2023: TD Ameritrade corporate, municipal bonds, Treasury t-bonds, t-bills, tips, frn and t-notes trading - 1 year, 5 years, 10 years maturity. Government bonds minimums and commission rates.

Can I Buy Bonds on TD Ameritrade?

Did you know that you can buy U.S. Treasury bonds at auction as well as corporate and municipal bonds using your TD Ameritrade brokerage account? The company offers some good tools that even beginners will be able to use with no problem. This article will show you everything you need to know.

Locating New Bonds at TD Ameritrade

To find Treasuries at auction on the TD Ameritrade website, you need to click on ‘Research & Ideas’ in the top menu and select ‘New Issues’ in the ‘Bonds & CDs’ category. A new page will appear with a list of fixed-income securities in the primary market. This means they have never been sold before.

Can I Buy Bonds on TD Ameritrade?

TD Ameritrade Treasury Auctions

New issues of Treasury bonds will be displayed by maturity date. Available choices include bonds with less than 1 year of maturity, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-10 years, 10-20 years, and 20+ years. Currently, the U.S. government does not issue bonds with maturity beyond 30 years.

TD Ameritrade treasury bonds

Clicking on one of these choices will produce a new window with a list of new bonds and their upcoming auction dates. Although we clicked on one date, strangely we found a variety of maturities in the results. For example, we found 4-week Treasury bills and 30-year Treasury bonds on the same page.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

How to Buy Bonds on TD Ameritrade

On the new page, you’ll see a list of bonds with upcoming auction dates. Be sure to verify the maturity date before you make a selection.

Bonds soon to be sold will be selectable with radio buttons on TD Ameritrade’s site. Some of these dates will have recently passed. If so, then they will not be selectable.

TD Ameritrade Bonds Minimum

TD Ameritrade has a two-bond order minimum and a 5,000 maximum. Because the face value of a Treasury bond is $1,000, you’ll have to spend around $2,000 to make a purchase.

Treasury Schedule

The U.S. Treasury usually announces upcoming bond auctions on Thursdays. The actual auction will be held the day after or a few days after. Settlement (when the actual transaction is finalized) takes place a few days after the auction.

To make a purchase, you’ll need to submit your order no later than 11:00 am the day before the auction date. So, for example, if you want to buy a Treasury bond on a Monday auction, you’ll actually need to submit your order no later than the Friday before Monday, and no later than 11:00 in the morning.

Types of Bonds Available at TD Ameritrade

In TD Ameritrade’s search results, we found Bills, Notes, Bonds, TIPS, and FRN’s. Bills are fixed-income securities with maturities under a year. Notes have maturities from two years out to ten. And bonds are 20 and 30 years.

TIPS are inflation-protected bonds. Their principal amounts adjust with inflation or deflation, which is measured by the Consumer Price Index. The principal paid at maturity can be no less than the original principal.

FRN’s are floating-rate notes that have adjustable coupon payments that vary based on inflation. They are issued only in terms of two years.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Can I Buy 10 Year U.S. Treasury Bond at TD Ameritrade?

Yes, all U.S. Treasury Bonds are available at TD Ameritrade to all customers.

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