same example, if you wanted to buy 1.5 shares of stock XYZ, you would first need to buy a single share. Then, you would need to place a fractional share market order for $87.5. The resulting position would 1.5 shares, but it would take you two orders to get there.

Another important thing to note when it comes to Webull partial share investing, is that fractional shares are currently only available on the mobile app.

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Webull Fractional Shares Minimums

As mentioned, there are a few partial share minimums to keep in mind when buying or selling fractional shares on Webull.

These are a $5 minimum on partial share trades and/or a 0.00001 share minimum.

In general, you would never need to worry about the share minimum as most stocks are not valuable enough to allow a trade set to 0.00001 shares. To illustrate, let’s consider Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), the most expensive stock in the U.S. If BRK.A is trading at half a million dollars, the share minimum would match the $5 minimum. For any stock priced lower than $500,000, you’d need to place an order well above the 0.00001 minimum.

Which Securities Are Available for Partial Share Investing

Webull offers fractional share investing on most of its stocks and ETFs. The easiest way to see if a security can be traded in partial shares, look for the blue diamond icon next to the ticker symbol.

Keep in mind, however, that the blue diamond icon can only be viewed on the mobile app. The reason behind that is a simple one: fractional shares can only be traded on the mobile app at this time. According to Webull, the broker is looking at options to add more fractional share functionality to its other trading platforms. For now, though, you will need to access partial shares on the mobile platform.

So, now you know how to find and trade partial shares on Webull. Let’s cover a few of the finer points in more detail.

Webull Stock Slice

Webull Fractional Share Order

Day Trading Fractional Shares on Webull

A popular question that investors at Webull have is how to day trade partial shares. It is certainly possible, but here are some key points to consider.

Factional share trading falls under the same rules that all other stocks abide by. So, any trading account with less than $25,000 in it can only make 3 round-trip trades per rolling 5-(trading)day period. For fractional shares, that presents a bit of an issue. Unless you are trading fractions of very expensive stocks, 3 day trades in a week may not produce the types of profits day traders usually look for.

That said, if your account meets the $25,000 threshold, you can certainly day trade partial shares just as you would any other stock. Just keep in mind the fact that you can only do it on mobile, and you can not buy more than 99% of one share when trading fractional shares on Webull.

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Short Selling Partial Shares

Short selling partial shares is not currently available at Webull and at other brokers.

Partial Shares and Extended Hours Trading

At this time, partial shares can only be bought and sold during regular market hours. While it seems like Webull may offer extended hour trading for fractional shares at some point in the future, there is no indication as to when that might take place. For any partial share investing that you plan to do on Webull, it will have to be when the markets are open for general trading.

Webull Fractional Shares

Can I Buy These Popular Stocks on Webull?

So you’ve just opened your Webull account and what to know what are some of the more popular companies that people are investing in right now and more importantly if you can trade them with your account. The good news is that Webull supports trading in all of the most popular US-listed stocks today, like Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, in addition to hundreds of thousands of less popular and well-known securities. This article will offer an overview of some of the more popular stocks that investors are trading on Webull.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock on Webull

Tesla is a popular investment among those who follow companies pioneering new cutting edge technologies. Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles as well as the energy storage systems they rely on. Many investors have taken notice of the lofty valuation Tesla has received ($50billion) given their low earnings so far. The generous valuation implies that many Tesla investors expect electric cars to be the direction of the automotive industry’s future and they see Tesla leading the charge.

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Apple (AAPL) Stock on Webull

The first US-listed stock to reach a market cap of $1 trillion, Apple is a household name among the investing community and around the world. Although they started out competing with Microsoft making computers, Apple’s eventual claim to fame was pioneering the smartphone and turning it into a necessity in people’s daily lives. Perhaps one of the reasons AAPL is one of the most popular stocks among investors is because it’s had very strong returns for a while now, returning more than 25% so far in 2024 and more than doubling over the last three years.

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Facebook (FB) Stock on Webull

Facebook, another household name (especially among millennials), is another stock that is very popular with investors. The globally-adopted social network had its well-publicized market debut back in 2012 at $42 a share, and since then the stock has more than quadrupled. A good part of the stock’s strong performance could be attributed to Facebook’s consistent earnings growth. For a young company which many initially doubted would ever turn profitable, Facebook grew its earnings by multiples since its IPO.

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Amazon (AMZN) Stock on Webull

Another popular company that dominates the online shopping world is Amazon. They’ve made shopping for everything from clothes to food to household appliances easier than ever while also making it very affordable with perks such as free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Amazon for a while had razor thin margins, causing many to wonder how profitable they could become. Fast-forward to the year 2024 and judging from the stock’s performance over the past 10 years, we can see that Amazon has achieved respectable profit margins for its industry.

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Netflix (NFLX) Stock on Webull

Netflix streaming and DVD rental service has become increasingly popular over the last several years. Although their monthly subscription cost has creeped higher recently, it is still a relatively good deal for access to hundreds of movies, documentaries, and TV shows, including both Netflix originals and content from third-party providers. Investors have been very pleased with Netflix’s growing popularity among both American and international households, as evidenced by the company’s earnings growth and subsequent stock performance.

Microsoft (MSFT) Stock on Webull

Founded by Bill Gates and one of Apple’s original competitors when it started out in the computer business, Microsoft is another popular name among investors, commanding a market cap of close to $1trillion. While Apple eventually found their niche in the smartphone industry, Microsoft dominated the personal computer space. Microsoft’s stock has gone up more than 500% over the last ten years, earning them a spot among the most popular stocks right now.

Starbucks (SBUX) Stock on Webull

Our next popular stock takes us out of tech and into the business of restaurants. With locations in more than 75 countries, Starbucks has quickly become a global coffee chain serving up both traditional and high-priced specialty coffees. They’ve also diversified their profit streams by selling their pre-made coffee beverages in stores. As long as many people still require their morning coffee to function, we think it’s a safe bet that Starbucks will continue to increase in value.

Alphabet aka Google (GOOG) Stock on Webull

Alphabet, better known as Google’s parent company, is another popular name in the investing community. Starting out as the world’s most popular search engine provider, Google has expanded its offerings into related internet services to include Youtube’s video sharing and internet browsing via Chrome. While not quite as impressive as the returns of some of the other stocks we’ve covered in this article, Google’s stock still managed to double in value over the last five years, certainly contributing to its popularity today among investors.

Alibaba (BABA) Stock on Webull

Perhaps best described as China’s version of Amazon, Alibaba is a leader in online and mobile shopping in China and to a lesser extent internationally. Its businesses include core commerce, cloud computing, mobile media and entertainment, and other innovative initiatives. Their IPO on the NYSE was back in 2014 for $92 a share, and since then the stock has doubled. If you like the idea of investing in Amazon but wish you had thought of it years ago, investing in Alibaba might be an attractive idea for you as they are valued half of what Amazon is and may see higher growth as China’s middle class continues to expand.

Square (SQ) Stock on Webull

Square is the last “popular stock” we’ll cover in this article. Square is a $25billion newer tech firm that helps businesses and sellers to grow their business by enabling them to easily receive credit card payments. Square recently had its IPO back in 2016 and since then the stock has more than quadrupled, due in part to steadily increasing earnings. Its stock’s impressive performance explains why it’s a popular investment despite its smaller market cap when compared to some of the other tech giants.


The ten stocks we’ve briefly discussed here are among the most popular holdings in investors’ accounts today, both at Webull and other brokers. Most of them have seen impressive sales growth over the years or, like Tesla, are pioneers in potentially transforming an industry. These are reasons why stock prices can surge and literally increase in multiples in just a few years, and their popularity probably increases even more and feeds off the publicity of these spectacular returns. We don’t advocate chasing stocks, but these ten companies are included in many peoples’ portfolios because of their notable successes.

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