Tradezero cryptocurrencies trading. Can you buy crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin) at Tradezero?

Cryptocurrency Trading at TradeZero

TradeZero is slowly building a cryptocurrency trading service. Although digital currencies cannot be traded at the moment, we expect the launch to be anytime now. Here’s what we know so far:

TradeZero America and TradeZero International will both have crypto trading.

Only the ZeroPro platform will have crypto trading ability initially. Other platforms available to TradeZero customers may be updated for crypto trading later.

TradeZero purchased a box suite at Yankee Stadium completely in Bitcoin. This box suite will be available to the broker’s crypto customers for at least one party, and maybe more.

There is currently a waitlist for TradeZero’s crypto service. Traders who sign up may be eligible for a bonus ranging from $25 to $100, which will be paid in Bitcoin.

Until TradeZero’s crypto service is launched, there are alternative brokers out there that have already built and delivered a crypto-trading service. One such broker is Webull.

Crypto Trading at Webull

Webull’s crypto service is up and running right now, and it’s super easy to open an account and start trading. Just head over to the broker’s website and click on the sign up link in the top-right corner. You’ll need a mobile phone number to get an account open.

One of the reasons to choose Webull for crypto trading is the number of promotions the broker frequently has. Right now, for example, users who refer friends who open and fund crypto accounts earn $5 for each friend referred. There are stock promotions, too.

Webull has steadily been adding more and more digital currencies to its list of tradable coins. There are many coins available for trading. Not surprisingly, the majors like Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the list. There are some exotics that are really exciting, including coins like:

Tezos (XTZUSD)
Enjin Coin (ENJUSD)
Filecoin (FILUSD)

Customers located in some states, like New York, have a smaller list of tradable coins.

WeBull Bitcoin Fees

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Cost of Trading Cryptos at Webull

As with other asset classes, there are no commissions on crypto trades at Webull. There is a spread of 100 basis points on either side of crypto trades, which is equivalent to 1% of trade value on each trade. This spread is how the broker makes money from its crypto business.

A crypto account at Webull has no fees or minimums of any kind.

Crypto Wallet

Although Webull doesn’t currently offer the ability to transfer coins in and out of an account, it does have plans in the mix for a crypto wallet. We will keep you posted on that.

Researching Cryptos at Webull

All three of Webull’s trading platforms (mobile app, desktop application, and browser platform) can be used to research and trade coins. On the mobile app, the Markets tab in the bottom menu is a good place to begin. Once on the Markets page, there will be a Cryptos tab at the top. Tapping on this generates a long list of coins. Selecting one of these entries generates a page with a chart, news articles, a brief description of the coin, and a community forum where traders can discuss the coin.

Webull’s desktop program and browser platform have fewer research materials. News articles don’t have thumbnails, and there are no social-networking tools. The desktop system has a tool that can add notes to a coin’s profile.

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Placing Trades

Submitting orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on Webull’s platforms is fairly easy, thanks to some well-designed software. Trades can be placed in dollar or coin amounts. The desktop platform also has a percent order that will place a trade as a percent of buying power. There are two order types: market and limit.

There is only one time-in-force option: day. Open orders will be closed out at 5:30 pm, EST, each day.

There are multiple order tickets on Webull’s platforms. These vary based primarily on interface. One trade ticket, the Active Trade ticket, has pre-populated buttons to trade a specific amount of a coin or security at a specific price point. These buttons can be customized to allow for rapid order entry.

The price of a cryptocurrency on Webull’s platform represents the mid-point between the bid and ask prices. It is not the last trade price.

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Grab your last chance to get 12 free stocks valued up to $30,600.

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Updated on 7/7/2022.

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