How to buy silver and gold on Webull. Beginner investing in gold bars, coins, stocks, ETF's, and mutual funds on Webull.

Trading Gold and Silver at Webull

Although Webull doesn’t (yet) offer trading in some asset classes, there are a few ways to tap into the precious metals market. Gold and silver bets can be made if you follow our instructions.

Mining Companies

Webull clients have access to the major U.S. equity exchanges. The broker-dealer has a stock screener that is able to look on these exchanges for gold mining stocks. We found some of these securities by selecting “Mineral Resources” as the sector. It’s also possible to input a ticker symbol or company name in the search field (in the upper-left portion of the platform) if you already know of an investment you’re interested in.

Webull Buy Gold

A gold mining stock we found on Webull’s platform is Newmont Goldcorp. Trading under symbol NEM, we found a lot of important data on the security. Webull reports a quarterly dividend of $0.56 and a market cap of almost $17 billion. Although Webull does not provide free stock reports from independent analysts, it does show analyst trade recommendations. NEM was rated an overall buy on the day we did our research, with opinions varying between hold and strong buy. The price target was $47.10, well above the current price of $41.29.

Besides traditional stocks, Webull also offers American Depository Receipts. This is a very good thing because many gold mining stocks are ADR’s. One such ADR that we found in the search results using Webull’s screener is SSR Mining, Inc. The company is based in Canada and focuses on gold and silver exploration.

Another way to trade the precious metals market is to buy and sell option contracts on mining stocks and ADR’s. Unfortunately, Webull does not currently offer trading in derivatives; but it promises to launch the service soon.


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Gold and Silver Funds

In addition to all the stocks and ADR’s that are connected one way or another to silver and gold, there are also precious metals ETF’s that trade on U.S. exchanges. Every one of them is available at Webull. We were disappointed to discover that Webull’s screener doesn’t have the ability to look for ETF’s. But if you have a ticker symbol, you can enter it on the platform and do some research to help you make a trading decision.

The Invesco DB Precious Metals Fund (with ticker symbol DBP) invests in gold and silver futures contracts. There are no stocks or bonds in the portfolio, nor is there any bullion in the fund. DBP would be a good way to tap into the precious metals futures markets at Webull, although the security is not shortable on the broker’s platform.


Tastyworks customers can buy and sell futures contracts and options on those futures. This service creates more investing opportunities than Webull offers. Contracts are $1.25 each per side (buy or sell).


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