How long do fund deposits/withdrawals by bank ACH transfer, check, and domestic/international wire transfer take at Vanguard in 2022?

Transferring Money with a Vanguard Account

The Vanguard Group, Inc. is an investment firm that provides brokerage services to retail customers. They provide several options for transferring funds to or from your bank and into your Vanguard investment account. Depending on if you are transferring money to be immediately invested in a Vanguard mutual fund or ETF (exchange-traded fund) or not, the transfer may be done in one step or more than one step.

This article will review the different money transfer options that are available to a Vanguard account holder.

Vanguard Wire Transfer Time

Wire transfers are the quickest method of moving money into and out of your Vanguard brokerage account. A safe and easy way of transferring funds, wire transfers funds are available immediately to purchase both Vanguard securities and any other securities as well.

Please note that you cannot contribute to an IRA (individual retirement account) via wire transfer.

Vanguard Wire Transfer Fee

Vanguard charges no fee for receiving incoming wire transfer deposits. However, Vanguard Brokerage does charge a $10 wire fee for each investment holding being withdrawn from via sale from its holdings and into cash to be sent back to your bank. Please check with your specific bank for details on sending/receiving fees for wire transfers on their end.

Vanguard Alternatives

Vanguard ACH Transfer Time

Vanguard calls their ACH transfers “EBT” transfers. Electronic bank transfers (EBT), or automated clearing house (ACH) transfers, are probably the most common way to move money into and out of your Vanguard brokerage account. Electronic money transfers are safe, convenient, relatively instantaneous, and require zero fees.

Vanguard Transfer money

Deposits via EBT can be used to purchase Vanguard funds immediately, but you will have to wait seven calendar days before the same funds could be used to purchase other brokerage products like individual stocks or non-Vanguard ETFs.

Alternatively, withdrawals via EBT take typically 2 to 3 business days for the funds to arrive in your bank account from your Vanguard account.

Vanguard ACH Transfer Fee

Vanguard charges nothing for both incoming and outgoing ACH/EBT transfers.

Vanguard - Direct Deposit

Vanguard also lets investors set up a direct deposit function, such as for payments from your employer, Social Security payments, payments from other federal governmental agencies, or for your federal or state tax refund.

An online process is required for each type, with detailed instructions to follow, in which direct deposits from the above-mentioned sources of income can be electronically transferred into your Vanguard account on a periodic basis, as applicable.

These deposits can be as large or small as you set them to be, can be invested into more than one brokerage fund, and multiple deposits can be received from a single source.

Vanguard - Bill Pay

Vanguard can accept transfers from your bank’s bill pay service, in which money can be set to be sent on a recurring basis from your bank to your Vanguard investment account.

Vanguard Transfer money

For Vanguard brokerage accounts versus non-brokerage accounts, there are two separate Vanguard company addresses that would need to be input as the destination for the bill pay service, as outlined below:

Brokerage Accounts
Company name: Vanguard
[Your Vanguard brokerage account number]
Company Address:
P.O. Box 982901
El Paso, TX 79998-2901

Non-brokerage Accounts
Company name: Vanguard
[Enter your fund and Vanguard account number in the following format: 0030-12345678901]
Company Address:
PO Box 70224
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0224

Vanguard - Checks

Vanguard investment accounts can also be funded by sending a check in the mail. To prepare to send a physical check, an online process is used to generate a printable customized form. The applicable Vanguard mailing address will appear on this form.

Vanguard Checks

Some important notes for the check sending process:

For Part 1 of the form - If you have a brokerage account, a settlement fund must be selected as part of this form’s completion. Once the check is deposited, however, you will then be able to move that money to other funds freely.

For Part 2 of the form - be sure to select “I'll send a check to Vanguard” from the applicable drop-down menu detailing where the money is coming from.

Do not send a check without filling out this online form.

Make your personal check payable to Vanguard. Don't use a future-dated check, starter check, third-party check, or traveler's check.

Be sure to sign your check. Written and number amounts must match.

If you're submitting an employer's check, enclose it without endorsing it.

Don't include additional forms or hand-written instructions with your check.

Vanguard Money Transfer Summary

To review, Vanguard provides a variety of options for transferring money to and from your bank to your Vanguard investment account, whether it is a brokerage account, an IRA or another type of account. With a number of ways to fund and invest your extra cash into your Vanguard account’s mutual funds or ETFs, easily and without many fees, it has never been simpler to open up investing opportunities with such a platform.

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