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Can I Buy Treasury Bonds on E*Trade?

If you want to know if E*Trade offers Treasury bond trading, the answer is yes. E*Trade has Treasury bonds, bills, and notes that can be bought at auction or on the Secondary market. Zero-coupon Treasuries are also available on the broker’s ‘Bond Resource Center.’

Finding Treasuries at E*Trade

To trade Treasury bonds at E*Trade, the first thing that you need to do is locate the bonds & CDs section.

You can find it in the dropdown menus at the top of the webpage. Click on ‘Trading’ or ‘Markets&Ideas’ to find the link to the bond trading section.

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Note that if you have never traded Treasuries at E*Trade before, you will have to read and agree to a user agreement before accessing Treasury bonds.

Once you get the confirmation of the agreement, you can access the E*Trade ‘Bond Resource Center.’

Once you have agreed to E*Trade’s terms for trading Treasuries on its platforms, you are taken to the bond ‘Yield Grid.’ The Yield Grid is a table that displays rates and maturity durations for all of E*Trade’s fixed-income products.

Under ‘Bonds’ are two links - U.S. Treasuries and U.S. Treasury Zeroes. Both options provide you with nearly 200 Treasuries to choose from.

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E*Trade Treasury Screener

Clicking on either ‘U.S. Treasuries’ or ‘U.S. Treasury Zeroes’ brings you to the ‘Advanced Screener,’ where you can view all of the securities within your chosen category.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you may find that one of the available types of Treasuries suits your needs best.

Near the top of the screener, above the list of Treasury investment products, several search filter tags can be modified on the fly.

For more control over the results that you see, however, it is better to select ‘Edit Search Criteria.’ That allows you to choose Treasuries based on price, type, maturity, and several other important features.

Based on your criteria, E*Trade supplies a list of Treasuries to choose from. The search results are sorted by maturity date. The shortest terms show first, and the longest show last.

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Key U.S. Treasury Differences

Here are some considerations to take into account when selecting Treasuries.

Treasury bills (T-bills) have the shortest maturities, ranging from four to 52 weeks. They are typically issued at a discount to their face value, and the interest and principal are paid at maturity.

Treasury notes (T-notes) come in terms of two, three, five, seven, and ten years. They pay interest twice a year, and the principal amount is paid out at maturity.

Treasury bonds (T-bonds) have a maturity term of 30 years. They also pay interest twice a year, and the principal is paid at maturity.

Researching Treasury Bonds

Once you find a Treasury product that interests you, you can click on its name to reveal additional information about the security.

The bond description page shows you details related to the security price, coupon rate, maturity dates, and yield information. You can also see whether the security is trading on the secondary market or at auction.

How to Buy Treasury Bonds at E*Trade

Buying Treasury bonds and other Treasury products is easy at E*Trade.

You can access the order ticket through the ‘Bond Offering Detail’ page (the button is located above the table). It is also available in the right column on the screener results.

From the bond order ticket, you can select the account you wish to use, the price, and the quantity you want to purchase. Once all the fields are completed, you can review your trade before submitting your order.

Can You Buy treasury on etrade?

Buying Treasuries at Auction

To buy bonds at auction, navigate to the ‘Bond Resource Center’ and find the ‘Tools and Resources’ tab. A link for Treasury auctions is in the ‘Bond Tools’ menu.

The link brings you to the Treasury auction order ticket, where you must enter the number of bonds you wish to buy and select one of the available options.

Can You Buy treasury on etrade?

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