Top rated Fidelity Investments competitors in 2019. List of brokerage alternative companies offering low priced investing services.

Fidelity Top Competition


In the table above you can find links to reviews of the leading Fidelity Investments competitors in 2019. All investment firms ranked high by the most reputable magazines in the industry. Whether you are planning to open a brokerage account or an individual retirement account, brokers in the chart below are worth to consider as they offer the best trading tools, great research, excellent educational amenities, and competitive pricing.

Discount Stock Brokers Commission Comparison

Coming in at 4½ out of 5 stars are Ally Invest, TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Firstrade and M1 Finnace are on the top of the list. Brokers offer very low stock trading commissions and require no minimum deposit to open an account with them. Ally Invest is a great start for people new to investing with its intuitive and user friendly trading platform, great customer service and tons of educational materials. In regards to options, Firstrade' commission plan is hard to beat: $0 base plus $0 per contract. Options traders will enjoy all the features and information of the sophisticated trading platform and powerful options tools. Firstrade also has the industry's lowest commissions on mutual funds - $0 per transaction.

Rated slightly lower than two previous investment companies, TradeStation and ChoiceTrade also join the category of the lowest commission discount stock brokers. Both brokers charge less than $5 per trade on stocks. ChoiceTrade has no opening balance requirement. Options commissions are $5 plus $0.15 per contract for those customers who use their advanced trading platform, which is unfortunately offered for a pretty steep fee of $49.95 per month. In addition, there are a lot of customer complaints regarding the web site and customer service. Today investors can find better value brokers for the same or less higher pricing. For instance, mutual fund investors would do better at Scottrade.

TradeStation has a high initial deposit to open an account, but is a great platform for active traders and international investors. Frequent traders will enjoy all the tools, custom-build analytics and powerful strategy creation. TradeStation provides one of the best trading platforms among online brokers, however the cost of trading and additional fees can become pretty high for those who don't trade a lot.

Next five brokers - USAA Investments, Capital One Investing, Firstrade, Merrill Edge and Scottrade - are moderately priced brokerage firms. Scottrade is the highest rated broker in the group and offers slightly higher commission, yet the company offers few extra perks not offered by other brokerages. Scottrade offers one of the best fees-free IRA accounts, the best in the industry flexible dividend reinvestment program, a wide selection of commission-free mutual funds, great customer support and education. Scottrade is a solid company with a long history on the market, it is worth looking at.

USAA Investments offers two fee schedules. The lowest pricing applies to account with over $50,000. Trading tools are lacking on power and sophistication, yet USAA brokerage provides a wide selection of investment options, including 4- and 5-star Morningstar rated USAA mutual funds. It offers competitive rates on savings account, free checking account, low-rate insurance, and auto loans.

Capital One Investing and Merrill Edge might be attractive for existing Capital One and Bank of America customers, respectively. Investment companies are alike in commissions, with no minimum deposit to open an account and both receive 3½ stars. Brokerages offer straightforward pricing, great customer services, and backing of one of the largest banks in the country. However, their brokerage service, like their trading commissions, is only mediocre in comparison with the leading investment companies.

Firstrade charges $6.95 on stocks and has no opening deposit requirement. Those investors who are looking for powerful and sophisticated trading platform might look somewhere else. 10 commission-free ETF's, no transaction fee mutual funds and free dividend reinvestment program are some attractive perks of the broker.

Last six brokers are well-known solid companies with the largest number of customers and highest assets under management among other investment firms in the country. High commissions are the reflection of security of trusted companies and high quality services, including but not limited to additional benefits.

For instance, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, Etrade and Charles Schwab offer so popular today commission-free ETFS. Find out which broker has the best selection of commission-free ETFs. All six firms combine services of a discount brokerage house and a traditional broker and can be a great fit for people who prefer more personal touch. Vanguard does not have local branches, though.

Unlike Vanguard and WellsTrade offered by Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, Etrade and Fidelity offer advanced trading platform with a lot of features and information. However, only TD Ameritrade provide two of its advanced trading platforms free of charge to all investors. Other brokers require certain minimums or pretty high monthly fees in order to use their sophisticated trading platforms.

Long-term investors and those people who prefer more traditional approach with investing would definitely benefit from opening an account with higher priced brokers. Beginners might take advantage of extensive educational amenities offered by top Fidelity competitors such as TD Ameritrade or M1 Finance.

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