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Swell Investing Overview

ESG and socially responsible investing is becoming more and more popular today, especially among millennials. So it only makes sense that there is a broker platform to cater to this niche market of investors and capitalize on the market opportunity, and that platform is called Swell. Swell is an impact investing platform that allows its users to easily invest in growing public companies that are trying to make the world a better place with their efforts in areas like renewable energy and clean water, while also generating returns for their shareholders.

Investment Options

Swell is not your standard broker where you can trade individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Their objective is to make it easier for you to engage in socially responsible investing by first identifying public companies that are making a positive impact in the world. Then they group these “high impact” companies into different thematic portfolios based on what global issue(s) they are trying to address. They currently offer the below six portfolios, the holdings of which focus on such themes as recycling, green technology, clean water, and renewable energy. .

For example, Swell’s Green Tech portfolio invests in companies that are focused on energy efficiency and making a concerted effort to reduce our pull on the energy infrastructure. You can choose to allocate your funds across these six portfolios, or put it all in one. One neat aspect of Swell is that even though you accept less flexibility when investing in pre-built portfolios, they will allow you to remove up to three individual companies from a portfolio in case there is a holding or two that you really disagree with.

Pricing and Account Minimums

Since you cannot buy individual securities with Swell there are no trading commissions. Instead you pay a constant 0.75% annual management fee regardless of how much money you have invested and across how many portfolios you’ve invested in. Swell has a minimum required account balance of $500.

Swell Investing Fees

Investment Research

We think Swell shows a good amount of transparency in their investment process in terms of showing each portfolio’s top holdings, and more importantly, how each company’s business and objectives align with the portfolio. Each thematic portfolio invests in 30 to 60 different companies. If you click into any of the portfolios you can see its top 10 holdings. If you further drill into the top holdings, you can see the company’s key initiatives and how they fit into the portfolio’s theme.

For example, when looking at the Zero Waste portfolio, Swell shows Ball Corporation as one of the top 10 holdings with a weight 4.1%. Drilling into the details, we see that Ball Corporation manufactures sustainable packaging solutions for food and household products, which aligns with the portfolio’s theme of encouraging the use of recycled materials. Swell also shows recent news and corporate actions for Ball Corporation, such as their acquisition of Rexam.

Swell Investing Promotion Deals Summary

In short, we think Swell Investing is an interesting premise that taps into a growing niche investment area. If you like the flexibility to pick and choose individual securities, Swell obviously isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an ESG investing platform that makes it easy to invest in pre-built portfolios focused on solving particular global issues, you should give Swell a try.

Swell Investing new account promotion offer is an excellent incentive to get a nice bonus to get started.

It’s also great to know that in addition to earning a return, your money is also improving our planet.

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