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M1 Finance IPO Stocks

Investing in IPO stocks on M1 Finance. Can you buy IPOs on M1 Finance before they hit the market?

IPO Access at M1 Finance

M1 Finance does not offer a way to invest in upcoming IPOs before they hit the market.

M1 Finance's customers who want to get access to IPOs will find that a broker called Webull provides unmatched access to initial public offerings for regular investors.

Webull offers an ability to place bids on upcoming IPOs from a feature called IPO Center. All IPO stocks that are coming to the market or already started to trade on exchanges will be listed there.

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M1 Finance Overview

M1 Finance is a brokerage company based around the concept of auto-balancing portfolios created by users in an easy to use “pie” interface. Users choose from any number and combination of the stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds available on M1 Finance in order to create their perfect portfolio.

M1 Investing Fees and Pricing

So how is this different from creating any other portfolio? M1 Investing allows users to snap up fractional shares of any securities in their chosen portfolio which means $100 can buy you shares of nearly any number of securities and there’s no minimum account balance. Users also avoid any commissions on sales and purchases because M1 Finance charges nothing. Yes, your money is managed and invested absolutely free.

M1 Finance IPO Eligibility

Investing With M1 Brokerage

M1 Finance offers regular brokerage accounts as well as Roth and Traditional IRAs. Users can trade during one set trading window per day by editing the contents of their pies and electing for a “rebalance” through the interface system. Inside of each account, users can create an infinite number of pies and sub-pies to create their perfect portfolio or select from premade pies such as index trackers, or hedge fund replicators like Berkshire Hathaway.

Unfortunately, users must create an account before being able to view and access the M1 Investing dashboard but there’s no requirement to fund the account after creation so it’s a low-consequence way to check out the system and see if it’s a fit for your tastes. In order to fund the account users can set up recurring or one-time payments on a highly flexible scale from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly. Once M1 Finance has more than $5 in available cash, either from funding or dividend yields, it will automatically rebalance the portfolio to the user’s specified proportions.

Why is M1 Finance a great option for hassle-free portfolio creation? Fractional trading means you can virtually infinitely diversify even a small amount of capital. Lack of commissions means that you can add, remove, and rebalance securities daily without incurring fees which would otherwise jeopardize any profits you might otherwise be able to make. By selecting the securities you want, setting the fractional proportion of your portfolio, and then letting M1 Investing automate the rest, users can create a highly tailored and automated investing experience unique to you.

A great new feature the company recently introduced is an ability to borrow up to 35% of margin account value at the extremely low rate of just 4.00% APR.

M1 IPO Access

Website and Mobile Investing

M1 Finance stands above the crowd with a simple, yet robust and functional interface. The dashboard is clean and concise offering a pie which illustrates your current portfolio. Hovering over the sections of the pie results in a pop-up neatly showing you the percentage and dollar value of your portfolio allocated to that asset. Prominently displayed is a graph of the value of your portfolio over time and underneath is a list of all the assets you currently own as well as their gain or loss.

M1 Investing in IPO

Without a doubt, there are digital finance and investing applications available today which can rival the simple power of M1 Investing. In the correct hands this wonderful and budding fin-tech application has the power to unlock investing styles that small retail investors otherwise would find impossible due to large share prices and commission trades.


M1 Finance’s phone application is just as simple and powerful as the desktop version offering users the ability review their portfolio, explore potential new assets, as well as buy and sell with zero hassle. Fingerprint recognition makes the entire process slick and simple. It’s clear that M1 Finance is focused on building an app that will quickly evolve with the needs of users looking for quicker, cleaner, and more simple ways to tackle what is otherwise an overly complicated life chore.


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