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Tastyworks Referral Program

When it comes to referral programs, most brokers follow a similar approach. In the case of tastyworks, however, the referral program is quite different. The popular options trading platform offers a fresh set of ideas to reward its customers for the new traders they bring in.

Customers at tastyworks who take advantage of the referral program get access to several fun prizes, including smart home devices, a trip for two, high-speed internet, and even a brand new TESLA!

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TastyWorks Referral Program

About Tastyworks

To help you understand why the friend referral program is the way it is at tastyworks, it can be helpful to understand the brokerage house a bit.

In a financial world full of similar companies, services, and products, tastyworks always does a good job of remaining unique. As a result, traders at tastyworks experience a completely different approach to trading than they would be able to find elsewhere.

The founders of the tastyworks brokerage started as floor traders at CBOE and then went on to establish Thinkorswim. When it was introduced, Thinkorswim was revolutionary for the trading world, and still provides one of the best trading platforms for technical traders available today.

When ownership of Thinkorswim changed hands, its lead management decided to use what it learned from the Thinkorswim project and apply it to a new platform. The result is tastyworks and there is nothing else like it.

The Referral Credit System

The friend referral program at tastyworks works on credits. For each new referral, a credit is given to the referrer. The trader can then use the credits to ‘buy’ some prizes from a premade list. Should a trader not want any of the prizes on offer, taking an optional account credit is also possible. In both cases, the tastyworks referral program can be quite lucrative.

Prize Options are as follows:

Level 1 - Google Home Referral Credits = 2
Account Credit Option = $150
Level 2 - Chicago Food Package Referral Credits = 5
Account Credit Option = $500
M Level 3 - High-Speed Internet (1 year) Referral Credits = 10
Account Credit Option = $1,000
Level 4 - Trip to Chicago (2 people) Referral Credits = 20
Account Credit Option = $2,000
Level 5 - Apple Device Pack (4 devices) Referral Credits = 50
Account Credit Option = $5,000
Level 6 - Tesla Model S Referral Credits = 750
Account Credit Option = $50,000

The Referral Program Rules

As always, some terms and conditions apply to the referral program and it is helpful to be aware of them before sending out invites.

Traders at tastyworks who want to refer their friends should do so with the generated referral link on the user page.

TastyWorks Referral Link

The link can be shared with any U.S. citizen older than 18. However, the referee should not have a previous relationship with tastyworks. The referral program only works for new customers only.

Using the link that you provide, your referee should then sign up for a new account. The account should be a securities brokerage account (margin account), and a minimum deposit of $2,000 should be credited to the account within the first two months.

In addition to the $2,000 deposit, the referee should also keep their brokerage account open for at least 6 months.

Once the referee has opened and credited their new account, the referrer will see a credit count update on their referrals page.

TastyWorks Referral Rewards

Important Considerations

The referral program is not applicable to account types that are tax exempt. So, it is good idea to let your referees know that. Opening a 401K account on tastyworks (which is easy to do) will disqualify that person from the referral program now and in the future.

Another important thing to keep in mind when following the referral program is that the program comes to an end on the last day of the year. It is then renewed for the next year but the terms are sometimes modified when the new year and program starts. Remember to check the T&Cs to be sure that you are up to date with the current rules.

One final thing to remember is that the credits are valid until 6 months after the program ends. It is unclear as to what happens with them if the program is refreshed at the beginning of the year. Perhaps there is a rollover for older credits. Another reason to read the updated terms and conditions once the new year and program have started.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, tastyworks is unique in just about everything that they do. The referral program is a good example of that. For anyone considering taking advantage of the unique opportunities that the tastyworks referral program offers, tastyworks has many selling points to help with that.

Here are a few points of interest that a referrer may wish to use when promoting the tastyworks platform:

The software that the brokerage uses is incredibly stable and fast.

Basic and advanced options trading is made simple with the intuitive contract selection tools and risk visualization software.

Opening a ‘level 4’ brokerage account is easier on tastyworks than at other brokerage houses. Referred traders may choose “The Works” to unlock virtually endless trading strategy potential.

The trading platforms for web, desktop, and mobile are top notch.

TastyWorks Friend Referral Link

Get $75 for each person you refer when you sign up with this referral link.

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