Free stocks Moomoo promotion offer for opening new brokerage or retirement account. 2024 Moomoo sign up bonus for 7 FREE stocks valued up to $2,000 each.

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Get 7 free stocks at Moomoo.

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Moomoo Promotion For 2024

Moomoo is a broker that doesn’t charge commissions and offers a solid range of tools and resources. A standout feature is the Moomoo’s free stock promotion.

If you're interested in free stocks, here are the details you need to know.

Moomoo Promotions

Moomoo Promotion Key Takeaways

• The 'Free Stock' bonus gives you 7 fractional shares from specific companies when you deposit $100 or more during the promotion.

• The stocks available in the 'Free Stock' bonus include big names like Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Tesla.

Moomoo’s Promotion Details

Moomoo's sign up bonus offers free fractional shares of some top companies in the US stock market. This 'Magnificent 7 Stocks' bonus is available for both new and existing accounts that haven't been funded yet.

You can get shares from Microsoft, Google, Meta, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon, and Tesla.

Moomoo Promotion

Moomoo Promotion Value

Each fractional share from Moomoo's 'Magnificent 7' is valued at $5. Moomoo gives seven of these shares when you deposit at least $100. This $35 bonus is one of the higher rewards you can get for such a small deposit.

Keep in mind, the actual value of each $5 share depends on the stock prices when the promotion started. The value might be a bit more or less by the time you receive it, depending on how the market has moved.

Moomoo Promotion Eligibility

To qualify for the free stock promotion, you need to meet a few requirements:

• The offer is open to both new and existing customers. If you already have a Moomoo account, you qualify only if you haven't made any deposits yet.

• You must have a valid U.S. address. The promotion is available to U.S. citizens and residents with a Social Security Number (SSN). Foreign nationals who have an SSN are also eligible. ITIN holders might be able to participate by contacting customer service, although this isn’t guaranteed.

Also, there’s a rule about how long you must keep the free stocks: you have to hold them for at least 60 days after receiving them before you can sell them.

Moomoo 15 Stocks Promotion

Moomoo's 15 free stocks promotion has expired.

Updated on 5/2/2024.

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