M1 Finance new account offers: incentives for opening new brokerage or retirement accounts, promo codes for up to $2,500 cash bonus

M1 Finance Promotion

Get up to $2,500 when you transfer account with $20K+.

Open M1 Finance Account

M1 Finance BonusAccount Transfer Amount
$2,500 $1,000,001+
$1,000 $500,001 – $1,000,000
$500 $250,001 – $500,000
$250 $100,001 – $250,000
$100 $20,000 – $100,000

M1 Finance Overview with Promotion

M1 Finance is a unique investment platform which is built around the idea of investing in pies, or baskets of securities, as opposed to individual names. Their selling point is that you can choose to allocate your funds across any of M1’s existing pies, which have themes, such as specific sectors or investing styles, or build your own custom pies. This article will first go over M1’s latest promotion for new accounts before diving into an overview of their platform.

M1 Finance New Account Promotion

M1’s current promotional offer – “Give $10, Get $10” - isn’t as appealing as some of the other ones on the market right now, but it offers free money nonetheless. It’s a referral-based bonus that you can take advantage of only after opening and funding your own M1 account. Once you’ve completed these two steps you will get a unique referral link to send to your friends. For each friend that signs up through your link and opens and funds a non-retirement M1 account within 90 days you will receive $10.

You will see the $10 referral bonus show up in your account within 1 days of your friend opening and funding their account. Both your account and your friend’s account must both be open at the time the requirements are met in order to receive the credit.

Investment Options: The Pre-Built Pies

M1 offers a wide selection of pre-built pies you can invest in, each one focusing on a specific investing theme, such as a sector, region, or strategy focused on income generation. You can allocate to as few or as many of their pies as you like and sleep easy at night knowing that M1 is managing each of the pies according to its theme so you don’t have to. Each pie achieves its mandate through investments in stocks and ETFs, which are rebalanced quarterly by M1’s algorithms.

M1 Investing Review

Custom Pies

If you have an investment idea that you don’t see covered by a pre-built pie or you’d like to make some changes to one of their existing themes, you can do so with a custom built pie. You can create custom-built pies that hold anywhere from 1 to 500 stocks and ETFs. The only catch with building custom pies is that M1 won’t rebalance these so managing the investments in them is entirely up to you.

Automatic Investing

A great feature of M1 Finance is their automatic investing feature. You can elect to have their platform automatically invest your idle cash balances (from dividend receipts and deposits) in your desired selection and allocations of pies once the cash balance reaches $10. This feature makes it easy for you to ensure you don’t have too much idle cash hanging around without needing to manually login and invest it all the time.

Commissions and Account Fees

M1 Finance recognizes that one of the latest trends in the investing space is the rising popularity of low-cost investing platforms, and so they made sure to also deliver in this area by not charging any trading fees. The only fees you will pay are the expense ratios on any of the ETFs that are included in your pies. They don’t charge you a commission or any other fees for investing in their pies or creating your own. M1 is also free of account maintenance fees; however the minimum investment requirement for each pie is $2500.


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