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Can I Buy Treasury Bonds on Charles Schwab?

If you are interested in investing in Treasury bonds at Charles Schwab, you'll be happy to know that it is possible. Charles Schwab has a wide selection of Treasury bonds to choose from.

Charles Schwab provides a straightforward process for purchasing Treasury bonds at auction or on the secondary market, and we'll show you how.

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Buying Treasury Bonds at Charles Schwab

The first step to buying Treasury bonds at Charles Schwab is to navigate to the "Trade" tab. From there, select "Bonds" from the dropdown menu.

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If you've never invested in any of the fixed-income products available at Schwab, the broker will ask you to read some documents and confirm that you have done so. Once that step is completed, you will land on the "Fixed Income Offerings" page.

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Schwab Treasury Bond Selection

The next step is deciding which market you want to buy bonds in. You can invest in Treasuries on the secondary market or at auction.

You will then need to select a rate that meets your needs and expectations. You can check the 'Fixed Income Offerings' table to do so. Several terms are displayed on the U.S. Treasuries row, ranging from three months to 30+ years.

Can I Buy T-Bills on Schwab?

Each term pays out differently, and when you click on your preferred rate, a window appears with bond options for you to choose from. The available bonds for the maturity period you selected in the previous step show up as a list, and each has its own coupon, price, and minimum trade quantity requirements.

When you find a Treasury bond that interests you, clicking on the name will display a page describing the bond and showing the real-time bid/ask prices. Some of the details you will see include the current yield, coupon date, rate and type, and evaluated price.

Trading Treasuries at Schwab

Each of the available bonds has a "Buy" button located in the left-hand column. When you are ready, clicking the buy button will lead you to the bond trade ticket for that security. The trade ticket allows you to review the price and yield information one more time, define the number of bonds you want to purchase, and confirm your order.

Can You Buy treasury on Schwab?

Buying Treasuries at Auction on Schwab

If you want to buy Treasuries at auction, the process is similar, but there are some differences. One is that buying Treasuries at auction allows you to automatically reinvest your bond principal when the maturity date comes along - a feature commonly used by long-term investors.

To buy Treasuries at auction, start at the "Fixed Income Offerings" section. There is a link towards the bottom of the page labeled "Treasury Auctions."

Schwab lists all available Treasuries along with their auction dates, maturity dates, and more. When you select one of the Treasuries from the list, an order ticket is produced with all the necessary information, such as the dollar amount, order type, order timing, and a toggle for auto-rollover activation.

The final step is to review and submit the order.

Schwab Treasury Fees

While some of the fixed-income products at Charles Schwab have transaction fees attached to them (CDs and non-Treasury bonds have a $10 minimum), Schwab does not charge for online Treasury trading (broker-assisted trades come with a $25 fee).

Schwab Auction Dates and Maturity

When searching for and purchasing Treasuries, you will notice that there are many different auction and maturity dates.

If you prefer to buy new Treasuries at auction, it is important to understand when new products become available. Short-term securities (weekly T-Bills) are auctioned off weekly, while longer-term options are auctioned monthly.

The investment options available to you depend on the type of Treasury you invest in. Treasury bonds mature in 20 and 30 years, while Treasury notes mature in 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years. Treasury bills (T-Bills) mature in 4, 8, 13, 26, and 52 weeks.

It is good to consider how each option will impact your portfolio over time and how each type of security will help you achieve your goals. Some investors use the differing rates and maturity dates together to create complex strategies, while others choose a simpler approach.

Schwab Treasury Bond Investing Summary

Charles Schwab provides investors with many useful tools for purchasing Treasury bonds. Everything from researching investment products to comparing securities to placing an order is intuitive, making the broker a good choice for new and experienced investors alike.

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