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What is Fundamental Approach to Investing?

Simply put, fundamental investing is the process of analyzing a stocks’ ability to be profitable. When an investor takes the fundamental analysis approach when investing, they are practicing fundamental investing. Fundamental analysis is simply a method of selecting stock that involves conducting intensive research of the stock’s accounting statements and SEC filings prior to making a decision about whether to purchase stock in a particular company.

Fundamental investing via the fundamental analysis approach is almost the exact opposite of another common approach to selecting stocks, which is known as technical analysis. Whereas fundamental investing attempts to make a determination about as to whether or not a company will continue to be profitable and if the company is financially sound, the technical analysis model looks almost solely at the stock’s historic performance and makes an attempted prediction about how the stock will perform in the future, based on its past. Many times the fundamental investing approach and the technical analysis approach will be combined. In these instances, the fundamental investing approach will be used to select a stock and the technical analysis paradigm will be utilized to determine when the stock will be purchased.

In a nutshell, fundamental investing involves attempting to determine whether or not a particular stock is a good investment. With the fundamental analysis approach, an investor looks at how well the particular company is performing from a purely financial standpoint. Investors using the fundamental investing approach may ask questions about the company’s earnings, growth, the ratio of the price of stock when compared to the earnings of the stock per share, and the stock’s price earnings ratio when compared to companies that are similar in nature.

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