2019 Review of Swell Investing robo account. Fees and commissions, advantages and disadvantages, minimum requirements and promotion offers for opening a new account with the online investing robo advisor.

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Swell Investing Overview

Swell is an investing platform based on the idea of moral and ethical investing. Each of the companies they invest in are in some way aligned with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and importantly for investors, earn revenue through their ethically based operations. They select the best companies which support these goals, and invest in those making the largest impact towards resolving these issues. As it says on their website, "Top Down, Assess Impact, Bottom Up." This in depth review process allows them to pick the best companies for investment which meet their stringent ethical and moral standards.

Swell Investing UN goals

Swell Investing Investment Options

When the website first loads, a prospective investor is given the option to watch a video or sign up immediately. Additionally, as you scroll down, you are able to see all of the portfolios, their investing strategy, and account basics. Each portfolio gives methodology for how the portfolio was created, a short video about it, the performance report, the investment approach, a chart showing the major economic areas of investment, and a break down of companies held in the portfolio.

Swell Investing Performance

The main website, under the "Offerings" tab, gives a in depth breakdown of each portfolio. It shows performance, the companies which make up the portfolio, and a detailed analysis of the portfolio by major economic sector. Swell does not currently offer an app for phones or tablets.

The 6 portfolios Swell breaks investments into are Impact 400 (an S&P 500 like portfolio which covers all 400 companies Swell uses, but focused on the UN sustainability goals), Green Tech, Clean Water, Zero Waste, Renewable Energy, Healthy Living, and Disease Eradication. An investor can choose one or all of them, as long as the allocation percentages add up to 100%. These funds are primarily made up of small and middle cap stocks. Once funds are transferred into a Swell account, they are invested during the next trading period. The same is done with dividends, held as cash until the next trading window.

Account Set Up and Investing Process

The process of establishing an account and setting up investing goals is very easy, and will take less than half an hour. Their website, www.swellinvesting.com, is easy to navigate. A potential investor can find all the information they need to understand the company’s investing model. If someone is looking into investing with them, they are probably already concerned with ethical, moral, or humanitarian issues, and the website does an excellent job of reassuring investors that their money is being used for good.

To begin, create a profile on the website and enter basis account set up information, just like any other investment or banking account. Once you have the account set up, the system will have you establish your "Swell Mix." This is your fund allocation, and is based on the 6 investing portfolios. An investor must link a bank account with their new account in order to transfer funds, which will be invested during the next trading period. It is advised to set up recurring investments, as to automate investing and take advantage of dollar cost averaging. Minimum account balance is $50, so it would be a good idea to invest slightly more at the outset in case the market drops.

Open Swell Investing Account

Withdrawing Funds at Swell Investing

Withdrawals of money at Swell Investing are easily done through a drop down menu, but a full withdrawal may take up to 3 or 4 days due to residual proceeds from account activity. Funds will be transferred to the selected withdrawal account.

Swell Investing Fees

Swell Investing service costs 0.75% of account balance annually.

As you see, Swell Investing management fees are reasonable, and are explicitly stated on the front page of their website. It says if you invest $500, your yearly cost will be $3.75. We think this is an excellent way to show it, since that is much easier to understand than something like 0.75% annual cost. The website also lets you calculate your cost based on how much you expect to invest, making it extremely easy to understand. There are no trading fees at Swell Investing, no pricing tiers, or expense rations.

Since Swell invests directly into stocks, there are no ETF management fees. For many people this is a good thing. However, a majority of the stocks Swell focuses on are small and middle cap stocks, so they are potentially more volatile.

Swell Investing Fees

Swell Investing Performance

The website allows user to manipulate performance data by examining it over different time periods. Additionally, it displays the S&P 500 as a benchmark for comparison. While the Swell portfolios are not traded anywhere else like the S$P 500 is, it does offer a good point of comparison. Additionally, the website shows a percentage and dollar amount breakdown of your portfolio, which displays how well each portfolio within an investor’s personalized portfolio is performing.

Swell Investing Performance

User Interface

The website for Swell is excellent. It is easy to use, provides plenty of information, and isn’t overly cluttered. The first piece of information presented upon log in is current account performance, shown as a pie chart, numerical value, and percentage increase or decrease. Beneath that, the website displays 3 current news summaries which are having the highest impact on account performance.

Swell Investing Home Page

Using the "Settings & Info" tab, a user can manage accounts, personal information, banks and funding, see agreements, and refer friends. The "Flexible Swell" tab allows a user to add an account. The manage mix tab allows a user to invest, edit your mix, sell, withdrawal or transfer fund, and set up recurring investment. Everything a user would need to do is available within 3 clicks of a mouse.

Dividends, Taxes, and Paperwork

Dividends are automatically reinvested across the portfolio, making it very hands off. All of the initial account set up paperwork is available in the "Settings & Info" tab, under the sub tab "Agreements." Tax paperwork will be emailed to the account holder with plenty of time to do taxes, but tax documents are not held on the user portal page.

Client Interaction

Swell can be contacted through email or phone call, and generally respond quickly to any issues. They also send out updates at least weekly, helping an investor to stay informed on current market trends and account performance. Additionally, they do send out emails within the first week and month in order to check with an account holder’s satisfaction with the provided services.

Swell Investing Review Recap

Swell is the perfect investing platform for individuals who want both a well performing portfolio, and the knowledge that their investments are being used to further the aims of companies bettering the world community. It is definitely a targeted and niche investing platform, but they have clearly put in the time and energy to provide an excellent product to those who want to retire investing on morally and ethically sound principles.

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