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What is TastyWorks?

TastyWorks is part of the TastyTrade family and may be one of the lesser known brokers out there, but you should definitely consider these guys if you are an active trader. Their unique commission structure and TastyTrade connections make them a competitive broker. This article will give a brief overview of TastyWorks and what sets them apart.

What Can I Trade?

TastyWorks is geared more towards the active options trader and their investment offerings reflect that. You can’t trade bonds or mutual funds on their platform, but you can trade U.S. stocks and ETFs, futures, and options (on stocks and futures).

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Trading Costs

TastyWorks offers a very good commission structure where buying or selling stock will cost you a flat $0 per trade, opening position in stock options costs $1 per contract (max $10 per leg) and options on futures cost $2.50 per contract to open. But the best part is there is no commission to close any of these positions (excluding clearing and regulatory fees that most brokers pass through to traders), which means a roundtrip on TastyWorks is cheaper than you’ll pay with most other brokers.

Trading futures on TastyWorks will cost you $1.25 per contract on both opening and closing trades. TastyWorks also offers margin accounts, with borrowing rates varying between 5% and 8% depending on the size of your margin balance.

Trading Platforms

When it comes to trading software, TastyWorks offers trading on their desktop, browser, and mobile platforms; however trades cannot be placed from their website. One area where their connection to the TastyTrade Team really benefits you is in the ability to see and copy the Tasty Team’s trades in your own account. You can view their trades within the browser platform, and if there’s a trade you want to copy the software will tee up the order for you with a click of the mouse. This is especially great for complex, multi-legged options trades.

Investor Education

TastyWorks’ membership in the broader Tasty Family network means that your account also gets you complimentary access to eight hours a week of live TastyTrade broadcasts. For options traders that are already avid TastyTrade followers, this is a great perk. On the flip side, TastyWorks falls behind the competition when it comes to the availability of equity research reports and educational articles.

Customer Service

You can find phone support or online chat support on weekdays from 7:00am to 5:00pm (Central Time). Email support is also available for less timely inquiries.

TastyWorks Incentive

Get $75 for each person you refer when you sign up with this referral link.

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