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Get up to $3,500 for making a deposit at TradeStation.

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TradeStation Bonus Details

TradeStation is a well-known multi-asset broker offering a complete range of trading tools and investment vehicles. Thanks to the quality of the broker’s services, TradeStation ranks highly on our list of top brokers. TradeStation is suitable for both serious and casual investors.

In addition to its long list of features and benefits, TradeStation offers a generous welcome bonus to new customers. The welcome bonus can be as high as $3,500 and has a tiered structure where higher deposits unlock bigger bonuses. There are six tiers for the welcome bonus, with rewards ranging from $150 to $3,500.

Tradestation promo Code

Here is more specific information about each welcome bonus reward tier.

TradeStation Bonus Tiers

- Depositing at least $5,000 unlocks the first bonus tier for a reward of $150.
- Depositing at least $25,000 unlocks a reward of $300.
- Depositing at least $100,000 unlocks a reward of $500.
- Depositing at least $250,000 unlocks a reward of $1000.
- Depositing at least $500,000 unlocks a reward of $2000.
- The final tier is unlocked when at least $1,000,000 is deposited. The reward is $3,500.

TradeStation Bonus Terms

As is the case with all brokerage bonus offers, there are some terms & conditions to be aware of before opening and funding a new TradeStation account. Understanding the terms of the bonus offer helps you know how much time you have to fund your new account, how long your funds must remain in the account, and when the bonus payout should be expected.

Here are the details.

First, some accounts are not included in the welcome bonus program. For example, tax-advantaged accounts, like IRAs, cannot be used to unlock the bonus cash. Anyone considering rolling an IRA into TradeStation to meet the high deposit requirements might see this detail as slightly disappointing.

Another important detail is that the money used to unlock the bonus must remain in the account for 270 calendar days. At the end of the 270-day ‘holding period,’ TradeStation looks at the accumulated deposits from the first 45 days of the account to determine the promotion tier.

It is helpful to know that fluctuations in the value of your initial deposits do not impact the welcome deposit tier. If you made several deposits within the first 45 days totaling $100,000, the size of your reward would not change (unless you pulled the bonus money out of the account too early).

Finally, it is necessary to enter your promo code to activate the bonus program.

TradeStation Key Features

TradeStation’s welcome bonus is certainly attractive, but whether it makes sense to take advantage of it depends on various factors. One of the many considerations that you might take into account is what key features TradeStation offers.

Here are some of our favorite TradeStation features:

- Professional trading platforms with top-rated charting capabilities, analytical tools, advanced order execution options, and more. There is a full-featured desktop platform, a browser-based trading platform (Web Trading), a mobile app, and platforms designed specifically for trading futures options, and SIM.

- Many types of investment products, including stocks, ETFs, options, futures, mutual funds, and more.

- Subscription-based plans to bring down the per-contract fees for futures and options.

- In-depth learning content suited to new and seasoned investors. TradeStation offers a variety of educational resources to help you improve your trading skills and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends. From webinars and tutorials to their extensive knowledge base, there is certainly enough to help give you an edge in the markets.

- Market commentary and insights delivered right to your account.

Tradestation Offer Code

TradeStation Bonus Summary

Overall, TradeStation is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and feature-rich trading platform and broker. When combined with the generous welcome bonus, there are plenty of good reasons to give TradeStation a try.

Tradestation Promotion

Get up to $3,500 for making a deposit at TradeStation.

Open Tradestation Account

Updated on 2/13/2024.