Paypal Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano Buying in 2022

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Review of the PayPal Trading

One of the most exciting things to happen to cryptocurrencies foray into the mainstream was when big names in the financial industry began incorporating cryptocurrencies into their business model.

As with names like Tesla (TSLA), Facebook (FB), Visa (V), and many others, PayPal (PYPL) embraced crypto trading, allowing users on the platform to seamlessly blend the more traditional PayPal model with a focus on crypto speculation.

In many ways, trading crypto on PayPal is similar to trading digital assets on other popular crypto exchanges, but there are some differences as well. Read more to discover how and why trading cryptocurrencies on PayPal might be the right choice for you.

Using and Trading Cryptocurrencies on PayPal

Unlike many other exchanges, cryptocurrency investors with digital asset holdings on PayPal are able to use their crypto balance to make payments in the real world. Add to that the ability to buy, hold, and sell the available coins and tokens on the platform, and PayPal becomes quite attractive.

The list of cryptocurrencies that are available on PayPal are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

When trading crypto on PayPal, all transactions are done between the US dollar and whichever crypto is being traded. That means crypto is purchased in any amount above $1 with dollars, and when it comes time to sell the dollars go right back into the spend account.

Because of this simplified method of trading in crypto (i.e. crypto pairs trading is not available), cash settles into the account very quickly and there are never any issues with spending any of the assets that exist in the account, whether those assets be digital or fiat.

PayPal Crypto Review

Getting Started

To get started, first open a PayPal account and investors should navigate the crypto section on either the mobile app or the web app. Once there, the process of buying and selling the available coins couldn’t be any easier.

From the crypto page, simple select the asset that you would like to buy or sell, indicate whether you would like to buy or sell using the available buttons, and then dial in the amount (in dollars) that you would like to transact.

Crypto on PayPal can be purchased with the PayPal balance or with a debit card, or linked bank account. It is not currently possible to purchase crypto on PayPal with a credit card.

PayPal Crypto Trading Review

Open PayPal Account

Open Paypal Account

PayPal Cryptocurrency Trading Fees

It is important to understand how PayPal charges its customers for the ease of use and convenience it offers.

There are two ways that crypto traders are ‘charged’. One is the fee incurred for each trade, and the other is the spread. The spread is the distance between the ask and the bid.

The spread is factored into the quoted exchange rate at the time of purchase or sale and always fluctuates depending on the markets are doing.

The fees for buying and selling crypto on PayPal is based on the amount of money each trade involves. There are five tiers, each with a progressively lower fee as trade sizes expand.

Interestingly, it is possible to avoid paying the fee for selling crypto if the sale occurs automatically as a result of a purchase made with crypto.

Here are the fees that traders must pay:

PayPal Crypto Fees

Cryptocurrency Transaction Limits

Another thing to pay attention to are the transaction limits. PayPal operates on a fairly ‘fluid’ system of limits, meaning transactions are closely monitored 24/7. If any transactions seem to be breaking any laws or any of PayPal’s usage rules, transactions may be restricted on a per customer basis.

Apart from that, PayPal has a weekly purchase limit set for cryptocurrencies. The limit is set to $100,000.

PayPal Crypto Trading Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies on PayPal.


- Buying and selling digital assets is simple and convenient
- Cryptocurrencies can be purchased using a variety of methods
- It is possible to spend digital assets held in the PayPal crypto wallet
- Sales from cryptocurrencies settle immediately
- Four of the world’s most iconic cryptocurrencies are represented at PayPal.


- Lack of crypto trading pair options
- Crypto can only be purchased with USD
- Fees are on the high side
- PayPal may levy restrictions based on algorithmic triggers

Open PayPal Account

Open Paypal Account

PayPal Crypto Trading Review Final Thoughts

For many, PayPal’s inclusion of cryptocurrencies comes as a step in the right direction and provides a convenient way to enter the world of digital currencies. There are very few coins or tokens to choose from (you can find many more at Coinbase), but what is available is well known and trusted industry wide. PayPal’s customer base can take advantage of some of the many benefits that cryptocurrencies bring to the table without having to open up new accounts or learn a lot of new things.

On the flip side, PayPal’s options for crypto trading are fairly limited compared to some of the other available exchanges. PayPal behaves more like a bank that is crypto friendly, and less like a decentralized exchange providing anonymity and freedom.

That said, PayPal is still a great choice for anyone looking to take part in cryptocurrencies without getting too involved.

Open Coinbase Account

Open Coinbase Account


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