How long do fund deposits by bank ACH transfer, check, and domestic/international wire transfers take at ETRADE in 2022?

Are you wondering what the process is to fund an investment account at E*Trade in 2022? Whether using ACH, wire transfers, check deposits, or account transfers, the answer will be different. In this article, we describe the details for each funding method at E*Trade.

Are ACH and Wire Transfers Available at E*Trade?

Are you new to E*Trade? Whether you opened a new account recently or you are considering opening one, you might want to know how to fund a new investment account.

At E*Trade, you can fund a new account with ACH transfers, bank wires, checks, and ACAT transfers. Some deposit methods are faster than others, and some come with a small fee. Depending on the size of the deposit that you are planning to make, the transfer speed that you are looking for, the cost, daily deposit limits, and any other preferences you may have, the ‘right choice’ will depend on your needs.

Catch up on the details for each method below.

Etrade Funding Options

E*Trade ACH Deposits Time

ACH transfers are an easy and convenient way to transfer money into an E*Trade account. All that is required is to link an outside bank with your E*Trade brokerage account, decide how much you would like to transfer and then set the transfer in motion.

ACH transfers are immediate, but it can take 3 days for funds to settle in your investment account. It is possible for funds transferred via ACH to be available immediately for trading. For immediate access to funds transferred through ACH, E*Trade makes the determination based on account size and the size of the transfer request.

ACH transfers can be set up as one-time events or recurring investments. If you choose the recurring deposit option, you may also decide on the frequency of the deposits.

E*Trade ACH Transfer Fee

E*Trade charges nothing for both incoming and outgoing ACH transfers.

E*Trade Wire Transfers Time

Using the wire transfer method is also fairly simple, but there are some details that you must know before starting the process.

The first thing to note is that once the wire request is received by the outside bank, the transfer can take place within the same business day. When the funds reach the investment account, they are ready for investment immediately.

Another consideration is that wiring funds can take a bit longer to set up. It is necessary to contact your financial institution to request the wire. As banks tend to have their own processes for requesting wires, the ease of setting one up can vary depending on the bank.

At any rate, you will need to give your bank the address and account number for your E*Trade account. Just make sure that you put your name and address on the bank forms as well, to avoid any confusion or delays.

Here is the address:

Etrade Wire Transfer Address

Alternatively, you can download and print the E*Trade Securities Wire Transfer Form (available here), fill it out, and send it to your bank via courier or mail.

Etrade Wire Transfer Form

E*Trade Wire Transfer Fee

E*Trade charges a flat $25 fee for outgoing wire transfers but doesn’t charge any fees for inbound wires.

Check Deposits

Depositing a check to fund an E*Trade account is another good way to get funds into your investment account. While it can take up to 5 business day for cash to settle and become available for investment, the convenience can make it worth it.

There are two main ways that you can deposit a check: through the mobile app and by mailing a check in.

The mobile deposit method is the quickest way to get the check deposited. From the app, simply go to ‘Check Deposit’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

You will need to endorse the check and then take a clear picture of the front and back. Once the check images are uploaded, all that is left to do is submit the deposit.

If you choose to mail the check into E*Trade for any reason, you can send the endorsed check to the following address:

Etrade Mailing Transfer Form

It is good to keep in mind that the name on the check must be the same as the name on the E*Trade account. If it is not, the broker will return the check.

E*Trade Comparison

Account Transfers (ACATs)

It is also possible to transfer an entire brokerage account to your new E*Trade account. All that is needed to transfer your existing brokerage account to E*Trade is to fill out the appropriate form. Information that you will be asked for is the registration of the account that the funds are coming from (both accounts must be owned by the same person), your account information, and information about your broker.

Once all the information is given, it is possible to move your funds, stock positions, and even your options positions directly into your E*Trade account.

It is good to keep in mind that ACAT transfers forgo speed for convenience. ACAT transfers can approximately 10 days to complete.

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Updated on 1/14/2022.