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Kingdom Trust self-directed IRA, Roth IRA Fees, Traditional IRA alternative retirement accounts review, rating, fees and commissions. Is Kingdom Trust IRA good and safe way to invest?

Kingdom Trust Company Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA lets investors use their retirement dollars for virtually any investment. Instead of only being able to invest in equities, bonds and mutual funds, companies like Kingdom Trust open up doors into what are known as, “alternative assets.” The Kingdom Trust Company prides itself as “America’s Premier Alternative Asset Custodian.” That’s a bold claim, given the number of alternative asset custodian’s in America, and investors will soon recognize that the claim is largely overblown.

Kingdom Trust Company Self-Directed IRA Pricing

Most alternative asset custodians try to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering a “best price” in a certain asset category. Some of the common asset categories are precious metals IRA, single-member LLC IRA’s, crowdfunding, real estate and private equity. Kingdom Trust sets itself apart from most other alternative asset custodians in the crowdfunding and single-member LLC asset classes. The graphic below provides a quick glance at Kingdom Trust’s pricing schedules.

Standard Fee Schedule

Account Establishment Fee: $50

Annual Fees (Due at Setup and annually thereafter)

$0-$50,000 ($195) + (.0031 x Asset Value)
$50,001 - $100,000 ($195) + (.0026 x Asset Value)
$100,001 - $150,000 ($195) + (.0023 x Asset Value)
$150,001 - $250,000 ($195) + (.0021 x Asset Value)
$250,001 - $500,000 ($195) + (.0019 x Asset Value)
$500,001 - $1,000,000 ($195) + (.0018 x Asset Value)
$1,000,000 and above Negotiable

Precious Metals Fee Schedule

Account Establishment Fee: $50

Annual Fee (Due at Setup and annually thereafter): $75

Transaction Fee: $40

Storage Fees: $100 minimum ($1.00 per $1000 of asset value)

Single-member LLC Fee Schedule

Account Establishment Fee: $50

Annual Fee: $100

Transaction Fee: $25

Termination Fee: $50

Crowdfunding Fee Schedule

Account Establishment Fee: $50

Annual Fee (Due at Setup and annually thereafter):

1 Asset Account: $100

Additional Assets: $50 (per asset, $350 cap)

Transaction Fee: $50 per transaction

Processing Fee: $40 per occurrence

Termination Fee: 1st Year: $100

After 1st Year: $50

Precious Metals

When purchasing precious metals in an IRA, investors must keep the metals in a storage facility to comply with the IRS. Although not generally recommended, Kingdom Trust does work with a few companies that pitch “store-at-home” precious metals. If structured correctly, these accounts seem to comply with IRS regulations, but Kingdom Trust recommends that clients consult with a tax advisor before making these investments.

Kingdom Trust works with the Delaware Depository and IDS for precious metals storage. The Delaware Depository and IDS are leaders in the precious metals storage industry, but are only two among many good storage options in the world. Most other self-directed IRA custodians work with multiple storage companies, giving clients many different options to choose from. Additionally, Kingdom Trust seems to lack a cohesive strategy in the way it works with precious metals brokers.

Website and Online Account-Opening

The Kingdom Trust website is relatively easy to navigate, but isn’t very user-friendly either. Accessing fee schedules, forms and other important documents is a hassle, as these are not plainly outlined anywhere. The overall layout could stand some design work to make the user experience better. Additionally, a more professional-looking website might give clients more confidence in the company.

One benefit Kingdom Trust offers its investors is the ability to open new IRA accounts online. Most other alternative asset custodians do not allow online account-opening, although more and more are beginning to offer this service. Once a client opens their account online with Kingdom Trust, a representative will follow up with that client the next day. It is during that process where things become more muddled; the ease-of-use becomes less appealing when having to fill out forms and fax or email them back. There is simply no way to submit necessary documents online through Kingdom Trust.

Client Account Access

This is where Kingdom Trust fails. The client online account system is hard to login to, regularly requiring password and email resets. The functionality is very basic; clients can view their positions, but with very little detail and few options in downloading documents.

Client Education

There are quite a few educational articles, white papers and videos on the Kingdom Trust website, although some are outdated and others are lacking in content. Kingdom Trust appears to be increasing the amount of educational content they release, but are currently a far cry from other alternative asset custodians in the industry. Once again, updating the website to include an intuitive client education center would help Kingdom Trust stand out among its competitors.

Customer Service

The Kingdom Trust Company services over 50,000 clients and custodies over $5 billion in assets. However, it is a relatively small company with only around 20 employees, hundreds less than many of its competitors. With that being said, potential clients are very likely to be connected to a customer service representative directly, with no automated prompts. The reps seem to have a passable amount of knowledge, and are very courteous.

Final Thoughts

The Kingdom Trust Company is a new company in the self-directed IRA industry, and it is not ready to be called the alternative asset custodian in America. Updates to their website, education center and client account software would go a long way in moving Kingdom Trust into the higher echelon of custodians.

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