How long do fund deposits/withdrawals by bank ACH transfer, check, and domestic/international wire transfer take at JP Morgan Chase Self Directed Investing in 2022?

JP Morgan Chase Wire Transfers, Checks, and ACH Transfers - How Long Do They Take in 2022?

If you’ve opened up a new Chase brokerage account, you’re going to have to deposit some funds before you start trading. Although funding a Chase brokerage account is quite easy, we’ve prepared a guide to walk you through all of your funding options, and their relative speed. Keep in mind that some methods are faster than others, and you don’t want to be waiting for your money to clear when you see a major buying opportunity!

JP Morgan Funding Options

You can fund your Chase brokerage account via: wire transfer, internal or external ACH transfer/electronic payment, or by transferring/rolling your positions from a third party broker.

Each type of transfer has its own time horizon and associated costs. To simplify things for you, we’ve created a detailed breakdown of each way to fund your account below:

JP Morgan Wire Transfer Time

Wire transferring your money to your Chase brokerage account is one of the fastest ways to fund your account. Most of the time, you can have access to your money in just a few moments. This quick access to funds does unfortunately comes with a cost though. Although Chase doesn’t charge any fees for incoming wire transfers to a brokerage account, the bank you’re sending the money from may charge you one.

To initiate a wire transfer, you simply need your Chase account number, and the routing number used for wire transfers. Once you have that information, you can set up the wire from your funding account, and your money will be on its way. After a few moments the funds should be in your brokerage account, and ready to trade!

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JP Morgan Wire Transfer Fee

JP Morgan charges a flat $25 fee for outgoing wire transfers but doesn’t charge any fees for inbound wires.

Funding Your Account With An Internal ACH Transfers

If you do your day to day banking with Chase, you can take advantage of the speed of wire transfers without the costly fees. That’s because when you’re transferring money internally from a Chase bank account to a Chase brokerage account, the funds are available to trade almost immediately and the transfer is completely free!

JP Morgan Investing transfer options

JP Morgan External ACH Transfer Time and Fee

If you don’t do your day to day banking with Chase, you can still transfer money from an external checking or savings account. However, the transfer does take substantially longer (roughly 2-4 business days). Additionally, if you have to manually enter your banking details, it may take an extra day or two to set up your external deposit account initially.

JP Morgan Investing transfer options

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Funding Your Account By Transferring From An External Broker

Lastly, you can also fund your brokerage account by transferring or rolling your positions over from an existing brokerage/retirement account at another institution. This is by far the most time intensive way to fund your account, as securities transfers are much slower than wire transfers or ACH transfers. Exact timing depends on the brokerage you are currently with, but it can take anywhere between 3-7 business days to complete a transfer from an external broker.

JP Morgan Investing transfer options

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