How long do fund deposits/withdrawals by bank ACH transfer, check, and domestic/international wire transfer take at Webull in 2022?

Webull Wire Transfers Fee and Time: How to do it? + Other Transfer Options

Webull allows a variety of ways to transfer money or stocks into or out of their platform. One method they offer is via wire transfer. This electronic transfer can be between different accounts, platforms, or even institutions and is very quick and secure.

Webull Wire Transfers

In order to initiate a wire transfer, one must provide their bank containing the money with the information below:

U.S. Dollar amount
Recipient Bank Name
BMO Harris Bank
Bank Address
111 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603
ABA Number (Domestic)
SWIFT Code (International)
For the Benefit of (FBO)
Apex Clearing Corp 5XXXXXXX (your Webull account number)
Bank Account Number
Beneficiary's Address
One Dallas Center, 350 N. St Paul Suite 1300 Dallas, TX 75201
Beneficiary's Phone Number
For Final Credit to (FFC)
Please provide your Webull account name along with 8-digit alphanumeric account number 5XXXXXXX

It is necessary to provide complete information including full name and Webull account number in the designated space the bank allows a description. This ensures the money is transferred to the right account.

Webull Wire Transfers Time

So how long does a wire transfer take at Webull? Domestic wire transfers can be expected to take approximately 2 days for completion; however, international wire transfers can take up to 5 days for completion.

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Webull Wire Transfers Fees

After the deposit is received by Webull, they will place the funds into the proper account at the start of the next business day.

There are three important things to note about wire transfers to the Webull platform. First, they state that they do not accept any third-party wires and all transactions must be in the same name.

Second, if the wire transfer is returned by the clearing firm for whatever reason, a $30 fee will be applied called a reversal fee.

Lastly, it is important to note the fees associated with wire transfers to or from Webull. For domestic transfers (U.S.), deposits into Webull cost $8. Domestic withdrawals via wire cost $25. International wire deposits cost $12.5 and international withdrawals are $45. The fees that Webull charges are independent from the fees that the remitting bank may also charge.

Webull ACH Transfers

In addition to wire transfers, Webull also allows ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers. These transfers do not have fees, however, generally take a little bit longer to complete.

After linking one’s bank account routing number and other information to the Webull platform, it is simple to complete an ACH transfer. This can be completed by simply selecting the amount desired to transfer and can be repeated without consistently resharing the banking information. These transfers take about 5 days to complete.

Webull does offer some partial credit prior to the completion of the transfer to enable instant buying power. The instant buying power is credit given to invest prior to Webull receiving the money deposited. This buying power is provided on good faith that the transfers will go through.

Stock Transfers

Other than ACH and wire transfers enabling the transfer of cash from bank to Webull or vice versa, Webull also allows stock transfers. This process is relatively simple and Webull provides every necessary step to complete the transaction on their website.

To break down the process, information of the outgoing brokerage account must be shared with Webull including account name and type. The process is far easier and quicker if the type and name are the same as the Webull account name and type. After fees, depicted below, the stock transfer generally takes about 5-7 business days to complete. Unsettled funds, differing account types, or any pending transactions in an outgoing account can delay this process beyond the 5-7 days.

ChargeIncoming TransferOutgoing Transfer
APEX $0 $75
Other Broker consult other broker consult other broker

Webull Wire and ACH Transfers Summary

Overall, Webull offers wire transfers, ACH transfers, and stock transfers. This is relatively basic within the industry and compared to competitors but nevertheless is still a very helpful feature to have access to.

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