Ally Invest BBB Rating, Customer Reviews and Complaints for 2020

Ally Invest BBB Rating and Reviews

Ally Invest has been in the brokerage world just a short time, but has nevertheless attracted a lot of attention. This in turn has led to many customers and quite a bit of interest from the Better Business Bureau. BBB has a profile on Ally Invest, and here are the details:

Ally Invest BBB Rating

Ally Invest has a rating of C- from BBB. The reason the grade isn’t an A, according to the business analyst, is because one complaint was filed against the brokerage firm that was not resolved. The highest possible rating is an A+, and the lowest is an F. If there is insufficient information about a group, BBB will rate it an NR, which means no rating.

Other issues are taken into consideration when evaluating a company for a grade. BBB, for instance, takes information from public data sources and sometimes directly from a business.

BBB cautions that its ratings are not a certification of a firm’s performance, integrity, or reliability.

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There are currently 4 complaints on Ally Invest’s BBB profile. One of these is the unresolved complaint. The others were answered. Unfortunately the details of either complaint are unavailable. Both complaints fall in the category of “Problems with Product & Services.”

For a company with somewhere around 800,000 customers having only 4 complaints is a great result.


Ally Invest is not accredited with BBB. This is not necessarily a red flag. It is up to the business to pursue accreditation, and it can choose not to. Ally Invest probably has simply chosen not to pursue accreditation.

Customer Reviews

There are currently two reviews of Ally Invest on its BBB profile.

Ally Invest

Ally Financial

Ally Invest’s parent company Ally Financial is a much larger firm with millions of customers and it has a separate profile on BBB’s site. This profile shows a rating of A+, which of course is very good. Ally Financial’s BBB profile was created in August of 2001.

Like Ally Invest, Ally Financial isn’t accredited. Unlike Ally Invest’s profile, however, there are many reviews. Apparently, these come from mostly dissatisfied customers because the average review is one star out of five. Most likely, satisfied customers don’t come to BBB to write positive reviews; so the average should not be taken as an indication of how most customers feel.

There are currently 216 reviews on Ally Financial’s BBB profile, 1,303 complaints in the past 3 years, and 334 complaints in the last 12 months. The bank has over 2 million accounts.


Compared against some of its tougher rivals, Ally Invest appears to be somewhere around average. TD Ameritrade, for example, has a grade of A-, while Vanguard struggles at C-. Fidelity has fewer complaints than Ally Financial, but has the same average customer review (1 out of 5 stars).

Schwab also has just a single star for its average customer grade. BBB’s rating for the broker stands at B-. There have been 63 complaints filed against Schwab during the past 3 years.

TradeStation brings up the rear in this category, sporting a grade of D+ from the business watchdog. As is typical, the customer rating is just 1 star.

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