Tastytrade referral code (SFEEQVB7CV) for $250! Tastytrade referral bonus to recommend friends and family to open a new account.

Tastytrade Referral Link

Get $250 for each person you refer with this referral link.

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Tastytrade Referral Code

Tastytrade referral code is SFEEQVB7CV

Tastytrade Referral Program

Referral programs are usually similar among brokers, but Tastytrade's is unique. This popular options trading platform has developed a creative way to thank its customers for bringing in new traders.

Those who participate in Tastytrade’s referral program can win exciting prizes like smart home gadgets, a vacation for two, high-speed internet, and even a brand new TESLA!

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Tastytrade Referral Code

Tastytrade Referral Code Rules

There are always some rules to keep in mind with referral programs, and it's important to know these before you start inviting people.

Traders at Tastytrade who want to recommend friends can do so by using a specific referral link found on their user page.

Tastytrade Referral Link

This link can be shared with any U.S. citizen over 18 who hasn’t previously been associated with Tastytrade. It’s meant only for attracting new customers.

Using the provided link, your referee must open a new securities brokerage account (margin account) and deposit at least $2,000 within the first two months.

Moreover, the referee needs to keep their account open for a minimum of six months.

Once the referee has set up their account and made the necessary deposit, the referrer will receive an update on their credit count on the referral page.

Important Considerations

The referral program does not apply to tax-exempt account types. It's a good idea to inform your referees about this. If someone opens a 401K account with Tastytrade, which is straightforward to do, they will no longer be eligible for the referral program, both now and in the future.

It’s also crucial to remember that the referral program ends on the last day of the year. Each year, the program is renewed, but the conditions may change. Make sure to review the terms and conditions regularly to stay updated with the latest rules.

Lastly, credits from the program are valid for six months after the program ends. It’s not clear what happens to them if the program is renewed at the start of the year. There might be a rollover for unused credits. This is another reason to check the updated terms and conditions after the new program year begins.

Tastytrade Referral Code Final Thoughts

As previously noted, Tastytrade is known for its distinct approach to everything, including its referral program. For those interested in the unique benefits the Tastytrade referral program provides, Tastytrade offers several attractive features to promote:

The software used by the brokerage is very reliable and quick.

Both basic and advanced options trading are simplified through user-friendly contract selection tools and clear risk visualization software.

Opening a 'level 4' brokerage account is easier with Tastytrade than with other firms. Referred traders can select "The Works" to access a wide range of trading strategies.

The trading platforms for web, desktop, and mobile are exceptional.

Tastytrade Referral Code

Get $250 for each person you refer with this referral link.

Open Tastytrade Account

Updated on 5/2/2024.

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