Does Sofi Invest offers marijuana stocks. Can I buy cannabis stocks, ETF, mutual funds on Sofi Invest?

Cannabis Stocks at Sofi Invest

If you’re thinking about making an investment in one or more cannabis manufacturers on Sofi Invest, you should take a look at some of the stock reports that independent analysts have published on these companies. Much of the research has resulted in sell ratings, although a few companies have more positive ratings. We’ve done the research for you, and here are the results:

GW Pharmaceuticals

First up is GW Pharmaceuticals. This British company trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol GWPH. It manufactures Epidiolex, a cannabis-based medicine that treats epilepsy. Another GW medicine manufactured from hemp is Sativex, which treats multiple sclerosis.

GW Pharmaceuticals Stock Chart

ValuEngine is a stock analyst that follows GW Pharmaceuticals. Its latest stock report grades GW a strong buy. This rating is unusual, especially in the cannabis industry. ValuEngine has consistently graded the company a buy or strong buy since November 2018.

ValuEngine cites GW’s strong showing in EPS growth, 5-year return, and its low price ratios (P/E and price-to-sales). GWPH also has shown very low volatility on the stock market, which is another plus. The company’s price-to-sales ratio is lower than both its sector and industry, and its market cap is larger than both.

As for future predictions, ValuEngine ranks GW very high on its 1-year price forecast scale. One-year momentum also has GW very high on the list.

ValuEngine provides price targets for GWPH. Its 1-month forecast for the stock is $178.67. At three months, ValuEngine predicts a price of $180.55. At six months out, the analyst expects a level around $188. The 1-year target is $203. For some reason, the analyst thinks the price will drop to $199 at two years out, and then climb back up to $204 at the three-year mark. GWPH’s most recent price was $172.57.

One weakness that GWPH has right now, according to ValuEngine, is that the stock is overvalued compared to many of its peers.


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Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands is mostly an alcohol company, producing the very famous Corona Extra. However, it does have a large stake in Canopy Growth Corporation, a major player in the marijuana industry. Investing in Constellation would be an opportunity to tap into a mildly diversified portfolio.

Constellation Brands Stock Chart

Constellation has a buy rating from Argus. The analyst is bullish on the stock over 1-year and 5-year periods. The current price of STZ is $166, and Argus’s price target is a very ambitious $210. This is actually $50 lower than Argus’s previous target. Constellation Brands currently pays a dividend of $2.96 per common share, which makes the stock even more attractive.

To justify its buy rating, Argus points to Constellation’s strong earnings history. Specifically, gross sales rose 9%, and adjusted EPS went up 18%. The increase in EPS was above Wall Street’s expectations.

Constellation’s impressive figures include $7.9 billion in annual revenue, a price-to-sales ratio of 3.39, a price-to-book ratio of 2.69, and a market cap of $27 billion. Its beta is 0.76, which shows lower than average volatility.

Weaknesses that Argus is concerned about include lower guidance from Constellation, which has recently published a lower EPS forecast. The original was $9.60 to $9.75. Now, it is $9.20 to $9.30. Argus is also concerned about a possible slowdown in the spirits industry.

Argus sees Constellation’s acquisitions of other companies to be a positive sign of its growth potential. Besides the large list of alcohol companies Constellation has acquired, Argus noted an upcoming drinkable cannabis product that Constellation will market along with Canopy.


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