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Can I Buy Treasury Bonds on Fidelity?

Traders at Fidelity Investments can buy and sell a range of fixed-income products that includes Treasury bonds, bills, and notes. Here’s the full scoop:

Treasury Education at Fidelity

Fidelity has a big emphasis on investor education, and it really shows in the realm of Treasury securities. The broker’s website has a fixed-income learning center that is accessible through the News & Research tab at the top of the site. We found a variety of educational materials devoted to fixed-income securities, including Treasuries. Here are some examples:

- Bond Investing Beyond Yield (live online webinar)
- How the Bond Ladder Tool Works
- Tentative Auction Schedule (in pdf format)

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Fidelity Pricing for Treasury Securities

Fidelity has adjusted its commission schedule to be as competitive as possible with other online discount brokers. As such, trades of U.S. Treasury obligations cost nothing if they are placed online. This is true whether a bond is a primary or secondary issue. Using a live rep over the phone to submit an order carries a $19.95 charge.

Finding Treasury Bonds on Fidelity

Finding Treasuries at Fidelity is pretty straightforward on the broker’s website. Hover over the News & Research tab, which will be found in the top main menu, and select the link for fixed-income assets.

Can I Buy T-Bonds on fidelity?

The next page will have a matrix of bond yields according to bond type and maturity (make sure you’re on the Yields tab). Treasuries and Zeros will be in here. Click on a hyperlink to pull up a list of Treasury bonds with the relevant maturity and yield. The list of results will have a variety of criteria that can be used for sorting. Examples include:

- Yield to worst
- Price
- Quantity
- Maturity date
- Coupon rate
- Yield to maturity

An icon for depth of book also appears in the search results. Click on this icon to pull up a list of bid and ask prices at various quantities. This topic is important as larger quantities can mean lower prices in some cases, or a given price may only be available for a limited number of bonds. Different prices can have different minimum purchase amounts, too.

Treasury Bond Profiles

The description of a particular debt instrument, with its coupon rate and maturity date, is hyperlinked in the search results. To access a more detailed description of the security, simply click on the link.

There are many data points on the bond’s profile. Here are a few examples we found during our investigation:

- First settlement date
- Call protection
- Original issue amount
- Workout date
- Moody’s rating
- Interest accrual date

There are two tabs on the bond profile: Overview and Price & Performance. The many details are spread across these two tabs, so be sure to use both.

Best Fidelity Alternatives

How to Buy a Bond at Fidelity

At the top of a bond’s profile, and in the search results, there will be sell and buy buttons. Click on either one to generate the fixed-income order form. It will automatically populate information from the specific bond, including its CUSIP.

On the order ticket, you’ll need to select a price (depth of book will already be displayed). The minimum purchase amount for the same bond can vary by the price selected, so pay attention to the minimum order amount specified on the trade ticket. Enter the number of bonds desired in the quantity field using a whole number for the number of bonds (such as 9 for $9,000). Submit the order when everything looks right.

Auto Roll Service

Fidelity offers a service for Treasury securities purchased at auction that will use the principal to automatically purchase a new position at maturity. Treasury assets purchased in the secondary market are not eligible for this service.

To enroll an eligible Treasury bond for auto roll, simply click on the Auto Roll button that appears on the order ticket. Note that you must sign up for alerts to add this feature.

Schwab as an Alternative

While Fidelity Investments is certainly a good broker-dealer to use for Treasury assets, Charles Schwab succeeds in delivering a viable substitute. Like Fidelity, Schwab has very good educational tools for fixed-income trading. These resources will be found on both its mobile app and its website.

Can I Buy T-Bills on Fidelity?

Besides education, Schwab has excellent search tools to find Treasury bonds, notes, and bills. The broker’s fixed-income wizard can be found under the Research tab in the top menu. The search engine can be used to search for Treasuries or Treasury Zeros by a variety of parameters, including coupon frequency, TIPS, and minimum coupon. Like Fidelity, Schwab shows depth of book (called Market Depth at Schwab) for bonds that have them. A search can be saved for later use, a valuable feature that Fidelity’s software also provides.

Also like Fidelity, Schwab offers a bond-ladder widget on its website. This tool can be used to purchase multiple Treasury securities simultaneously with different maturity dates.

Can You Buy treasury on Ally?

Schwab follows a similar commission schedule as Fidelity, with no trading fees on Treasury bonds. Phone orders are slightly more expensive than they are at Fidelity ($25 versus $19.95).

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