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Morningstar Free Service Review

Financial professionals and retail investors trust Morningstar, and the reasons are clear.

Morningstar’s depth of data analytics and qualitative analysis is top-notch for both. Up-to-date news on financial topics is well-written, and other articles give a broader context to investing issues that may be hard to understand.

For retail investors, Morningstar also has a robust Morningstar Investor product that helps manage your external portfolio and analyze holdings.

Morningstar offers a free 7-day trial of its Premium service, but if you don’t want to give the trial a whirl or are dedicated to the free version, this is what Morningstar provides:

At-a-Glance Homepage

Morningstar's homepage comprehensively overviews current market conditions and news pieces. At the forefront is a “bottom” row that has:

1. Market benchmark and index status measuring Morningstar proprietary benchmarks, US benchmarks, global indices, and commodities pricing

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2. An overall barometer that’s broken down by stock type (value, core, growth) and market cap

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3. The day’s notable stocks by volume, percentage gain, and percentage loss

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4. An above-the-fold headline list of the most immediate and vital news articles

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Throughout the rest of the homepage, you can view articles that include breaking news and topic-specific pieces like inflation, cash strategies, best companies, etc. Reports on the homepage are free to read and aren’t paywalled or subject to limits, although you will have to see ads interspersed.

There is also a small selection of premium stock analyst reports available for free users to show the value behind the paywall.

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Stock Summaries

Rest assured that company-specific pages and analyst reports are well worth the cost. If you aren’t committed, though, here is what you’ll see when you navigate to a paywalled page.

For Free

On the company landing pages, Morningstar shows free users all information that is easy to find elsewhere or calculate independently, like financial statement summaries and ratio calculations. You can also find company overviews and news.

Morningstar Special

The top of the company’s page shows a series of tabs with additional information, and these are unlocked for free users:

- Chart: a standard stock chart that also lets users add additional data types, indicators like Bollinger bands, fundamental ratios over time, and some other options. The charting is very comprehensive for a web-based platform available for free.
- News
- Sustainability and ESG rating: this is a series of Morningstar’s proprietary rankings that assess ESG risk rating, controversy level, and a list of the firm's top issues.
- Trailing returns: broken down by period and measured against both industry and overall index for context.
- Financials (from SEC filings)
- Valuation, which is a range of multiples and ratios based on financials
- Operating performance
- Dividend history
- Ownership, which breaks down institutional and fund ownership
- Company leadership, including executives and board members

Morningstar Premium Exclusive Features

You may think that this is all you need from Morningstar, and for some investors comfortable with analyzing stocks on their own, you’re right. The comprehensive basics Morningstar details in an intuitive, user-friendly format are invaluable. In short, all of the tools an experienced investor needs are provided for free.

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You'll need to pay for premium for those who want to see what the experts think. Free users cannot access:

- Proprietary quantitative and qualitative rankings.
- Stock analysis that includes bear and bull cases to show a range of opinions and comparisons across the industry.
- Price vs. Fair Value; this shows whether the stock is fundamentally over or undervalued according to Morningstar’s algorithm and data analysis.

All these features combine to give a holistic stock view from many perspectives. This is ideal for newer investors learning how to do their analysis or experienced traders who want a second opinion to compare their conclusions against.

Morningstar Premium Discount Promo

Start a FREE 7-day trial of Morningstar Premium now and get $50 off.

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Morningstar Discount Conclusion

Is Morningstar worth using as a free member?


With non-paywalled news and educational resources and the full spectrum of raw data for stock analysis, Morningstar’s free version puts a goldmine of information at users’ fingertips in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

But don’t just stick with the free version – they’re offering a 7-day trial and a discount after for annual subscriptions, so it’s well worth the time to at least see what’s on the other side. You won't be disappointed.

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