How long do fund deposits/withdrawals by bank ACH transfer, check, and wire transfer (domestic, international) take at TD Ameritrade in 2022?

Transferring Money with a TD Ameritrade Account

TD Ameritrade is a brokerage service provider that offers its clients a number of options when it comes to moving money to and from their account. This is helpful for investors that like to have enough idle cash in their brokerage account, or a way to move it there quickly, to deploy when short-lived opportunities present themselves. This article will go over these different services that are available to the TD Ameritrade investor.

TD Ameritrade ACH Transfer Times

ACH transfers are probably the most common way to move money into and out of your TD Ameritrade brokerage account simply because they are relatively quick and entirely free.

For withdrawals, the daily cutoff time is 4:30 PM, EST, for any request made on a business day. Any request submitted after that time will be processed the following business day.

For deposits, the cutoff time is 6 PM for same-day posting for the purchase of marginable securities. To withdraw said funds or purchase non-marginable securities, there is a hold time of 1 to 3 business days.

TD Ameritrade ACH Transfer

TD Ameritrade ACH Transfer Fee

TD Ameritrade charges nothing for both incoming and outgoing ACH transfers.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

TD Ameritrade Wire Transfer Time

You can also move money to or from your TD Ameritrade account via wire transfer. This option is generally a bit faster than an ACH transfer, with domestic wire transfers typically settling within one business day. All wire requests received by TD Ameritrade by 5:30 PM will be processed the same day; therefore, your funds will be available for investing sooner.

TD Ameritrade Wire Transfer

TD Ameritrade Wire Transfer Fee

TD Ameritrade charges a flat $25 fee for outgoing wire transfers but doesn’t charge any fees for inbound wires. However, your receiving/sending bank may charge a fee.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

TD Ameritrade Debit Cards

TD Ameritrade also lets you access cash in your brokerage account with a TD Ameritrade debit card free of charge. The debit card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and can also be added to Apple Pay.

Other perks include TD Ameritrade reimbursing you for any ATM fees that are incurred by the card within the United States and the ability to set up automatic bill payments.

TD Ameritrade Check Deposit Time

Checks received via mobile check deposit at TD Ameritrade by 4 PM, EST, for retirement accounts post the same business day for the trading of marginable securities. For taxable accounts, the funds will post the following business day.

In either case, it does take several more business days for the funds to be available for withdrawal or for the purchase of non-marginable securities.

If you mail in a check the old fashioned way, TD Ameritrade will credit your account 1-2 business days after it receives the check. Furthermore, it may take several days for the broker to actually receive the check. You may want to use mobile check deposit if you can (some retirement accounts don’t have this capability, however).

TD Ameritrade Check Deposit Fee

TD Ameritrade does not charge anything for check deposits.

TD Ameritrade Checks

TD Ameritrade also allows you to order checks linked to your TD Ameritrade account free of charge (re-orders are in books of 100). This option adds even more versatility to your TD Ameritrade account, as now it essentially doubles as a checking account. This allows you to leave extra cash in your brokerage account to deploy in the market at a moment’s notice.

TD Ameritrade ACH, Check Deposit, and Wire Transfers Summary

TD Ameritrade is making it easier than ever for investors to use their brokerage account not only for investing but also to do all the things they would typically do with a basic checking account. You no longer need to worry about letting extra cash sit in your brokerage account waiting for those market opportunities where quick timing is everything. Now, that same cash can be used to pay bills, buy lunch, and go shopping. It can be accessed as if it never even left your checking account.

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Updated on 1/15/2022.