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Overview of eToro

If you’re interested in exotic investments—stuff like spread betting, contracts for difference, copy trading, cryptocurrencies, or forex—you really need to check out eToro. Founded in 2007, it is one of the few social investment networks in existence. Let’s check it out.

Company Details

eToro is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in London and Cyprus. Because it has no physical presence in the United States, Americans have had difficulty in the past opening accounts. Today, eToro has more than 8 million total accounts worldwide.

Available Investments

eToro offers a lot of different types of investments, although the range varies from country to country. In the United Kingdom, stocks can be traded. In other countries, contracts for difference on stocks can be traded. In all countries, short stock positions are CFD’s. Besides equities, CFD’s can be traded on commodities, ETF’s, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

eToro Markets

There’s one caveat for U.S. clients. Forex trading is not available. Up until 2018, Americans could not even open an eToro account. That has changed, but there are still trading limitations.

eToro’s specialty is copy trading. This is a social networking system among eToro customers. The broker displays trades that clients are making, and it’s possible to copy their trades. Clicking on ‘copy’ next to a customer’s recent trade automatically places the same trade in a proportional amount.

Once again, there’s a caveat for U.S.-based traders. eToro says they can only copy the trades of other U.S.-based clients. In our test account, we were not able to copy anyone at all.

Managed Portfolios

If you don’t find a lot of success in the cryptocurrency market, eToro offers managed portfolio services. Assets deposited in a CopyPortfolio are managed by eToro investment professionals. Auto rebalancing is available at no extra charge.

There are two types of CopyPortfolios: Top Trader Portfolios and Market Portfolios. The former are made up of eToro customers who have the best track records. The latter combine CFD commodities, stocks, or ETF’s with one market strategy.

eToro Crypto Trading


We do not recommend eToro for beginners. Its trading system is geared more towards experienced traders. During our investigation there was a warning at the bottom of the screen that 70+% of traders lose money on CFD’s. Definitely not for beginners.

On the other hand, there is no minimum deposit requirement, and our eToro account came with a simulated trading mode. So new traders could open an account and practice in demo mode. Small investors could do the same.

Active traders might do well with eToro’s commission schedule, although similar brokers could offer better rates.

Mutual funds aren’t available at eToro. As for ETF’s, it seems better to us to use an American firm with a large list of commission-free funds, like Vanguard or Firstrade.

eToro would be a terrible place for retirement savers; and as far as we know, it doesn’t offer any IRA’s or retirement services anyway.

eToro Promo Offer Judgment

eToro has an interesting brokerage business. What allows it to stand out among its peers is its copy trading service. But these traders are amateur traders, and it seems better to us to copy professionals. Also, Americans still have very limited resources on the broker’s platform.

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Get $0 stock commission with Etoro account.

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